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Gamers8: The Ultimate Destination for Gaming and Esports Enthusiasts

Gamers8 is the world’s largest gaming and esports event, attracting elite esports champions and passionate gaming enthusiasts from around the globe.

Located in Riyadh, at the heart of Saudi Arabia, this eight-week extravaganza offers a thrilling experience filled with fierce competitions, immersive gaming worlds, captivating performances by renowned music artists, and a glimpse into the world of video game creation. Beyond being a hub for entertainment, Gamers8 is also committed to nurturing talent and driving the gaming industry’s growth through its game development courses. Join us on this epic adventure and be a part of the gaming revolution!

Unleash Your Competitive Spirit:

Gamers8 is the battleground where the world’s top esports teams gather to compete for the most prestigious titles and highest prize pools. From the fast-paced action of Fortnite to the intense battles in Tekken 7, Rainbowsix, Dota 2, Starcraft, CS GO, and Rocket League, the tournament lineup is designed to captivate and thrill gaming enthusiasts of all kinds. Prepare to witness jaw-dropping skills, breathtaking strategies, and heart-stopping moments as these skilled athletes vie for victory.

Upcoming Tournaments

  • 06th Jul – 09th Jul 2023 (Fortnite) 

  • 06th Jul – 09th Jul 2023 (Tekken 7)

  • 13th Jul – 16th Jul 2023 (Rainbowsix)  

  • 19th Jul – 30th Jul 2023 (Dota 2) 

  • 3rd Aug – 06th Aug 2023 (Starcraft) 

  • 16th Aug – 20th Aug 2023 (CS GO)

  • 24th Aug – 27th Aug 2023 (Rocket League) 

Total Price Pool: $45,000,000 

A Melodic Journey:

Embrace the power of music as Gamers8 presents unforgettable live performances by global music artists. Feel the rhythm pulsating through your veins as Rabeh Saqer, Macklemore, and Imagine Dragons take the stage, delivering electrifying shows that transcend language and unite fans from all walks of life. Experience the magic of live music as these acclaimed artists deliver chart-topping hits and create an atmosphere of pure musical bliss.


The Saudi Esports Federation: Empowering Gaming Excellence:

Behind Gamers8’s grandeur lies the Saudi Esports Federation, the driving force behind nurturing elite gaming athletes and fostering the gaming community and industry in Saudi Arabia. With a comprehensive approach, the Federation focuses on two primary streams. The first stream aims to develop competitive gamers at all levels, starting from grassroots communities and progressing to professional esports athletes who can achieve global excellence. The second stream focuses on catalyzing the entire gaming and esports value chain, empowering talent and driving industry growth. Since its establishment, the Federation has successfully organized world-class national and international tournaments, attracted local investments, and collaborated with international developers to unlock opportunities in the Saudi market.

Game Development Courses: Empowering the Future of Gaming:

In addition to its thrilling events and tournaments, Gamers8 goes beyond the gaming arena by offering game development courses. These courses provide aspiring game developers with the necessary skills and knowledge to create immersive gaming experiences. By bridging the gap between gaming enthusiasts and the game development industry, Gamers8 aims to empower individuals and encourage active participation in the ever-evolving world of e-gaming.

Join the Revolution:

Gamers8 is not just an event; it’s an adventure that invites you to step into a realm where gaming prowess, musical enchantment, and technological innovation collide. Immerse yourself in the world of esports, witness thrilling competitions, groove to the beats of international music sensations, and unlock the secrets of video game creation. Whether you’re a dedicated gamer, an aspiring esports athlete, or simply someone seeking extraordinary experiences, Gamers8 offers an unrivaled opportunity to be a part of the gaming revolution.

Embrace the challenge, seize the moment, and embark on your Gamers8 adventure today!

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