Peak Pursuits: An Extraordinary Journey through Saudi Arabia’s Mountains

In a world brimming with awe-inspiring natural wonders, hidden gems await discovery. “Green Tent,” a captivating documentary project led by Ali Alfaify, aims to unveil the breathtaking beauty of Saudi Arabia’s mountains. 

Through the lenses of their camera, filmmaker Ali Alfaify, together with photographer Mohammed , takes us on a visual journey that showcases the magnificent landscapes and rich cultural tapestry found within the mountainous regions of the kingdom.

When COVID-19 forced people to stay closer to home, the stunning mountains of Saudi Arabia beckoned travelers seeking an escape. Ali Alfaify, inspired by the surprising reactions of those discovering the hidden beauty of the country’s mountains, embarked on a mission to showcase the grandeur of these landscapes to a global audience. 

He explains, “We need to showcase the beauty of our country, not only locally, but also regionally and globally.” Saudi Arabia boasts a remarkable diversity of geological features, beautifully reflected in its mountains. 

Each location offers a unique allure, from the majestic heights of Jabal Tahlal to the enigmatic Harfah Mountain and the refreshing waters atop Manaa Mountain. Ali shares, “One common feature of these mountains is their beauty and greenery.”

Capturing the essence and grandeur of the mountains requires careful consideration of time, weather, and technical expertise. Ali Alfaify and his team employ a thoughtful approach, choosing the best seasons and times of day to showcase each location at its finest. Through a combination of ground-level shots and aerial cinematography, they skillfully convey the magnificence of these natural wonders.

Filming in mountainous regions presents its own set of challenges. However, Ali emphasizes that their focus is currently on the southern region of Saudi Arabia, where access to mountain destinations is more manageable. They are actively securing the necessary budget to cover all the planned locations. Ali notes, “Everyone we’ve met has been helpful and welcoming throughout our visits, and we’re sure it is the same all over the country.”

While there are larger and more renowned mountain ranges worldwide, the rich culture that is intertwined within their landscapes sets Saudi Arabia’s mountains apart. Ali points out, “You can find greener mountains around the world, but there is only one Aseery culture, and there are bigger and more beautiful rocky mountains around the world, but there is only one Tuwaiq mountain that symbolizes Saudi ambitions.”

Maintaining authenticity is paramount in showcasing the cultural and natural significance of the mountains in Saudi Arabia. Ali explains that they strive to meet with local people from different walks of life to gain insights into their traditions, beliefs, and ways of life. Their goal is to highlight the most important aspects that give a fair representation of each location’s overall nature and culture.

During their explorations, Ali and his team encountered numerous memorable experiences. One such encounter stands out: a serendipitous reunion with an old man they had photographed years ago. Ali shares, “Last year, we visited that mountain, and without knowing, we interviewed the son of the old man selling the coffee beans.” This unexpected connection bridged the past and present, leaving an indelible impression on the team.

Through “Green Tent,” Ali Alfaify aspires to awaken a sense of wonder and appreciation for the beauty and importance of Saudi Arabia’s mountains. He hopes viewers will be captivated by the diversity of the landscapes and the richness of the cultural heritage found within them. Ali’s ultimate message is one of celebration: “Saudi Arabia is vast with diverse geology, cultures, and even dialects. We want to celebrate this diversity and convey 

The documentary will be coming soon on multiple streaming platforms across Saudi. 

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