Grintafy has announced the first tryouts with The First Division League

The Official Talent Discovery Partner of FDL, Grintafy, has just announced the competition of the first tryout with The First Division League! 

In collaboration with 3 clubs in the first division league; Al-Faisaly FC, Al-Riyadh FC, and Al-Shoulla FC, the first tryouts were hosted in the city for 3 days. 

Taking place in Durrat Almotahida field from January 31st until the 2nd of February, more than 400 players who are either Saudis or ones who were born in Saudi, participated with ages ranging from under 13, under 15, and under 17. 

All about Grintafy
With their slogan “All Eyes On You”, Grintafy continues to maintain innovation by the use of technology simply to revolutionize football. With the strategic partnerships that combine Grintafy with West Ham United, Saudi Football Federation, Al Ittihad FC, and Al Wehda FC, and with more than 1 million players, this makes Grintafy the biggest talent discovery platform in the Middle East. 

With their high number of players, this allows and gives the ability for the users to  find, join or organize games, rate players on their performances, work their way up the rankings, as well as view and track their performance. These features allow players to build a resume of football to have it viewed by scouts and professional clubs. Grintafy also has a social engine that connects players showcasing their skills worldwide.

For more on Grintafy and the tryouts, make sure to visit Grintafy’s website.  

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