Spend your Iftar at Ritz Carlton’s Bab Al Bahar

Enter Ritz Carlton’s Bab Al Bahar and experience the Saudi culture mixed with international cuisine.

This Ramadan, Ritz Carlton’s Bab Al Bahr is hosting Iftar and Suhour hours for you to indulge in. Our Iftar was well spent with Bab Al Bahr’s buffet that hosts different types of cuisines.

Our experience
With a wonderful experience, we tried their buffet options that highlight different cuisines including their selection of different Samosas, live pasta cooking station, rice dishes, and more, we can definitely say we enjoyed this Iftar. 

Indoor or outdoor?
At Bab Al Bahar, you are open to experiencing whichever option you prefer whether it be their scenic outdoor area or their full-of-ramadan-vibes indoor seating, you are up for an experience. 

What are their prices?
For the Iftar Buffet, the price per person for adults is 375 SAR while it is 185 SAR for kids. 

As for the Suhoor Buffet, you will spend 250 SAR per adult and 125 SAR per kid. How about their timings? Suhoor begins at 11 PM and lasts until 4 AM. 

How to reserve your table
Make sure to visit Loqmati application or by calling the hotel at +966-12-2314444. 

If you are looking to live through experience, make sure to visit their instagram page

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