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The Power of McDonald’s Women

The Power of McDonald’s Women

Full shift operated 100% by women in McDonald’s Al Safa branch for an entire month

McDonald’s is celebrating International Women’s Day by the store being fully run by women for the month of March in the Safa branch! The women of McDonalds will be in full charge of the branch three days a week for the entire month.

How will it happen?
Employees from different branches around Jeddah will join forces at one branch to make this initiative happen. Starting in 2017, McDonalds has started hiring female employees and with that, the female team is making great progress in enhancing and developing their skills.

The lovely women of McDonalds have dedicated themselves to full training and development and now, they are fully capable of running the branch without external help! Being a female employee in the McDonald’s company has always been valued and for McDonalds, it is a pride and grace to have talented female employees in the head offices and located at different branches in the kingdom which highlights the power of women.

The Power of McDonald's Women

The Deputy General Manager of Reza Food Services Co. Ltd said, ““our employees’ development and growth is at the forefront of what we do.”

He continued by saying, “Giving the opportunities to female talents to showcase the great work they can do is very important to us. We are always committed to ensure that our employees feel appreciated and recognized. Their achievements speak for themselves. We are most humbled to see our female employees always growing and aiming to reach higher positions.”

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