STARZPLAY Unveils Key Art and First Look Images for Arabic Series “The Chamber”

STARZPLAY, one of the leading subscription video on demand services in the region, has revealed the key art and first look images for its highly anticipated Arabic series, “The Chamber.” The STARZPLAY Original series is set to premiere on June 22nd, offering viewers an enthralling experience with two weekly episodes.

“The Chamber” is a psychological thriller consisting of 13 episodes, characterized by a fast-paced flow of events. The story follows Dr. Murad (played by Mohamed Al Ahmed) as his life is turned upside down after the death of his son in an accident. Struggling with dissociative identity disorder, Dr. Murad, along with his evil alter ego Wahem, embarks on a twisted plan for revenge against his son’s murderers, seeking justice in a vendetta-style manner.

The series features a pan-Arab cast that has gained recognition through their roles in popular drama series across the region. Alongside Mohamed Al Ahmed, the cast includes Wissam Fares, Ammar Chalak, Nour Aly, Reem Khoury, and Hady Bou Ayyash. Additionally, the series will showcase guest appearances from an A-list lineup.

“The Chamber” brings together a talented regional production team to bring Dr. Murad’s unique journey to life. The series is directed by Fadi Wafai, a renowned Lebanese director, and written by Zuhair Ramy, who has worked on several acclaimed Arabic shows. The production is a collaboration between Raed Senan and Falcon Films, with the score composed by award-winning Iranian music composer Bamdad Afshar. The director of photography is Kareem Chalghoum, known for his work on international shows, and the accomplished Egyptian colorist Ahmed Issam also contributes to the series.

Tony Saab, STARZPLAY’s Senior Vice President of Content & Strategic Partnerships, expressed pride in bringing “The Chamber” to audiences worldwide. Saab emphasized the value of diverse talents and experiences coming together to create such a phenomenal production.

Each episode of “The Chamber” explores different conflicts of the human mind, including the eternal struggle between good and evil, taking justice into one’s own hands, complex family dynamics, and dissociative identity disorder. The series will exclusively debut on STARZPLAY starting June 22nd, with two weekly episodes released every Thursday.



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