Lenses and Landscapes: A Photographic Love Affair with Travel in Saudi

Saudi Arabia is a land of dramatic contrasts and breathtaking beauty. From the towering sand dunes of the Rub’ al Khali desert to the lush green mountains of the Asir region, the country is a photographer’s paradise. Its rich culture and history, stunning architecture, and diverse landscapes offer endless opportunities for photographers to capture stunning images that showcase the country’s unique character.

Tarik AlTurki

Born in Hail, Tarik AlTurki started his photography journey in 2009 and is now known as one of the best Landscape photographers in Saudi.He participated in many local and international exhibitions, and is also one of the winners of the National Geographic Photography Award.Tarik’s style of photography is unique, as he combines the strength of his choice of image composition with the perfect timing to produce works of high quality and distinctive.

Instagram: tarikalturki

Mohammad Saigh

A street photographer and filmmaker from Makkah, Mohammad captures unique stories and emotions through his lens. His exceptional work has gained recognition from both government entities and production houses. With a deep passion for photography, Mohammed believes it is a powerful tool to connect with people and the world, inspiring others to appreciate the beauty in everyday moments.

Instagram: mtsaigh

Abdulrahman Al Dugilby

A photographer since 2010, who has worked with various partners including, the Ministry of Culture, Misk Foundation, Royal Commission for AlUla and many others. Abdulrahman Al Dugilby adopts four main photography styles; product photography, fashion photography, events and culture and travel.

Instagram: aldgelbi


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