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How to spend your Founding Day weekend in Riyadh

Are you ready to mark your calendars? For on the 22nd of February we will be celebrating Saudi Arabia Founding Day.

Let us take a moment to wish our country a very Happy Founding Day! Celebrated in Saudi, let us take a moment to learn more about the new holiday and where you can celebrate it this year.

When was it declared a formal holiday?
On the 22nd of February, 2022, Founding Day was declared a formal holiday in all sectors announced by His Royal Highness King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

What does this holiday mark?
Founding Day marks the establishment of the first Saudi state in 1727 in Diriyah.

Looking to spice up your day with Founding Day events?


The Musical Play about Founding Day

This Founding day, enjoy a musical play from the general supervision of HRH Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed bin Abdulaziz and composed by Sadiq Al Shaer and Sahm, and directed by artist Amer Al Hammoud. The play will showcase the history of Saudi Arabia in celebration of Founding Day, with the participation of renowned theater and musical performers. 

Dates: 22 Feb – 27 Feb
Time: 9pm – 12pm
Price: 50 SAR
Location: Al Ahmar Theatre, Princess Nourah University

Founding Day Parade

What better way to celebrate the Founding Day of Saudi than with a large parade which takes spectators through the story of authenticity, connectivity, and development of the country, through portraying themes of courage and generosity of the Kingdom’s soldiers. The parade will include horses and massive artistic figures.

Dates: 24 Feb
Time: 5pm – 10:30pm
Price: Free

Riyadh Concerts – Abadi AlJohar, Ali Abdulkareem, Talal Salamah, Abdullah Rashad

A Founding Day concert filled with melodic voices that give you a sense of what Founding day is all about! Featuring performances by Abadi AlJohar, Ali Abdulkareem, Talal Salamah, Abdullah Rashad.

Dates: 23 Feb
Price: 100 SAR
Location: Abu Bakr Salem Theater

Majlis Founding Day

Aiming to educate visitors on the heritage and cultural depth of the First Saudi State “Almajlis” will do this through lectures, panel discussions, and workshops. There will also be various activities including traditional artists, musicians, calligraphy art, as well as ‘history as seen through our eyes’. 

Dates: 22 Feb – 24 Feb
Time: 4pm – 11pm
Price: Free
Location: King Fahd National Library


Celebrate the tradition and culture of Saudi this Founding Day with “Bedayat”, a culinary experience like no other, by renowned Saudi Master Chef Rakan Aloraifi, whilst also enjoying entertaining orchestra symphonies. 

Dates: 21 Feb
Price: 575 SAR
Location: Al Diriyah

Al Liwan

Held in 14 different locations across the country, Al Liwan is a Foundation Day event that will take you back in time to three centuries ago, immersing you in the history through traditional markets, showcasing the originality of traditional Saudi attire, with the addition to interactive exhibitions, cultural seminars and theatrical performances highlighting the historical events that took place. 

Dates: 22 Feb – 24 Feb
Time: 4pm – 11pm
Price: Free
Location: KAFD

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