Tommy Fury takes the win and Ragad Al Naimi makes history in Diriyah Arena.

Tommy Fury wins the highly anticipated fight with popular YouTuber Jake Paul in a split decision fight in the amazing Diriyah Arena. 

With all eyes on Diriyah, the night of February 26th brought forward a highly anticipated boxing fight between professional boxer Tommy Fury and youTuber Jake Paul in an eight round fight that went the distance with the judges granting Tommy the win. The fight was exciting and intense with Tommy showing his professionalism and boxing technique to dominate most of the fight and hit Jake with some devastating hits.

However, Jake on the other hand, gave an impressive performance for a non-professional boxer, and avoided the knockout while giving Tommy a hard time. 

The night also saw a few different fights with a world title fight between Badou Jack and Ilunga Makabul where Badou finished the fight in the 12th round with a TKO after having dropped him twice during the fight. With this win, Badou Jack became the three division world champion showing his strong dominance of the boxing world through his precision and powerful punching. 

Finally, the event saw a remarkable 3 round fight between Saudi boxer Ragad Al Naimi and Perpetual Okaidah that ended with a sensational victory for Ragad making history of being the first Saudi female boxer to compete on a global stage.

Ragad was first introduced to the sport while studying in the U.S. and pursued her passion when she came back to Saudi. It was through the existence of a boxing federation in Saudi that we were able to witness the exponential rise in Saudi boxers making it to the global stage with multiple wins for Saudi boxers in the Diriyah event. 

Ragad’s professional debut will be an inspiration for the many amateur female boxers in Saudi to take on the global stage and represent their nation in a growing sport in Saudi.

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