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Pamper yourself with Rituals Cosmetics’ New Summer Limited Edition: M’Gouna

Ritual Cosmetics: M'Gouna Collection Ritual Cosmetics: M'Gouna

Luxury and wellbeing brand Rituals Cosmetics has recently launched its highly anticipated summer limited edition: M’Gouna. This exclusive collection pays tribute to the Moroccan Valley of Roses, celebrating the profound beauty found in nature and expressing gratitude for its blossoming presence. With a diverse range of products for both body and home, Rituals Cosmetics aims to infuse everyday routines with awareness and joy.
The M’Gouna Summer Limited Edition collection has been created based on the belief that being fully present and aware of the world around us allows us to rediscover happiness in the smallest of things. By deepening our connection with the beauty of life, we can find profound moments of gratitude and appreciation. Rituals invites individuals to submerge themselves in their senses through this exclusive collection, featuring a delightful fragrance crafted with ingredients commonly found near the Atlas Mountains, such as prickly pear and argan oil.
One of the standout features of the M’Gouna collection is its stunning rose design, paying homage to one of its key ingredients: the rose Damascena. This joyful and floral scent encapsulates the essence of the collection and adds a touch of elegance and beauty to each product.

The product range within the M’Gouna collection is extensive, offering a variety of options to enhance personal wellbeing and elevate daily rituals. From the luxurious Foaming Shower Gel that envelops the body in a cloud of rose-scented foam to the nourishing Body Cream with Vitamin E pearls that leaves the skin feeling soft and revitalized, each product has been meticulously crafted to provide a sensorial experience that delights the senses.

Rituals Cosmetics: M'Gouna

Rituals Cosmetics: M’Gouna Collection 

In addition to body care, the M’Gouna collection also includes indulgent treats for the home. The Home Perfume, Fragrance Sticks, and Garden Candle infuse living spaces with the captivating aroma of M’Gouna, creating a soothing and inviting ambiance. The Kitchen Set, designed to turn daily chores into delightful rituals, brings the enchanting fragrance into the heart of the home, elevating culinary experiences.
Rituals Cosmetics has established itself as a brand dedicated to sustainable and personal wellbeing in the beauty luxury industry. Founded in Amsterdam in 2000, Rituals has become a global expert in over 36 countries, with a presence in vibrant cities such as London, Paris, and Hong Kong. The brand’s innovative portfolio includes body care, home fragrances, natural skincare, and home wear products, all inspired by ancient traditions and aimed at helping individuals find happiness in the smallest things.
As a Certified B Corporation™, Rituals Cosmetics is committed to a Clean, Conscious, and Caring approach. The brand continuously works to improve its social and environmental impact, focusing on 90% natural origin formulas and packaging that is refillable, recyclable, or made of recycled materials. Rituals also actively supports three charities, further embodying its dedication to making beauty and wellbeing part of a sustainable future.

The M’Gouna limited edition collection is now available at retail and department stores, as well as online at en-ae.rituals.com. By embracing the essence of beauty and gratitude through this exclusive collection, Rituals Cosmetics invites individuals to embark on a journey of wellbeing, connection, and transformation. Indulge in the captivating fragrances and curated ingredients of M’Gouna, and allow Rituals to guide you towards a deeper appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us in everyday life.

Rituals Cosmetics:M'Gouna

Rituals Cosmetics:M’Gouna Collection 

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