Dive into Hyperlocal Fun : Kalamashii on creating a digital playground

Abdulkarim AlRabiah, the founder of Kalamashii and his team.

Kalamashii, a platform dedicated to capturing the essence of life and living in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia, has become a beacon of cultural exploration in the region. With its unique approach to storytelling and a commitment to showcasing the diverse stories of Saudi Arabian culture, Kalamashii has quickly garnered attention and acclaim.

In this exclusive interview with Abdulkarim AlRabiah, the Founder of Kalamshii, we uncover the inspiration behind this groundbreaking platform and explore the unique elements that make it a game-changer in cultural media production.

We delved deeper into the origin of Kalamashii’s name, and were intrigued to discover that it stems from Dr. Ahmed AlOwais’s, arabization of the word “walkie-talkie,” transforming it into “Kalamashii.” This word carries a multitude of interpretations, encompassing the idea of eating on the go and engaging in conversation while on the move reflecting the nature of the platform itself.

Behind the scenes, Kalamashii thrives on the passion and talent of its content creators, who work tirelessly to craft captivating content tailored to the audience’s tastes. It is through their dedication that Kalamashii has created a space where individuals from all walks of life can share their unique perspectives and stories.

Kalamashii is on a mission to hyperlocalize creative content within Saudi Arabia and promote the authentic lifestyle of its people.

Determined to disrupt the traditional content business model, Abdulkarim AlRabiah, the founder of Kalamashii, explains, “Kalamashii is an echo of Saudi’s rich touristic, cultural and entertainment landscape, and is determined to disrupt the traditional content business model.” The idea behind Kalamashii was inspired by the desire to recreate the early 2000’s Saudi internet craze. AlRabiah shares, “The idea started when we decided to recreate the early 2000s Saudi internet craze Muntadeyat منتديات (Internet cafe’s), or web forums; those forums are a lost media product which’s lighthearted 5-minute reads about nonserious subjects.”

One unique aspect of Kalamashii is the use of strong Najdi Arabic. “Because that’s the current tongue of our writers’ room, we’re doing hyperlocal Riyadh-specific content at the moment,” AlRabiah explains, adding, “When we expand to other cities and destinations, for example, if we are writing about Ahsa’a, we’ll ensure they write in their wonderful

Hasawi tongue.”Kalamashii’s team consists of diverse talent who have experienced living the authentic, local, and unique Saudi culture. AlRabiah notes, “Kalamashii crew comes from all different backgrounds, but they have one thing in common: they experienced living the authentic, local and unique Saudi culture, and they haven’t detached since.”

While Kalamashii does not aim to deliver a nostalgic feeling in its content, they make aesthetic decisions that recreate or mimic old Arabic/Saudi pop culture. AlRabiah explains, “Although we started Kalamashii
after a nostalgic feeling of bringing back web forums, we don’t aim to deliver that nostalgic feeling in our content. However, we make some aesthetic decisions that try to recreate or mimic old Arabic/Saudi pop culture. For example, our font is just like Al Ahram’s old font, and the music we use is similar to the 80s Saudi TV sound.”

Currently, Kalamashii offers a range of content designed to captivate and engage its audience. Every Thursday, they curate the highly anticipated Six Lists, a collection of intriguing recommendations. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Kalamashii is gearing up to unveil the revolutionary Kalamashii Lab, the 93 Recipe Program, and a selection of content that has already significantly created an impact.

With its focus on authenticity, diversity, and cultural preservation, Kalamashii stands out among platforms showcasing Saudi culture. From engaging local talent to incorporating elements pushing the boundaries of content creation, Kalamashii redefines how we experience and appreciate Saudi Arabia’s vibrant heritage. Through their innovative approach, Kalamashii ensures that Saudi culture takes center stage, capturing the hearts and minds of its audience.


“Kalamashii is an echo of Saudi’s rich touristic, cultural & entertainment landscape, and is determined to disrupt the traditional content business model.” – Abdulkarim AlRabiah, the founder of Kalamashii. 

Immerse yourself in the world of hyperlocal fun with Kalamashii, the ultimate digital playground. Dive into a vibrant community where creativity knows no bounds


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