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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Spotify’s Ramadan Listening Trends

Spotify’s Ramadan Listening Trends

Spotify Reveals Ramadan Listening Trends and Celebrates the Holy Month With a New Dynamic Personalized Experience.

Today marks the start of Ramadan, a month of spiritual renewal, humility, and community. As families and friends gather to observe, contemplate, pray, and celebrate, Spotify is introducing a new and exciting Ramadan experience with meaningful music, podcasts, and talk content.

For eligible listeners, the Spotify app will feature new highlights, podcast quotes, clips, and daily releases of music and podcasts, with a new topical theme each week. Moreover, users will find personalized content on the “Your Ramadan 2023” playlist and see trending music and talk content in their respective markets. Spotify has also made readings from the Holy Quran easily accessible, and listeners can find exclusive clips and greetings from their favorite artists and celebrities wishing them a blessed Ramadan. Locally relevant stories about fasting, self-reflection, and wellness can also be enjoyed in the new Ramadan experience. 

Nick Dahl, Senior Product Manager at Spotify, shared, “We want our fans and creators around the world to feel that Spotify is part of every moment, from Ramadan to regular daily listening. To do this, we’ve built product experiences that celebrate local culture with our users.”

Late Nights for Saudi and Late Afternoons for the UAE
As Spotify users enter their Ramadan journey, they look for audio that enhances their Ramadan experience. With that, Spotify has seen some interesting listening patterns that have been happening during the 30 days of Ramadan.

Spotify data shows that Saudis are night owls in Ramadan, coming alive at night with audio streaming peeking from the hours between 10 PM to 12 AM. Meanwhile, streaming in the UAE peaks between 4 PM to 5 PM.

Even with significantly higher rates of streaming during the night for Saudi, the early hours of the morning are dedicated to spirituality where streaming of the Holy Quran spikes at 6:00 AM. With 10 AM being the ultimate chill hour for Saudis, listeners in Saudi ease into their day with relaxing content, such as chill playlists, yoga playlists, and meditation. As for the UAE, streaming chill music and playlists peaks at 8 AM.

Podcasts to Inspire and Entertain
Listening to audio activates key centers of your brain, making for a fully mindful experience. People have different needs, and especially during Ramadan, audio mirrors their Ramadan routine. Podcasts discussing topics around religion see an increase of over 90% in Saudi and the UAE during the Holy Month before sunset. Other podcast sub-genres that are interesting listeners in Saudi and the UAE before they break their fast include Philosophy, which saw a 92% increase in Saudi and a 24% increase in UAE. In addition, Gaming is a favorite topic in the UAE before sunset, witnessing a 23% increase in consumption during the Holy Month. 

Spotify’s Ramadan Listening Trends

“Ramadan has become a time where podcast creators create special programming for their audiences. Creators are thinking deeply about how they can better the lives of listeners through audio during this time,” said Rhea Chedid, Senior Podcast Manager at Spotify. 

“We are seeing everything from shows about cooking, the history of Ramadan traditions and Islam, to audio-scripted series that entertain and podcasts that review your favorite Ramadan television series.”

Most Shared Ramadan Series Tracks
Ramadan TV dramas continue to define the Holy Month of Ramadan year after year. On Spotify, this trend is reflected where the most shared tracks from previous Ramadan series include Ahmed Saad‘s “Kol Youm” from the popular show Melouk El Gadaana, followed by “Sherine’sHams El Mashaeer” from Hekayat Hayah and Ahmed Saad once more with “B3edt” from the show Toba.

Ramadan Top Moods and Content Recommendations
Chill, Happy, and Hopeful are the top moods expressed by Spotify listeners during the Holy Month, and Spotify has curated a list of podcast and playlist recommendations for listeners in Saudi and UAE to tune in to and keep the Ramadan spirit elevated.

Here is a top 5 list of must listen to podcasts this Ramadan:

  1. 1001 Nights
  2. Finjan
  3. Sukoun
  4. Jinaya
  5. Telfaz

Here is a top 5 list of must listen to playlists this Ramadan:

  1. Ramadaniyat
  2. Chill-Oud
  3. Duaa
  4. Titrat Ramadan
  5. Khaleeji Hits

To enjoy the new  Ramadan experience, type “Ramadan” in the Spotify app


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