A Vintage Journey in Sharqiyah

Alfelwah and Aljowharah Museum

Out with the new, in with the old.

Into the time machine, we go. Have you ever wondered what life was like back then? With A Vintage Voyage, we take you back to the good old days.


Alfelwah and Aljowharah Museum

The museum showcases a collection of 500,000 collectibles and is dedicated to all history lovers. You will find antique gramophones and private possessions of King Abdulaziz.

Location: Al Nuzha Dist., Dammam
Instagram: alf.aljmuseum


Heritage Village

Loyal to the locals. The Heritage village flows with manuscripts, antiques, and vintage cars in a village full of cultural aura, aroma, and food.

Location: Corniche Walk Way, Ash-Shati Al-Gharbi


Mehaires Palace

A mesmerizing ancient attraction. The castle was built in 1208 by Al-Imam Saud bin Abdul-Aziz on the peak of a hill for military purposes and is now one of the must-visit places in the Eastern Province.

Location: Al-Rashdiyah St., Al-Mubarraz


Qaisariya Souq

Built-in 1822AD. With a quick peek, you will be absorbed by the beige-colored architecture with its intricate details, from its arches and traditional lanterns to deep corridors, high walls, and stunning high ceilings.

Location: Al-Malek Abdulaziz Rd., Al-Rafaa Al-Shamaliyah Dist.


Muhairis Heritage Restaurant

Welcome to an all authentic dining experience. The spot does not only specialize in mouthwatering Saudi dishes but also the local architecture.

Location: Al Quds St., Al Rashdiyah Dist.
Instagram: muh66r


Oah Ya Mal

Oah Ya Mal is a spot that serves the best of both worlds with its authentic Saudi interior decors to its deliciously cooked traditional plates fresh from the chef’s kitchen, making it the perfect place to explore local heritage.

Location: Ar Rakah Ash Shamaliyah, Khobar


A Vintage Journey in Jeddah

House of Islamic Arts

Out with the new, in with the old.

Into the time machine, we go. Have you ever wondered what life was like back then? With A Vintage Voyage, we take you back to the good old days.


House of Islamic Arts

Islamic art is admired by many around the globe for its display of calligraphy and geometric patterns. The museum is embraced by a collection of paintings, calligraphy, ceramics, and textiles.

Location: Aziziyah Dist.


Al Tayebat International

The wooden mosque is uniquely designed to tell the story of Saudi culture and heritage. Inside, you are welcomed by the peaceful aura flowing around along with all the ancient relics and pieces from history.

Location: Al-Faisaliyyah Dist.


Al Balad

Al Balad historic district is a focal point in Jeddah. The stroll through downtown is rich with historical stories as you pass by the ancestral houses, most founded by merchant families, and features the best of Hijazi architecture.

Location: Al Balad Dist.
Instagram: jeddahalbalad.sa


Bait Ziryab

At Bait Ziryab all things cultural are enlivened through the traditional Saudi relics and garbs to the interior decors and aromatic delicacies, all offered, served, and lived at Bait Ziryab.

Location: Abu Inabah St., Al-Balad


Cafe Magad

Cafe Magad holds a plethora of vintage treasures in its cavern. Tourists can enjoy a cup of coffee while learning about the history of Saudi as they sit along the cobblestone streets of Jeddah’s historical AlBalad.

Location: Al Balad Dist.


A Vintage Journey in Riyadh

Dr. Nasser Al Massari Museum

Out with the new, in with the old.

Into the time machine, we go. Have you ever wondered what life was like back then? With A Vintage Voyage, we take you back to the good old days.


Dr. Nasser Al Massari Museum

Since childhood, Dr. Al-Massari has been fond of cars and opening his museum at home. His 2,000 m² warehouse is home to a collection of vintage cars– from Cadillacs, Buicks, Chryslers, and Corvettes.

Location: Al Khaleej Dist.


Saqer-Aljazirah Royal Saudi Air Force Aviation Museum

A fine representation of Saudi history from the 1920s till today.  This aviation museum specializes in displaying aircraft and air force memorabilia. There’s also a segment celebrating the first Saudi in space, Prince Sultan
bin Salman.

Location: Eastern Ring Rd., King Abdullah Dist.


Souq Al Zal

Riyadhis visit the oldest artisan market to shop for local ingredients and items, relax, and socialize with others. Nearby, you will also come across the city’s grand and historic mosque, Imam Turki Bin Abdullah. And on the other side, make a pit stop at the Masmak fort to further be whisked away to the founding days of the capital city.

Location: Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Ibrahim St., Ad Dirah Dist.


Bait Alkhawajah Restaurant

Beit Al Khawajah is a house of all things vintage in Riyadh! Its decors manage to transport you to the past, from vinyl records, radios, and pottery to the beautifully designed traditional windows, tables, and chairs.

Location: Al Khaleej Dist.
Instagram: beit_alkhawajah

Seventies Cafe

Back to the ’70s with Seventies Cafe! This cafe transports you to old Saudi in a heartbeat. With vintage mementos and retro pop culture decor, this cafe is a time capsule on its own; from technicolor tube TVs, transistor radios, and old music posters.

Location: Al Takhassusi St, An Nakheel Dist.


Intertwined with Souq AlZal in old Riyadh, Althumairi warrants a visit for those seeking to discover antiques and memorabilia. You’ll come across different stores, and on weekends street peddlers and public auctioneers line the sidewalks of the square.

Location: Al Thamiri St., Al Dirah


Let’s talk Vitamins and Antibiotics!


The ‘With Ratio’ campaign

With Ratio, a campaign with the purpose of raising awareness on the consumption of vitamins and antibiotics. What are vitamins? I reckon you would know! Vitamins are compounds that the human body needs to practice the different segments of body functions, most vitamins are not even present in a human’s body, but rather consumed by food other than vitamin D which is gained through sunlight.

What are the most important functions of vitamins? The functions vary from acting as regulators of dietary mineral metabolism to an antioxidant, as a cofactor for enzymes that help stimulate metabolic processes and regulators for cell and tissue growth.


What are the daily requirements for vitamins? For starters, the body needs different amounts of vitamins according to different demographics including age, gender, physiological status like pregnancy, and health status.

Alright, what are Antibiotics? This medicine is used to treat and prevent different types of bacterial infections. The purpose of antibiotics is to kill some bacteria and prevent them from spreading within the human body.


Let’s talk about the campaign! It was a pleasure visiting and being part of the ‘With Ratio’ campaign that hosted 5 different zones.

The first zone. The first zone was considered the drawing zone where students had the chance to interact with each other and with doctors.


The triplet zones. The three zones in between were the center of the event, it hosted the specialized ladies and speakers who walked us through the purpose of this campaign.

The last zone; is the fun zone. This one was where the games were there for entertainment!


WWE Elimination Chamber Took Place Once More in Jeddah


We watched with eyes wide open and full of adrenaline and thrill! The 2022 Elimination Chamber match was on Saturday night, live at the Jeddah Superdome.

Destination KSA was there through the entire event highlighting the scoops from Bobby Lashely’s unfortunate incident to the WWE’s Elimination Chamber Championship!

The press conference before the awaited night! We had the opportunity to meet the wrestlers with one-on-one interviews where we were able to witness the people behind the well-known characters before they were unleashed.

The WWE Smackdown Superstar, Charlotte Flair!  “Having watched the paper reviews from home, and feeling the energy and not even being there performing, I am looking forward to being in it and seeing just how amazing and crazy the fans are. Like in a good way how excited they are that we are here.” Her first time in Saudi, Flair expressed her excitement for being in here and finally coming up close with the dedicated fans of Saudi. “I think it’s just incredible that we’ve been able to come here so many times, and it just goes to show how global WWE is and how our fanbase just keeps growing and growing.” Without a doubt, the WWE fanbase has just gained a new fan: US!

“Being able to perform here as a woman means so much to me! Allowing us to – it’s just awesome all around.”Charlotte Flair.


The Hall of Famer, Lita! When asked about the loyalty and love of the Saudi fans’, Lita responded saying, “To hear about it is one thing, but to experience it, it’s not like I didn’t believe it but you can feel the connection it’s just a mutual feeling, they’re so happy to have us come but we’re so happy to be able to perform live in front of fans that have been waiting for so long, the warm welcome and support of the people is really touching”

“Big deal for the women to have the elimination chamber match and the tag team match!”Lita.


The Almighty, Bobby Lashley! Being his fourth time in Saudi, Lashley discussed why he loves coming to Saudi, saying “I love coming here for so many different reasons, the fans, everybody comes out, you guys fill the stadium!” he continued with, “We want to have the best matches that we can, best shows that we can, and when we come here the crowd is so alive and hyped. It just brings our energy levels up.”

“Everytime we come out here, you guys just keep giving more and bringing more and more to us.”Bobby Lashley

The Four-Time World Champion, Goldberg! The professional wrestler never imagined the day he would be welcomed in Saudi as he mentioned, “It’s an honor to be here, it’s a place I never expected that I would come and be part of. It’s a barrier smasher.” he carried on saying, “After i came, it’s the most unbelievable feeling that i’ve ever had and it truly is a lot of people’s fault that they don’t experience this because it has smashed thoughts that I had before.”

“At the end of my career, right now, I am just so thankful that at this point or at any point I was able to open my eyes and hopefully my heart to the people here, and I’ve been taken in graciously.”Goldberg


The biggest little man, Rey Mysterio! The Mexican-American professional wrestler described his emotions as he sets foot on the wrestling ring for the third time in Saudi Saying “The fans out here are so energetic, and that’s what motivates me every time I go to the arena, the energy of the fans, that’s what makes me go out there and perform at my best.”

The Nightmare, Rhea Ripley! Being her first time in Saudi, Rhea said “I’ve never been here before, and I’ve seen photos, and it’s just so beautiful and I have to say you guys have amazing food!”

“It’s a really cool thing in history to have the elimination chamber match here, it’s something that’s never been done before, and it’s breaking down walls.”Rhea Ripley.

The Elimination Chamber!

Bianca Belair vs. Liv Morgan vs. Doudrop vs. Rhea Ripley vs. Nikki A.S.H. vs. Alexa Bliss:
A round of applause to all the women who rumbled the stage at the women’s Elimination Chamber! The women’s elimination chamber startled the audience with the power and skills each wrestler brought to the wrestling ring. Bianca Belair wrestles for the win to once again be competing for the world title at WrestleMania scheduled to take place April 2nd and 3rd at the AT&T Stadium.

Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Austin Theory vs. AJ Styles vs. Riddle:
The road to WrestleMania continued as the men took on the ring! The themed entrance of each wrestler hosted by the chant of the audience added a punch of thrill and excitement as we eagerly watched until the Elimination Chamber began! From Seth Rollins’s ‘Joker’-like vibe where he also pulled off the stunning Joker costume at the WWE Smackdown show to ‘The Almighty’ Bobby Lashley’s fired up entrance, the win was guaranteed by ‘the baddest man on the planet’ Brock Lesnar leaving the fired match as the new WWE Champion! We were all waiting for the Almighty to set foot onto the ring, however, Seth Rollins did the powerbomb move with Austin Theory into Lashley’s cell sending Lashley off for concussion protocols. Throughout his successful wrestling career, there was one thing Lesnar has never done up until last Saturday, wrestle in the Elimination Chamber!


Rowdy Ronda Rousey! Facing off against Charlotte Flair and Sonya Deville, Ronda Rousey and Naomi managed to win the title in Tag Team competing with one arm while the other being tied.


Drew McIntyre vs. Madcap Moss! It is safe to say that McIntyre defeated Madcap moss in the tag team match as thrill moves took place throwing each other outside the ring onto the pathways. Happy Corbin joined the match standing by Madcap Moss eventually leading to the loss of Madcap Moss.


Lita vs. Big time Becky! The hall of famer Lita entered the ring in full confidence as the crowd cheered loudly for the loved wrestler. Following the entrance of Lita, Big Time Becky came out proudly holding her belt up high. As the exciting match began, Becky used her remarkable moves as she won over Lita.

Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz! With his son by his side, Rey Mysterio won the kickoff match against The Miz. As the bell rang, Rey Mysterio crushed The Miz with the first kick as his son stood by the corner cheering his father, with further kicks and moves, Rey Mysterio won the match!

To watch the exciting moments of the event, make sure to visit our instagram highlight on Destination Jeddah. This remarkable event was one to remember!


A Story to Tell


StoryTel Arabia is an audiobook podcast application influencing and inspiring listeners with a series of podcasts varying in different genres.

‘Al Feel’ is spreading awareness all over Egypt, the Levant, and Saudi focusing on mental health. With each episode, we are introduced to a real-life story of someone experiencing a psychological disorder, and in the same episode, we listen to a therapist respond to this story.

The 18-episode podcast was released on the 14th of February launching its introduction to season 2 of Al Feelintroducing and raising awareness about the different psychological disorders!

In collaboration with the online platform O7 therapy and their team of competent therapists, Storytel wrote responses to each and every story they received anonymously from people facing mental health challenges.

The 30 mins episode expresses inspirational, emotional, motivational, helpful, and warm words while you embark on a journey of mental health awareness of stories collected from all over Egypt and presented to Saudi and the Levant right from the perspectives of the storytellers. 


From depression to OCD, a psychiatrist is seated opposite to the storyteller during each episode to discuss the disorder at hand and tries to give advice on dealing with this disorder. The episode also tackles how to support and help someone struggling with that psychological disorder.

With ‘Al Feel’, we get the chance to dive deeper into the wide spectrum of mental diseases from obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, borderline and personality disorder to bipolar disorder, gender identity disorder, agoraphobia, complex trauma, excessive idealism, OCD, and psychosis. 



Some other disorders portray the Arab perspective on obesity and the extreme impact on an individual’s health and emotional security, what victims of rape are exposed to and its accumulated impact during their adult years, how a person can regain his identity and psychological pressures in the work environment, effects of education on the formation of one’s personality, self-confidence and self-love, avoidant personality and its challenges in social circles, overcoming post-traumatic stress, excessive attachment in which people could highly tend to surpass unhealthy relationships, and lastly children with ADHD. 

Learning about new things and improving ourselves is essential! Using StoryTel and al Feel podcasts as platforms of awareness and consciousness around important topics is not only empowering but beneficial, so hop on to StoryTel and Al Feel’s socials: StoryTel Arabia Instagram, StoryTel Arabia Facebook, StoryTel Arabia Twitter, Al Feel project Instagram.


Hang, Dine & The Perfect Time


Are you looking for a fun outing with your friends‭? ‬We bring to you some of the most aesthetic and contemporary spots where you‭ ‬can indulge in their mouth-watering menus and socialize the night away‭! ‬




This luxurious complex is home to a myriad of brands from Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, and Versace to many more. It is home to restaurants and cafes such as Circa, Baco, Dots, and more. 

Location: King Abdul Aziz Rd‭, ‬Ash Shati‭ ‬
Instagram: boulevardksa


EDEN Strip

Nestled within the Al Andalus District, you’ll find one of the most popular hang-out spots in Jeddah, where young locals spend their evenings in the various cafes. The ground floor is filled with favorites such as Black Cardamom, Pink Camel, Sweet Bread, Tamped, Sofia’s Bistro, Mr. Hakan’s, and more. 

Location: Al Andalus District‭, ‬Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz‭ ‬


City Yard Plaza‭ ‬

City Yard Plaza is home to some of the finer cafes in Jeddah, along with the new and exciting House Hotel, with a stunning view of the majestic fountain and cafes like Cosmo, L’eclair de genie, Cereal protocol, and the Indian restaurant Kumar. 

Location:‭  Abdul Maqsud Khojah‭, ‬Ar Rawdah‭, ‬


Le prestige‭ ‬

The prestigious entryway to Le prestige. This luxury fashion and dining house is here to offer you the classiest experience with Rolex, Tudor, Chopard, Swarovski, and more! Take a break from shopping and have yourself a good cup of coffee with Signature, Cafe Bateel, or a palatable meal with Sama Jaad’s Tomillo.

Location:  Al Andalus District‭, ‬Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz‭ ‬
Instagram:‭ ‬leprestigemallksa



The Boulevard Riyadh‭ ‬

When you first set foot onto the Boulevard, your eyes immediately go to their contemporary designs. You’ll get to enjoy shopping in the upscale concept stores housed here, alongside dining to spas and hotels. 

Location:‭  Al Amir Turki Bin Abdulaziz Al Awal Rd
Instagram:‭ ‬theboulevard_riyadh


Al Thager Plaza‭ ‬

Al Thager Plaza is an outdoorsy boulevard that has anything and everything you need. Furniture stores, hardware, and retail stores, cafes, dining, and fashion all in one place.

Location:‭ ‬Prince Mohammed Bin Salman‭ ‬Bin Abdulaziz Rd


The Zone Shopping Mall

Enjoy some luxury shopping and have a great time at the Zone’s cafes such as Catch 22, The Lebanese Em Sherif Cafe, Laderach Chocolate Coffee serving Swiss chocolate coffee, and much more. You can explore the Zone further and visit Tihama Library, Shi Nail Spa, the Theo Exhibition, and much more. 

Location: ‭ ‬Al Takhassusi‭, ‬Al Mohammadiyyah


Riyadh Front‭ ‬

Experience a shopping experience like no other! One of Riyadh’s most visited spots, including luxury brands such as Balmain, Blue Age, Adidas, Coach, and American Eagle. This destination is also packed with must-visit restaurants from Wagyu, Lucca Steakhouse, to Kashounat Al Bait, Lahma and Fahma, and Burj Al Hammam. 

Location:‭‭  Airport Road‭, ‬King Khalid International Airport‭ ‬
Instagram:‭ ‬riyadhfront‭

Sharqiyah‭ ‬


Patio‭ ‬

With a setting both serene and tranquil, this outlet brings you nothing but the best! Are you looking to satisfy your taste buds? Patio houses unmissable cafes and restaurants including Dose, Aghatti, and Picniq, with other amenities such as Tony Veyz’s men’s care salon and many more. 

Location:‭ ‬Al Hizam Al Thahab‭, ‬Al Amir Homoud Bin Abdulaziz‭, ‬Al Khobar


Awan Gallery‭ ‬

Head to Awan Gallery for a special treat for your palette! The packed pathway is covered with cafes and dining spots that will enrich your trip. With Spell Coffee, Bastah Karak, Abnormal, Oxford 13, Da Vinci’s, and more, you have endless choices to fulfill any craving. 

Location:‭  ‬Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Road‭, ‬Al Khobar‭ ‬
Instagram:‭‭  awan_gallery.sa


Matal‭ ‬

The luxury spot is home to spots with picturesque views. With restaurants like La Comida, Texas Roadhouse, as well as The Hub and Samra stunning views of the sea. Enter this magical atmosphere and take in its beauty. 

Location:‭ ‬Alkurnaish‭, ‬Al Khobar
Instagram:‭‭ ‬matal.sa‭


The 2021 Wheel of Trends: A Winter Fashion Round-up


As the year goes by‭, ‬new fashion trends come and go but the innovation by local designers is revolutionizing the contemporary scene‭. ‬Here is‭ ‬a list of fashion brands to look out for this winter‭. ‬

Winter Fashion is mix of chic and comfy‭ ‬


Orange Blossom‭ ‬

A brand catering to working women who follow the vision of the country’s modern side. Orange Blossom designs its pieces by keeping up with the latest trends and where locally manufactured items are affordable!

Instagram: orangeblossomksa



Lomar has consistently been recognized for its exquisite abayas and thobes- revolutionizing traditional garments with a modern twist. This winter, Lomar brings you their cozy and stylish winter collection that encompasses the true Lomar style gearing you for the upcoming cold months. 

Instagram:‭ ‬‭ ‬lomarthob


So Atelier‭ ‬

Stay warm with SO Atelier. Their winter collection is one way to stay stylish this season with their farwas. 

Instagram:‭‭ so.atelier.sa



Designer Ahmad Alwohaibi’s streetwear brand Too Dark to See Tomorrow opens its wide doors to contemporary, stylish, and modern outerwear creating a personality for each member.  

Instagram:‭‭ ‬2d2c2m


Urbn Lot

Are you looking to spice up your style? Urbn Lot houses hoodies and more that will live up to your fashionable taste. They import their selected brands from the U.S. and push forward the streetwear lifestyle. 

Instagram:‭ urbnlot



Since 2018, they’ve been creating sophisticated, modest collections with a modern twist. This winter collection by Leem is a selection of cozy and comfortable pieces to keep the urban touch in your fashion sense! 

Instagram:‭‭ ‬leem.global


The Pop Up Store

The store is home to a wide selection of unique wear from hoodies, sweatshirts, and jackets that you would not find anywhere else! Stay up to the trend with Pop Up Store.

Instagram:‭‭ ‬popupstoresa



The best of all worlds! Pattern presents art, fashion, and lifestyle straight to you. With its fashion sense, each piece portrays its own character symbolizing uniqueness oushing forward the streetwear lifestyle. 

Instagram:‭‭ ‬patterns_sa‭ ‬



Keeping culture alive with fashion! Contemporary and still close to home, Qormuz is a brand that merges modernity in Bishts,  while still maintaining the Saudi culture. Their winter collection this year focuses on Saudi traditional attire during the harsh desert winter season. 

Instagram:‭ ‬qormuz‭



Winter is cozy this year with Elche! Bishts and coats with different shades and styles are brought to us this winter with the brilliant brand, Elche. Their outfits are fit for all occasions and will uplift your fashion game.

Instagram:‭‭ ‬shopatculture.com

An outfit isn’t complete without the right accessories‭! ‬



Inspired by streetwear, Llus presents modern and comfortable jewelry that makes each woman stand out with her individuality. With Llus, you can rock every style giving you an edgy or elegant feel. 

Instagram:‭‭ ‬llusthebrand


By Noora Shawqi‭ ‬

The brand is highly inspired by the eyeful beauty of places from around the world. Morocco, Maldives, and more, you will find your favorite jewelry pieces at Noura Shawqi’s brand.

Instagram:‭‭ ‬by.noorashawqi‭ ‬


MKS Jewelry

To MKS, each jewel tells a story. Founded in 2013 by a woman of wonders, her royal highness Sheikha Mariam bint Khalifa, MKS Jewelry is dedicated to empowering as they express themselves with the pieces of MKS. With its unique and contemporary pieces, you are instantly elevated with the beauty of each. 

Instagram:‭‭ ‬mksjewelry


A Salute to the World of Film


Marking the Red Sea International Film festival.

It is all about location, journey, and experience! This season, the Red Sea International Film Festival welcomed films, local and international alongside artists to the city of culture and history. Held in the city’s old town, the Chairman Mohammed Al-Turki opened the festival with his wise and inspiring speech.

Opening Ceremony performance, Jeddah

Opening Ceremony performance, Jeddah

The Festival

We discovered the world of cinema with the Red Sea Film Festival that was created for the purpose of introducing filmmakers and the global industry to the Saudi sphere. The Saudi community got the opportunity to watch the films before anywhere else. The festival aimed to shed light on the women in the film industry by granting awards to exceptional talents for their beyond-compare contribution to the world of cinema.

Mohammed Al Turki, RSIFF, Jeddah

Mohammed Al Turki, RSIFF, Jeddah

The Opening

As soon as the black ties and ball gowns were on, the star-studded red carpet was glamoured with film legends and incredible VIPs. From Yousra, Nelly Karim, and Fatima Al Banawi to Catherine Deneuve, Clive Owen, and Anthony Mackie, the opening of the International Film Festival was phenomenal! The opening film ‘Cyrano’ directed by Joe Wright starring Peter Dinklage and Haley Bennett enthralled the crowd. During the opening ceremony, three phenomenal actresses were awarded for their hard work and dedication to the industry. Saudi multi-winning Filmmaker Haifaa Al-Mansour, Academy award and BAFTA nominee French actress Catherine Denueve, and the Egyptian actress Laila Eloui were the light of the night.

Catherine Deneuve , RSIFF, Jeddah

Catherine Deneuve , RSIFF, Jeddah

The Screening

The film festival screened 138 films from 67 International countries in 34 languages. The festival featured world premieres of films made by up-and-coming talents and filmmakers in Saudi. The festival’s films were separated into 11 categories of competition, Short Film Competition, International Spectacular, Arab Specular, Festival Favorites, New Saudi/New Cinema (Feature), New Saudi/New Cinema (Shorts), Treasures, Next Generation, Immersive and Episodic

Youssra, RSIFF, Jeddah

Youssra, RSIFF, Jeddah

The Films

Al Balad raised the curtains off the large screens revealing the upcoming films that were featured and premiered in the festival including Brighton 4th, Hit the road, Neighbors, From the mountain, Zawal, Lovesick in the West Bank, What Remained, Official Competition, The Stranger, The Gravedigger’s Wife, and much more with Red Carpet premieres of multiple films including The Color Room, Huda’s Salon, The Lost Daughter, Memory Box, Casablanca Beats and more.

huda-posterThe Concerts

The Red Sea Film Festival was swarmed with concerts from the contemporary Disco Misr, and the DJ and music producer and director Elfuego and DJ Viva, to the Lebanese Greek high-pitched singer Pavo and the musician Ash.

the-lost-daughter-copyThe Closing Ceremony

Just as we welcomed the festival with open hearts, we closed it with a phenomenal night. As the red carpet began, a rush of international celebrities made an appearance. Whether from Hollywood or the Middle East, the night flowed with pride as guests including Naomi Campbell, Ed Westwick, Alex Gonzalez, Bassel Khaiat, Yasmin Sabri, Hind Sabri, and many more attended. As part of the closing ceremony, Raya Abirachid and Yasir Al Saggaf hosted the award ceremony recognizing films, directors, and actors for their hard work that surely paid off including actor Adam Ali,  actress Arwinda Kirana, director Haidar Rashid, director Darin Sallam, and films of Hit the Road, Neighbors, Tala’vision, Brighton 4th, and more!



Celebrate the Present

Saudi Arabia / in Riyadh City / at Riyadh Season / 17 Oct 2019 Fireworks in city centr, Al Faisaliah , Kingdom Centre

In a world where we “imagine more”

This year, Riyadh season is bigger than ever! Travel through and imagine a world never existed before. Packed with loads days of fun, the Riyadh season is finally back and we are ready to expect the unexpected.

Zone 1

Boulevard Riyadh City
The zone is housed with eight subsections of festivals, stores, and restaurants. Head to the 500 electronic games where you and your family can enjoy.

Fine Dine!
Boulevard opens its luxurious gates to expose appetizing restaurants and cafes where you indulge in some delicious cuisines. Satisfy your sweet tooth, Aani and Dani is your delectable spot Jinji along with popular donuts spot, Randy’s

riyadh boulevard , in Riyadh season - General Authority for Entertainment 23 Oct 2019 / yellow train with people, walks next to a pink carpet, Sun rays too

riyadh boulevard , in Riyadh season – General Authority for Entertainment 23 Oct 2019 / yellow train with people, walks next to a pink carpet, Sun rays too

The entertainment sanctuary
With FIRST FLY, Doos Racing, and Crystal Maze, in Boulevard Riyadh you are destined to the entertainment of a lifetime.

Let’s get the show on the road, shall we?
At this Riyadh season, there’s a wide selection of Theatre plays including Cirque Messi, A Family Made of Fire, and more! Are you a magic fan? RAW is presenting Criss Angel and his world of magic. Grab a lesson from the prank master himself, with Ramez Experience.

We hear ‘Shopping’, we follow
Nothing is complete without fashion, the Boulevard blessed us with Proud Angeles, Dior, Whites, Sephora, Le Gray, Faces, Pink and Blue, Adidas, Skechers, XIX, MLW, Blank, Azaleas, By Muneeram and much more!

Zone 2

Via Riyadh
With Via Riyadh Hotel, pamper yourself with its luxurious spots and services. All things Luxury, high-end stores including RS Boutique, Antonia, Richard Orlinski, ASHI, Dior Cosmetic store, and Tecktell are presented to you.

Take delight in leisure
Spend an entertaining time with the RenaiSsance Theatres and then head to relaxation with some spa and massage services! josh-chiodo-rv1m8tf8u-i-unsplash

Treats of Love
For some good food and great ambience, visit Via Riyadh’s Ferdi Paris, Spago, Madeo, Scott’s, Raoul’s, Bianca, Spacca, Manuh Cigar Lounge, and more.

Zone 3

Combat Field
Challenge your friends with paintball competitions, battlefields, escape rooms and firearms. You are set to meet and greet an all-around thrilling experience.  patrick-t-kindt-xbamynik6cw-unsplash

Zone 4

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland carries 103 games for an adventure-filled time. Travel to a new illusion with Dreamland Carnival, Tales of Terror, Haunted Theatres, and Wonder Circus!

Zone 5

Riyadh Front
The destination of wonders will take you along the Saudi Anime Show, Riyadh Motor Show, Jewelry Exhibition, and more!

Where to go and what to do? Ana Arabia is where alluring designs come to life as 200 designers unfold creativity. Aqai offers jewelry, cool-looking cars, cafes, restaurants, and of course fashion!

Zone 6

Al Murabaa
Offering a special culinary experience of international cuisines. With the presence of Chef Pierre Herme’s patisserie  and Matthew Kenney’s Folia, you are going to have a surreal experience. For the love of food, you are open to choose from astounding restaurants including Don Julio Parrilla, Beast, Barmasa, Jon and Vinny’s, L’avenue, Petit Trois, Zeffirino, El Gradas Lounge, and more! You can also check out the National Museum which has now reopened.


Zone 7

Riyadh Safari
Riyadh Safari is showcasing the diversity in the animal kingdom. The Safari includes white tigers, 18 species of macaw parrots and more. There are also international cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy your meal with varrious wildlife in full view.vera-davidova-syadksvmrkk-unsplash

Zone 8

Al Athriyah
Music and more music. Opening its doors to luxurious restaurants to serve delectable dishes along with remarkable ambience filled with music and performances. Indulge in the true flavors!


Zone 9

Riyadh Oasis
Explore the wonders of Riyadh’s deserts in the outskirts where you get to live the desert life along with a taste of performances and Saudi music.

You can also shop with 25 brands in which you can tailor or buy ready-to-wear items. Spend a night in the desert, and entertain yourself with Polo, mini golf, buggies, and bowling.

Enter the world of food with outposts such as Spanish Memento, Asian and Italian Novikov Hall,  Lebanese Antika, French Girafe, and Italian Le Grand Venise.

Zone 10

The Groves
The Grooves, located in DQ is perfect for any pet lover. The Zone is open for pets to enjoy a day out. You can also chill out in the cafes and restaurants at the Groves.266734015_590339665358903_2528802916580471746_n

Zone 11

Riyadh Pulse
Immerse yourself in futuristic wizardry! The 3D displays will leave you mesmerized.

Zone 12

Zaman Village
Take a trip down memory lane with the history of Saudi. From songs to art, the village celebrates the kingdom’s rich  history and progresses the right way.

Zone 13

Al Salam Tree
Take a break from all the chaos and run over to Al Salam Tree for peace and some quality time for yourself to enjoy and take in mother nature.

Zone 14

Time to appreciate the Saudi poetry at the Khalouha poetry festival as you travel on a metrical trip along with poets. Experience activities including AlRiddiyah poetry at Khalouha where traditional occasions flow with art, coffee, and Bukhoor.

Zones to explore

  • A world of entertainment live
  • Tales of history, explore Najdi heritage
  • World of music with weekly performances from Arab musicians
  • Dakkat Oasis, a getaway by the beach