Netflix Unveils the Release Date for Season 2 of Masameer County!

Save the date! On March 2nd, the second season of Masameer will be out and ready for you to binge watch.  

A new comeback? With Netflix dropping the official release date bomb on us, we can finally confirm that MASAMEER is coming back to our screens. With much anticipation, we are thrilled to witness the high-quality content and bold dark comedy that it has to offer.

Reminiscing on Season 1 and announcing Season 2
For those who do not know, Masameer’s Season 1 was a smash hit animated series that took Saudi by storm. Now on March 2nd, Netflix will premiere six fresh episodes starring the same mischievous characters.

The second season of Masameer County follows the adventures of the misguided main characters as they get up to all kinds of wild escapades, from a daring 24-hour mission, an unexpected elevator ride, and an out-of-control rocket launch. 

Behind the story of Masameer
Abdulaziz Almuzaini and Malik Nejer created the smashing animation; Masameer County. The animated show offers a dark and comedic portrayal on the evolving landscape of Saudi Arabia. 

This series is brought to you as part of Netflix’s five-year exclusive partnership with Saudi Arabian animation studio Myrkott, signed in 2020 to bring viewers Saudi-focused shows and films.

Missing out on the show? Watch it on Netflix


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