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Pamper yourself with Jeddah’s Valentine’s Day gifts

A little pampering on this special day won’t hurt anyone.

One thing we all adore on special days are: GIFTS! Scroll along as we give you options to gift your loved and beloved ones.

Ms. Môh

A little sugary taste with the heart Ruba Mohtaseb’s Ms. Môh and what it has to offer on Valentine’s day. The heart shaped cake is giving us all the good tastes with its hints of Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse.

Get it delivered to you through Lugmety, the Chefz, and Barakah.


Melted always knows the right way to reach our hearts and this year for this special day they created a heart-shaped big Brownie cake to win us over even more. 

Get it delivered to you through Lugmety and the Chefz.


With an array of different chocolate options, MORPHO has got you covered! 

Get it delivered to you at this number +966-540554111. 


Cakes and pastries with classy packaging? What more can we ask for! Dust gives you the space to express your passion through its options. 

Get it delivered to you through the Chefz, To You, and Jahez   


All things teddies! Laderach is displaying its teddy bear options made of different flavors including the fresh white chocolate infused with raspberry pieces.

Visit their space to get your teddy through their website or contact them at +966-553351423. 


Godiva always gives us options for every occasion. With their heart-shaped box of chocolates, that is one way to fill your romantic gesture. 

Visit their store to get your box!


‘You are my daydream’! Rimbo’s slogan on its cake tells us all about the dreamy side of this special day. 

Get your cake through +966-560828283


So many different options! With Aani and Dani, get your heart-shaped cake or box of heart-shaped chocolates.  

Yataghan Jewellery

Gift your loved one Yataghan’s Onyx Necklace. What is the meaning behind it? It is a deep and soothing gemstone full of positive energy filled with love and affection.

Get it delivered to you through their direct message of at

Withlove Gifts

A gift basket? Yes please! With Love gives you the platform to express your love and feelings by passing through its gift box either with a ready-made one or by customizing your own.

Order yours through their website.


A gift for your loved one, or to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day, indulge in the glorious Valentine’s Day collection that Tous has to offer, with jewelry that is sure to be the perfect gift.

Get yours at their store.

Damas Jewelry

Damas Jewelry is offering you its newly designed pieces for this occasion including its ‘love’ option.

Get yours at their store

Venus By S

Looking for a vibrant piece to give someone who loves colors? Venus by S has options that fulfill your wants from their colorful heart necklaces and more.

Find their products in Home Grown,  Ruff, Sabine Boutique, and Amkana.


Pamper yourself today with the perfume fragrance that Ruf has in store for you. Not only is it offering perfumes, you will also find necklaces and more.

Get it delivered to you by contacting +966-553551066

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