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Pamper yourself with Riyadh’s Valentine’s Day gifts

A little pampering on this special day won’t hurt anyone.

One thing we all adore on special days are: GIFTS! Scroll along as we give you options to gift your loved and beloved ones. 


A gift for your loved one, or to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day, indulge in the glorious Valentine’s Day collection that Tous has to offer, with jewelry that is sure to be the perfect gift. 

Instagram: tousjewlery

Damas Jewellery

In the name of love, make sure you get your hands on the Valentine’s Day collection at Damas Jewelry, to truly treat yourself or others with jewelry that reflects this special day.

Instagram: damasjewellery

Raseel Gift

Can’t figure out what to get your loved one on this special day? Raseel Gifts provides an assortment of boxed gifts, from flowers to candles and even perfume; your loved one is sure to love it!

Instagram: raseel_gift

Oct Gifts

Gift baskets for your loved ones are always a great idea, and full of treats! With gifts such as candles, mugs and more, you’ll definitely delight whoever receives them. 

Instagram: octgifts


What better way to show your love and appreciation than with some chocolates? You can get your chocolate gift boxes at 7kayatna, elegantly wrapped and ready to be gifted. 

Instagram: 7kyatna 


The gift of a bouquet of  flowers says you care. Surround your loved one or yourself with beauty this Valentine’s day with the large variety of Florist bouquets. 

Instagram: florist_sa

Lo Canvas

Paint a beautiful and picturesque environment with Lo Canvas bouquets, creating a rose filled vibe this Valentine’s Day.

Instagram: lo_canvas


Godiva always gives us options for every occasion. With their heart-shaped box of chocolates, that is one way to fill your romantic gesture.


So many different options! With Aani and Dani, get your heart-shaped cake or box of heart-shaped chocolates.

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