Drama Day with Dar AlHanan School

We experienced the talents of the wonderful students at drama with Dar Al Hanan school! 

At Dar AlHanan School, we were introduced to elementary schoolers, middle schoolers, and highschoolers as well as they each set the stage and performed a sketch filled with influence. 

A background on the school
Dar Al Hanan School aims to provide excellence in the academic level with the standard teaching of the English language where it is taught as a first language. Let’s not forget their extensive and all-encompassing studies of Science and Math. 

This school is keen on enriching the personalities when its students participate in different academic and extracurricular activities including the one we just attended, Drama Day! 

Now, it is time for Drama Day.
This event was divided into two different days that hosted different academic levels, the first one was for the elementary students while the middle schoolers and high-schoolers.  

Elementary School’s Drama Day
Taking place on the 16th of March, this event honored the elementary girls as they portrayed their beautiful acting skills while also giving awareness on different topics.

The plays were played by different graders mentioned below: 

  • Grade 1: I am So Happy 
  • Grade 2: Eskimo Pies
  • Grade 3: Changing Seasons
  • Grade 4A: Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce
  • Grade 4B: Conquering our dreams
  • Grade 5A: Big Test
  • Grade 5A: Special Tribute 
  • Grade 5B: Stressed out
  • Grade 6: Happiness is a choice

Middle and Schooler’s Drama Day
Taking place on the 21st of March, this event honored the middle and high school girls who reenacted different scenes from our favorite movies of all time! The opening performance was created by KG3 students.

The plays were played by different graders mentioned below: 

  • Grade 7A: Alice in Wonderland
  • Grade 7B: Wizard of Oz
  • Grade 7C: Matilda
  • Grade 8: Drama in a Nutshell
  • Grade 9: Nanny McPhee 
  • Grade 10A: Touched By An Alien
  • Grade 10B: Cinderella 
  • Grade 11: Heist 

For more on Dar Al Hanan, make sure to check out their website.

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