Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The art of creating delectable treats: Musa and Palm, a shooting star in the gourmet food horizon

The art of creating delectable treats: Musa and Palm, a shooting star in the gourmet food horizon

Like a fairytale of 1001 nights, seems the appearance of Musa and Palm in the gourmet food sector. Like a Trojan horse, a big surprise, the Saudi brand is set to revolutionize the date confectionery market in Saudi and the GCC and outshine the giants of the industry with their very own unique gourmet creations.

Finest gourmet dates, filled with the most unexpected delicacies – encased in sophisticated, fully sustainable gift packaging that tells the story of the region’s history and values: an Homage to the Arabian Heritage, and a new benchmark for the gourmet industry, that even Martha Stewart and Michelin Star Chefs rave about.

Musa and Palm was established in 2019 as an inspirational business on multiple layers: a women-led and owned enterprise, showing the industry the potential of feminine Saudi brands. Fully in line with Vision 2030, eager to create opportunities in the sector and to challenge international confectionery brands, to showcase what Saudi Arabia has to offer.

“Gourmet food is a form of art, and it’s time that the world experiences what Saudi Arabia has to offer in terms of culinary innovation. I see it as a mission of cross-cultural communication. Nothing is more amazing than understanding culture through its culinary offering. Trying our creations is almost like an Epiphany,” – Suha Musa, owner and founder of Musa and Palm.

It was during Suha’s time in the holy city of Madinah that she was inspired to create this unique brand that represents her country’s culture and heritage in a modern setting. Musa and Palm brings her passion for food and desire to share her country’s values and endeavors.

Combining art and culinary adventures this Ramadan: Musa and Palm have designed specially crafted gift boxes to celebrate the Holy Month with a tribute to local culture and heritage. The brand is frequently associated with cultural events, shows, festivals, and activations to represent the rich Arabian culture to the world; the most recent collaboration is the Islamic Arts Biennale.

“For Ramadan, we have created limited edition gift boxes inspired by the Flora of Saudi Arabia. Flowers only found in our rich nature are featured on the gift boxes, interpreted artistically to bring the gifts to life, celebrating our ancestors and culture.” – Suha Musa

With a steep expansion plan and a brand-new production center in Riyadh and a Boutique and Café under construction in the Diplomatic Quarters of Riyadh, next to the flagship boutique and café in Jeddah, the brand is eager to expand throughout the Kingdom and beyond in the coming months.

“We are so much more than a gourmet company. We are here to change the way business is conducted in the region; fully supported by our leaders, we are so proud to develop our brand further and show the world what Saudi has to offer,” states Suha.

Musa and Palm creates artisanal date products and contemporary gifts and retells the story of dates and their venerable history, offering an elegant café and boutique experience in the heart of Saudi Arabia.

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