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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Zayan Jewellery: A Legacy of Gemstones and Artistry

Zayan Jewellery: A Legacy of Gemstones and Artistry

The Zayan brand, founded in 2016, has emerged as a prominent name in the gemstone business, carrying forward a rich family tradition spanning five generations. 

From humble beginnings in Makkah, where the family patriarchs traded gemstones, Zayan has evolved into a renowned jewelry brand focusing on fine end men’s jewelry. With an exquisite range of collections, Zayan showcases a harmonious blend of gemstones, craftsmanship, and cultural inspirations. 

Zayan’s remarkable collections can be found in select shops across Saudi Arabia. Additionally, Zayan’s new shop in the Basateen Center on Tahliyah Road in Jeddah provides a dedicated space for customers to explore and appreciate the brand’s exquisite creations.

Ibrahim Joharaji, an architect with a master’s degree in the field, is the driving force behind Zayan Jewellry. With his expertise, he oversees operations and manages supplier relationships, ensuring the company’s success. Together with their complementary skill sets and unwavering commitment, Ibrahim and the team have propelled Zayan to new heights.

A Legacy of Gemstones

Zayan’s legacy can be traced back more than nine years, when the founder’s grandfather embarked on a journey in the gemstone trade. Building upon his predecessors’ expertise, Zayan has nurtured a deep understanding of gemstones and their significance. In 2016, the Zayan brand was born, carrying the family’s passion for gemstones into the modern era.

Zayan offers an impressive selection of collections, each meticulously curated to reflect a unique fusion of gemstones, design inspiration, and cultural symbolism. Let’s explore some of their notable collections:

The Ruler Collection

The Ruler Collection exudes regality by featuring the magnificent “big three” precious gemstones—Emerald, Rubies, and Sapphire—alongside the timeless beauty of diamonds. Each design within this collection is inspired by meaningful elements, such as the Tawaf, represented by eight elevations and dividers on the rosary where you can see seven beads and the tassel reflected by eight elevations. 

Zayan Ruler Collection Zayan Ruler Collection

The Explorer Collection

Incorporating Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, and Malachite, The Explorer Collection captures the essence of adventure. The silver patterns reflect the diverse motifs found in Zayan Jewelry, while the rings pay homage to the Zayan logo, incorporating three lines inspired by its Arabic script.

Zayan Explorer Collection Zayan Explorer Collection

Black on Black Collection

With the enchanting Black Onyx stone set in silver, the Black on Black Collection epitomizes sophistication. Inspired by desert dunes, the wave-like cutout design on the rings adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the collection.

Zayan Black on Black Collection Zayan Black on Black Collection Zayan Black on Black Collection


The Natural Collection

Embracing the beauty of natural elements, The Natural Collection celebrates the allure of earthy materials. This collection showcases the use of coconut wood and a variety of rocks commonly found in nature. Each piece within this collection highlights the inherent charm and organic textures of these materials, allowing wearers to connect with the essence of the natural world

Zayan Natural Collection Zayan Natural Collection Zayan Natural Collection

Paris Intervention Week

Zayan achieved a significant milestone as the brand participated in the successful Paris Intervention Week, held in conjunction with Paris Fashion Week. Among the 160 participants, Zayan was one of the privileged 30 brands to showcase their work at this prestigious event. The brand’s involvement included participation in a conference that facilitated business-to-business (B2B) exchanges. Furthermore, Zayan had the opportunity to present its products directly to customers during a well-received pop-up event, emphasizing their commitment to engaging with the business-to-customer (B2C) market.

This remarkable opportunity in Paris not only recognized the talent and craftsmanship of Zayan but also opened doors for the brand to become the first Saudi jewelry brand to offer its exquisite rosaries in Paris. Zayan’s presence at this international event signified their growing influence in the global jewelry market and their dedication to expanding their reach beyond Saudi Arabia.

Zayan’s participation in the prestigious Paris Intervention Week was a resounding success, enabling them to represent Saudi fashion in Europe and garner exposure from prominent figures in the fashion industry. The brand had the opportunity to connect with numerous investors and fashion influencers who specifically attended the Paris Intervention Week. This exposure provided Zayan with the visibility they sought, ultimately establishing them as a representative of Saudi designers in Paris.

Overall, Zayan accomplished a significant milestone by participating in the Paris Intervention Week, successfully showcasing their talent and craftsmanship while representing Saudi designers on the international stage. The event allowed them to connect with influential individuals in the fashion industry and attract the attention they desired. Zayan’s presence in Paris was a testament to their dedication to expanding their global reach, while maintaining their unwavering commitment to quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction in the world of fine jewelry.

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