Destination’s Top listens with Spotify.

Ever wondered what our go-to office tunes are? Well we are granting your wish with our playlist! 

On Spotify, we have created a playlist that merges our office-tunes and music we jam to together. Local artists? Of course! From Fulana and Skeleton Crowd, to Klinsh and Dish Dash, the local taste is incomparable. 

Not only local artists, we also jump and shimmer to the rhythm of artists including Idreesi, Al Farabi, Dirty Backseat, and more. 

A trip through our top shimmers from Alternative pop and Indie Rock to Pop music, Electronic Dance, and Indie music. 

Alternative Pop
This genre is produced by names who are far from the musical mainstream and more so within a more original, eclectic, or musical or intellectual genre. As you explore our playlist, you will find Alternative pop artists including Idreesi’s hits like ‘Taba’ and ‘Min Galbi’, as well as Klinsh’s Eesh and Yama We Yama. 

Indie Rock
As you scroll through, we will glimpse Skeleton Crowd’s ‘Different Mankind’ and ‘Fairy Ghoul’. Indie Rock has become related to bands and remained dedicated to their independent status.

Pop Music
This term is very broad and it describes music that is popular in the mainstream and in our playlist, you will find Meshal Tamer’s ‘Sad Baby’.

Electronic Dance
Electronic dance music is a genre usually made largely for nightclubs, raves, and festivals. Dirty Backseat’s Lonely Night and ‘Time’, Dish Dash’s ‘Jabal Dukhan’ and ‘Disko Luv’, and Vinyl Mode’s ‘Eshg AlSamar’ and ‘Shoft AlHala’ are ones we enjoy listening to at the office!

Indie Music
What about Indie? Fulana’s ‘Lore’ and ‘Toot Barri’ are some of the most listened to songs.

To listen to our ‘Destination’s Top Listens’ playlist, make sure to visit Spotify

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