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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The crafty journey of Chef Omar Alwatban

The crafty journey of Chef Omar Alwatban

Omar Alwatban’s road to his success was filled with passion and memories of excitement. 

“I’m Omar Alwatban, and I’ve been passionate about cooking for many years.” said Chef Omar. This passion has grown more and more throughout the years from cooking at home for friends and family by making recipes at home to uploading them to his larger family online in 2021. 

Using different tips and tricks to spice up his recipes, Omar enjoys learning all about the details and techniques within the culinary field. “My reward comes through the joy my family feels when trying these dishes. I suppose this roots back to the same thing, as a Family Medicine doctor, I am dedicated to providing health as well as nutritional sustenance.”

The crafty journey of Chef Omar Alwatban

Chef Omar’s experience with Artificial Intelligence
His journey with A.I. began with the help of his cousin Layth AlWatban, who has worked in technology being a film director. Chef Omar said, “His previous career was in technology so he remains in touch with the latest trends, therefore after a few discussions, we had the desire to challenge A.I. with a fusion of my favorite foods – Arabic and Italian.”

His worry was when generating something unique yet with tastes that are not as appealing and as impressive as it seems. “I don’t think A.I. can develop original recipes that complement our pallets yet, but there is a reason for chefs to be looking behind their shoulders in the future.” he said.
The crafty journey of Chef Omar Alwatban

His inspiration to cook derived from the effect that food had on people as he watched them go through nourishment and joy with every plate and every bite they had. This to him was an addictive feeling. “Try making any of my recipes for friends or family and you’ll know exactly what I mean.” 

What is Chef Omar up to?
With his recent opening of his new restaurant in Khobar, Maison Sociale is a fast-casual culinary experience that offers comfort food with the use of the highest quality ingredients. New news is coming your way soon including him being accepted to one of the most prestigious culinary institutes in the world *wink wink* Details to be revealed soon. 

“My future plans include direct interaction with my followers through workshop experiences.” Said Chef Omar.

The crafty journey of Chef Omar Alwatban

Can we take a moment to congratulate Chef Omar on his new TV Show? He will be hosting a television show that will be aired on MBC 1 during the holy month of Ramadan. Omar expressed his gratitude by saying, “This show is a journey through my eyes while I explore amazing national and international cuisines within Saudi.” 

He has always used this quote throughout his journey, ‎”ان الله يحب اذا عمل احدكم عملاً ان يتقنه”  In other words, simply “master your skills”. 

If you are looking for a piece of advice, Chef Omar has a good one for you.
“Hold on to your passion! That’s the key. Also, books are a gold mine compared to the internet as sources for accurate information and craft techniques.”

The crafty journey of Chef Omar AlwatbanTo stay updated with Chef Omar’s news, make sure to follow his instagram.



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