Section-B’s New Branch & Menu in Jeddah Town! This is your Place to ‘B’


‘B’ ready to try Section-B’s new menu ranging with completely new options for this new branch, opening its doors to you this Friday! Make sure to check it out because this section-b menu  is worth your while.

The Story of the section b

From working underground to opening their new branch, Section-B is now a talked about burger stop in town. Section B’s story filled with challenges and delays has become a story to tell! Behind its challenges and risks, the burger spot worked underground for 7 months, where they would accept orders underground through pre-orders and reservations only on Fridays.

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A look into their new branch

With branches in Jeddah, Riyadh, Khobar, and Makkah, Section-B is launching its new branch in Jeddah making it the second one to be welcoming guests! The new Section-B in town is located on Fayfa Avenue, perfectly located and easy to get to. Destination’s pick is their Hotdog sandwich.


Let’s talk about their new menu! 

With newly added options to their menu, we can say that they have ticked off many options for cravings. With any fluffy burger, you get the option to pick your choice bun: Brown or white. The new menu offers options


Our pick: Hotdog and W-burger 


  • Hotdog
    With chili beef, cheese sauce, crispy bacon, caramelized onions, and coleslaw, the hotdog appetizer treated us well!
  • B Fries
    The ‘-B-est’ fries are topped with a sprinkle of bacon, a drizzle of cheese, onions, and jalapenos to add a shock of spice!
  • -B Tots and Bacon Ranch Tots
    Tots are one of a kind. is formed The -B Tots are formed with bacon, cheese, onions, and jalapenos, and with a drizzle of ranch and bacon, the Bacon Ranch Tots are served.
  • Broc Salad
    With Broccoli, cauliflower, bacon, onion, sunflower seeds, and a splash of mayo dressing, the Broc Salad is a healthy option to order.

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B as in Burgers

  • -B
    With an Angus beef patty, cheddar, onion, tomato, dill pickles, Iceberg, lettuce, and SB sauce, -B is ‘B-licious’!
  • C-burger
    C is for craving! C burger is built by the combination of crispy fried chicken, spring onions, sweet pickles, fresh crispy slaw, and spicy mayo.
  • W-burger
    Wagyu blend patty, Gouda cheese, bacon Marmalade, and the mouthwatering ingredient of all, Truffle sauce.
  • V-burger
    Are you tired of looking for a vegan burger option? Section-B’s V-burger has got you covered. Covered with a vegan brown bun, the vegan patty, lettuce, and SB vegan sauce lie deliciously.
  • Triple-S
    Spicy is always best. This spicy fried chicken burger hosts a chili sauce, Jalapenos, and buttermilk.
  • L-burger
    Again with the spices. The L burger is lavished with spicy seasoned crispy seasoned chicken, mild cheddar cheese, and the Louisiana Mayo sauce!
  • Big B
    The Big B’s advantage is the double Angus beef patties, the Big B sauce, sweet relish, coleslaw, and sweet pickles.

With the minis
The sliders menu is packed with all things yummy from their -B and C mini to their W mini slider.

Their Banana Pudding is a must-try on your visit to Section-B!

Peach Surprise, Passion Delight, Strawberry Breeze, and more, these drinks are vibrant and energetic.


It’s all about the ‘B’ at Section-B! @sectionb_sa is launching its new branch along with a new menu packed with a variety of burgers, appetizers, and more. This is your spot to ‘B’ this weekend.


Under The Abaya’ Goes Loca

Saudi’s First Female Empowerment Platform Celebrates International Women’s Day at Loca Studios for an Evening of Wellness Activities.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Saudi’s first female platform, UnderThe Abaya, teamed up with female-owned fitness and wellness studio, Loca, for a day-filled with feminine energy, self-love meditations, and inspiring talks by Saudi entrepreneurs making waves within their respective industries.

Founded by Marriam Mossalli in 2018, the non-profit initiative Under The Abaya revealed its ongoing evolution with a new brand identity, following the success of last year’s largest female empowerment event in the region, which saw Under The Abaya team up with MSC Bellissima for the “first female empowerment cruise.”

This year’s celebration took the form of a wellness-centric day of activities; starting off with sunset yoga on the rooftop, followed by a self-affirming meditation session. Participants were provided “smart” mats by the female-owned Saudi brand, Rolly. Business owner, Noura Qandeel’s Quench Me, served guests natural, energy boosting shots, while local restaurants The Morning Call and Moonshell provided a selection of healthy and delicious vegan options for all the guests. 

Under the Abaya hosted a panel discussion with a handpicked selection of Saudi women pioneering in their respective fields: Tiktoker Lamah Najjar, beauty influencer Ghalia Mahmoudi, and stylist Renad Hefni, joined co-founder of Barda cosmetics, Khulood Al Harbi, and co-founders of Loca Studios, Sarah Al Turk and Nouf Khayat. The aspirational women discussed an array of topics; from how they empower each other, the ups-and-downs of entrepreneurship, as well as the unique journey women have to face in terms of the work-home balance.

Under the Abaya’s long time supporters, Femi9 Fashion, partnered up once again providing coveted giveaways to each attendee of the yet-to-be released Ramadan collection, while female-owned floral brand, Hues, gifted handmade bouquets. The evening ended with a magical aerial hoop performance by Rana Al Khodari.

The Under the Abaya platform is a non-profit initiative devoted to continuing to support and nurture a community of women within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Under the Abaya: Streetstyle From Saudi Arabia (2020) features over 300 women from across the Kingdom, with 100% of all sales going toward female empowerment initiatives and activities. Sales of previous editions have provided academic scholarships to underprivileged women and sponsored Rally races for first-time female drivers. 

Get your copy now at Under The Abaya website


Exciting events are headed to Jeddah

Slowly and excitingly, the Jeddah calendar is announcing upcoming events!

Jeddah Season is changing to a more broad and exciting calendar that is said to be all year round! How thrilling is this? Not much has been announced yet, so we have to wait and see what’s more to come. 

Jeddah Calendar will be highlighting multiple exciting events including international festivals, artistic performances, entertainment facilities, historical destinations, Theatre plays, beach activities, sports-related events and more, there is so much to stay awaiting.

First of all, did you get your tickets to AbdulMajeed Abdullah’s concert?
Taking palace at Superdome on the 16th of March, Abdulmajeed Abdullah will be lighting up the stage with his powerful and expressive voice. 

Get your tickets now through Enjoy’s website.

The cirque Du Soleil was announced as well!
If you have checked their instagram, you already know whats coming back! 

Cirque Du Soleil will be happening at King Abdullah Sports City Stadium from the 27th of April up until the 26th of May. Stay tuned as tickets are yet to be on sale. 

This May, something special will be coming back. Hint: wrestle it up. Well WWE is coming back, All Hail King and Queen of the Ring. This wrestling event will showcase and honor the king of the ring tournament along with the second Queen’s Crown tournament. 

With the theme ‘Together All Year’, we can not wait to experience the year round events that are yet to be announced.
For all the updates, make sure to stay up-to-date through Jeddah Calendar’s instagram. 


The countdown for AlUla Camel Cup begin

Turning on the countdown mode for the inaugural AlUla Camp Cup! 

The pinnacle of Camel racing is here and we are super thrilled for what it has in store. Details are now unveiled and revealed including the fashion guide, retail offerings, and dining outlets.

Held under the patronage of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Chairman of the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU), more than 40 of the finest and fastest camels are qualified and will be part of the tournament

This event is organized by the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) as part of the AlUla Moments calendar in collaboration with the Saudi Camel Racing Federation (SCRF), a ‘Champion of Champions’ will be crowned at the refurbished, state-of-the-art AlUla Camel Racing Field.

What is the racing field’s total area?
With approximately 20km² and capacity of 900 patrons, this is an excellent area for camels to race. The Mai track is 6km² in size, the length of the racetrack is 8,140 meters and the width is variable from 20 to 38 meters.

There are also five turns at the AlUla Camel Racing Field, and two sides of balustrade running for a total length of 16km.

What about advanced technology?
At the field, advanced technology has been used to ensure the safety and efficiency of all races at the AlUla Camel Cup, while still preserving the sport’s cultural and traditional values.

The AlUla Camel Cup, however, is more than only the sport. The four-day event will offer a Heritage Village featuring a range of local Saudi fashion, jewelry, and homewares. There is also the Madrasat Addeera store selling handmade crafts and jewelry from local artisans.

The Al Qafila market offers an eclectic mix of locally made souvenirs and handicrafts. Immersive experiences such as watching live camels and learning about their incredible feats and attributes, painting camel monuments, henna, calligraphy, and sand art areas are also just some of the activities available.

For dining, a diversity of choices from burgers to traditional Saudi food and snacks such as popcorn, ice cream, kunafa are on offer in the wonderful setting of the village.

Embracing AlUla’s distinctive desert-glam style, the AlUla Camel Cup will also be an opportunity for fashionistas to showcase their individual style befitting of the warm days and cool evenings of winter in AlUla. Inspired by a destination that combines ancient roots with modern-day thinking, the first-ever AlUla Camel Cup invites guests to celebrate in style and have fun with fashion. The traditional dress of the nomadic tribes combined simplicity with decoration.

All these exciting activities follow on from a camel parade held on Saturday featuring 15 camels and a group of performers dressed in traditional Saudi attire. One of the performers in the parade showcased Alheda’a, the oral tradition of calling camel flocks. The ancient art is inscribed in the UNESCO list of Intangible Heritage of Saudi Arabia. The camel parade was part of showcasing how the AlUla Camel Cup is bringing together all of ancient and modern, sport and culture, elemental and opulent in a highlight of the Kingdom’s sporting calendar.

Phillip Jones, Chief Tourism Officer, Royal Commission for AlUla, said: “Much time and effort has been spent ensuring that the AlUla Camel Cup has a venue showcasing the stunning backdrop of AlUla in which the pinnacle of camel racing will be held.

“As a place that helped enhance and expand Saudi Arabia’s traditional pastime of camel racing across the region, the AlUla Camel Racing Field is an important venue in the history of the sport. The AlUla Camel Cup now marks another milestone moment in both the AlUla Camel Racing Field and camel racing’s glorious journey.

“We look forward immensely to Tuesday for the beginning of what will be a major highlight in Saudi Arabia’s sporting calendar.”

Engineer Mahmoud Suleiman Albalawi, Executive Director of the Saudi Camel Racing Federation, said: “The revamped AlUla Camel Racing Field, a venue of historical significance in our illustrious sport, is truly befitting a tournament of the magnitude of the AlUla Camel Cup.

“Colleagues and camel owners have been fulsome in their praise of the work that has been achieved here and we all await what will undoubtedly be an action-packed four days of world-class camel racing.

“As well as being the pinnacle for the elite of camel racing, the AlUla Camel Cup helps us introduce our sport to a wider audience – ensuring that our revered national pastime remains attractive and exciting to new generations.”

 AlUla Camel Cup is one of the flagship sports events of the AlUla Moments 2023 calendar of events and festivals, which includes five major festivals and six marque events. This year has seen ‘The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Endurance Cup in AlUla 2023’ (March 4), ‘AlUla Trail Race’ (February 23 and 24), and the ‘Saudi Tour’ (January 30 – February 3) all successfully hosted in AlUla.

There is still time to be among the fortunate attendees at the AlUla Camel Cup! How much is the ticket? Single day tickets for the event is priced at SAR50.

To get your ticket, make sure to head to Experience AlUla’s website. 


The crafty journey of Chef Omar Alwatban

Omar Alwatban’s road to his success was filled with passion and memories of excitement. 

“I’m Omar Alwatban, and I’ve been passionate about cooking for many years.” said Chef Omar. This passion has grown more and more throughout the years from cooking at home for friends and family by making recipes at home to uploading them to his larger family online in 2021. 

Using different tips and tricks to spice up his recipes, Omar enjoys learning all about the details and techniques within the culinary field. “My reward comes through the joy my family feels when trying these dishes. I suppose this roots back to the same thing, as a Family Medicine doctor, I am dedicated to providing health as well as nutritional sustenance.”

Chef Omar’s experience with Artificial Intelligence
His journey with A.I. began with the help of his cousin Layth AlWatban, who has worked in technology being a film director. Chef Omar said, “His previous career was in technology so he remains in touch with the latest trends, therefore after a few discussions, we had the desire to challenge A.I. with a fusion of my favorite foods – Arabic and Italian.”

His worry was when generating something unique yet with tastes that are not as appealing and as impressive as it seems. “I don’t think A.I. can develop original recipes that complement our pallets yet, but there is a reason for chefs to be looking behind their shoulders in the future.” he said.

His inspiration to cook derived from the effect that food had on people as he watched them go through nourishment and joy with every plate and every bite they had. This to him was an addictive feeling. “Try making any of my recipes for friends or family and you’ll know exactly what I mean.” 

What is Chef Omar up to?
With his recent opening of his new restaurant in Khobar, Maison Sociale is a fast-casual culinary experience that offers comfort food with the use of the highest quality ingredients. New news is coming your way soon including him being accepted to one of the most prestigious culinary institutes in the world *wink wink* Details to be revealed soon. 

“My future plans include direct interaction with my followers through workshop experiences.” Said Chef Omar.

Can we take a moment to congratulate Chef Omar on his new TV Show? He will be hosting a television show that will be aired on MBC 1 during the holy month of Ramadan. Omar expressed his gratitude by saying, “This show is a journey through my eyes while I explore amazing national and international cuisines within Saudi.” 

He has always used this quote throughout his journey, ‎”ان الله يحب اذا عمل احدكم عملاً ان يتقنه”  In other words, simply “master your skills”. 

If you are looking for a piece of advice, Chef Omar has a good one for you.
“Hold on to your passion! That’s the key. Also, books are a gold mine compared to the internet as sources for accurate information and craft techniques.”

To stay updated with Chef Omar’s news, make sure to follow his instagram.


Destination’s Top listens with Spotify.

Ever wondered what our go-to office tunes are? Well we are granting your wish with our playlist! 

On Spotify, we have created a playlist that merges our office-tunes and music we jam to together. Local artists? Of course! From Fulana and Skeleton Crowd, to Klinsh and Dish Dash, the local taste is incomparable. 

Not only local artists, we also jump and shimmer to the rhythm of artists including Idreesi, Al Farabi, Dirty Backseat, and more. 

A trip through our top shimmers from Alternative pop and Indie Rock to Pop music, Electronic Dance, and Indie music. 

Alternative Pop
This genre is produced by names who are far from the musical mainstream and more so within a more original, eclectic, or musical or intellectual genre. As you explore our playlist, you will find Alternative pop artists including Idreesi’s hits like ‘Taba’ and ‘Min Galbi’, as well as Klinsh’s Eesh and Yama We Yama. 

Indie Rock
As you scroll through, we will glimpse Skeleton Crowd’s ‘Different Mankind’ and ‘Fairy Ghoul’. Indie Rock has become related to bands and remained dedicated to their independent status.

Pop Music
This term is very broad and it describes music that is popular in the mainstream and in our playlist, you will find Meshal Tamer’s ‘Sad Baby’.

Electronic Dance
Electronic dance music is a genre usually made largely for nightclubs, raves, and festivals. Dirty Backseat’s Lonely Night and ‘Time’, Dish Dash’s ‘Jabal Dukhan’ and ‘Disko Luv’, and Vinyl Mode’s ‘Eshg AlSamar’ and ‘Shoft AlHala’ are ones we enjoy listening to at the office!

Indie Music
What about Indie? Fulana’s ‘Lore’ and ‘Toot Barri’ are some of the most listened to songs.

To listen to our ‘Destination’s Top Listens’ playlist, make sure to visit Spotify

Head to Spotify’s instagram for more.



Dubai Lynx is right behind the corner

Are you ready to meet some influential people? Well then, head to Dubai Lynx! 

We are so ready for the largest gathering of the Creative Marketing minds in the MENA region! The Dubai Lynx festival features inspiring talks, creative content sessions, and a talented speaker line-up.

Lynx Awards will be taking place on the 15th of March, and it will be celebrating and honoring the creative excellence in the MENA region. The Awards Ceremony definitely enables creatives who compete locally and are recognized globally. 

Get your pass before it’s too late!
The Festival + Awards Ceremony
With this pass, you can pick between the Full Delegate + Awards Seat which gives you access to both days, and Young Lynx + Awards Seat which gives you access to the 15th of March.

Awards Ceremony only
This pass helps you get into the awards ceremony only which will be on the 15th of March. However, you can pick the table type which are either the 12-seated awards table, 6-seated table, or the awards seat for one person.

Festival Access only
On the 14th of March, this pass gives you access to the festival only. Ticket types range from the Full Delegate, where you will experience what the festival has to offer. Young Lynx gives you discounted access to the festival for people born after 15th of March, 1990. Student pass gives you access to the festival with a discounted ticket for people born after 15 March, 1997. 

Make sure to visit their website to get your pass!

Where is it taking place?
The Festival is located at Madinat Jumeirah.

For more, make sure to visit Dubai Lynx’s website 


Ritz Carlton’s Al Orjouan is hosting themed nights

If you are looking to have a time well spent accompanied by unique themes, Ritz Carlton is your place for that.

Ritz Carlton’s Al Orjouan restaurant is granting your wishes to spend a dining experience unique with its offerings of themed nights. These themes serve multiple cuisines and experiences where you indulge in an array of different dishes. 

What are the themes?

Silk Road
Every Tuesday, Al Orjouan hosts the night that is hosted by the cuisines of nine different countries. Reflecting on the ancient Silk Road journey, this spot hosts cuisines that include China, Mongolia, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Syria, Egypt, Greece, and Italy. 

Make sure to try their signature drink Arabic Garden and Rose Patel! 

Price: 315 SAR in addition to 15% adult price – 155 SAR in addition to 15%
Time: 6:30 PM – 12:00 AM

Seafood Night
A fan of seafood? Every Wednesday, you will surely immerse yourself within dishes, dishes, and more dishes of seafood. Whatever you crave and desire, Al Orjouan’s Seafood night has got you covered. 

Make sure to try their signature drink Arabic Garden and Rose Patel! 

Price: 315 SAR in addition to 15% adult price – 155 SAR in addition to 15%
Time: 6:30 PM – 12:00 AM

Butcher’s Night
Sizzled and grilled? Every Thursday, Butcher’s Night is a great option to fill your cravings to smoked, grilled, and sizzled dishes.

Make sure to try their signature drink Arabic Garden and Rose Patel! 

Price: 315 SAR in addition to 15% adult price – 155 SAR in addition to 15%
Time: 6:30 PM – 12:00 AM

Chef’s Brunch
Every Friday, Chef’s Brunch is the host to a spread of Middle Eastern and International specialties and is definitely known for being the longest buffet in the city. Not only will you enjoy their selection of brunch, they also offer an ENT-Live band performance along with pizza and Makish making. 

Make sure to try their signature drink Arabic Garden and Rose Patel! 

Price: 325 SAR in addition to 15% adult price – 175 SAR in addition to 15%
Time: 6:30 PM – 12:00 AM

For more, make sure to visit Ritz Carlton’s instagram. 


Dentsu MENA helps brands navigate business transformation at inaugural Riyadh Event

Dentsu MENA helps brands navigate business transformation from ‘Now to Next’ at inaugural Riyadh Event. First edition of dentsu Now to Next in Riyadh brings international, regional and local experts together to address industry challenges and predict and plan for future opportunities in the Kingdom and beyond.

At the inaugural edition of the Dentsu Now to Next event, dentsu yesterday outlined the considerable market shifts that have taken place over the last eighteen months, while showcasing the various products, experiences and technologies that will help brands invent new possibilities, transform behaviour and thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

“With every challenge comes opportunity. Beyond the pandemic, we are experiencing a slowing global economy where customer centricity has become more important than ever. Consumer behaviour is ever-changing, and adapting business models to service the needs of the modern consumer is a challenge everyone in our industry is facing.

This environment always brings out creativity in business and in media, and the long-term opportunities are vast for those who are already on a journey of business transformation that places the customer at its heart. With the ambitious growth plans of Saudi Arabia on their ongoing journey toward Saudi Vision 2030, we are delighted to be able to share our own vision for sustainable growth with our partners in the Kingdom,” said Tarek Daouk, CEO of dentsu MENA.

The event brought together C-suite clients, members of the press and media partners to address how brands can meet changing demands by taking a people centered approach to business transformation, combining the innovation of the company’s Japanese heritage, with a diverse, global perspective to delve into topics such as customer experience reimagined, content production in new media and capitalising on AI and predictive analytics.

Featuring expert opinions from international guest speakers such as Thomas Le Thierry – CEO – Media, dentsu EMEA, Sven Huberts – President Experience, Dentsu Creative EMEA and Yoshimasa Nakano – Chief Director – Content Business Design Center, Dentsu Inc the day explored how brands can build more trusted and intimate relationships with their customers by creating a true value exchange.

Additionally, attendees had the chance to experience the latest innovations from Dentsu Lab Tokyo, the team that specialises in creating technology-driven ideas to generate experiences and emotions which hold steadily at the crossroads of enterprise, society, and humanity. The showcase featured expereinces such as ALL PLAYERS WELCOME, a software developed to help artists create, write and perform music with eye-tracking technology and ALT SKIN, a physical representation of metaverse avatars that allows digital fashion fitting for virtual world avatars. Two of a number of concepts developed to fuse tech-driven ideas and experiences with societal issues to drive meaningful customer experiences and emotional responses.

Commenting on the event, Ahmad Haider, Managing Director, dentsu Saudi Arabia, said “Saudi Arabia is on its own path of transformation, and creating better relationships with each other and the customer is what we wanted to deliver for both our clients and the community in which we operate. Dentsu Now To Next delivered the fundamentals to do that, providing our business partners with endless possibilities that will transform the way they interact with their customers.”


The Power of McDonald’s Women

Full shift operated 100% by women in McDonald’s Al Safa branch for an entire month

McDonald’s is celebrating International Women’s Day by the store being fully run by women for the month of March in the Safa branch! The women of McDonalds will be in full charge of the branch three days a week for the entire month.

How will it happen?
Employees from different branches around Jeddah will join forces at one branch to make this initiative happen. Starting in 2017, McDonalds has started hiring female employees and with that, the female team is making great progress in enhancing and developing their skills.

The lovely women of McDonalds have dedicated themselves to full training and development and now, they are fully capable of running the branch without external help! Being a female employee in the McDonald’s company has always been valued and for McDonalds, it is a pride and grace to have talented female employees in the head offices and located at different branches in the kingdom which highlights the power of women.

The Deputy General Manager of Reza Food Services Co. Ltd said, ““our employees’ development and growth is at the forefront of what we do.”

He continued by saying, “Giving the opportunities to female talents to showcase the great work they can do is very important to us. We are always committed to ensure that our employees feel appreciated and recognized. Their achievements speak for themselves. We are most humbled to see our female employees always growing and aiming to reach higher positions.”

To follow, make sure to visit their instagram.