Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Section-B’s New Branch & Menu in Jeddah Town! This is your Place to ‘B’

Section-B’s New Branch & Menu in Jeddah Town! This is your Place to ‘B’

‘B’ ready to try Section-B’s new menu ranging with completely new options for this new branch, opening its doors to you this Friday! Make sure to check it out because this section-b menu  is worth your while.

The Story of the section b

From working underground to opening their new branch, Section-B is now a talked about burger stop in town. Section B’s story filled with challenges and delays has become a story to tell! Behind its challenges and risks, the burger spot worked underground for 7 months, where they would accept orders underground through pre-orders and reservations only on Fridays.

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A look into their new branch

With branches in Jeddah, Riyadh, Khobar, and Makkah, Section-B is launching its new branch in Jeddah making it the second one to be welcoming guests! The new Section-B in town is located on Fayfa Avenue, perfectly located and easy to get to. Destination’s pick is their Hotdog sandwich.


Section-B’s New Branch & Menu in Jeddah Town! This is your Place to ‘B’

Let’s talk about their new menu! 

With newly added options to their menu, we can say that they have ticked off many options for cravings. With any fluffy burger, you get the option to pick your choice bun: Brown or white. The new menu offers options


Our pick: Hotdog and W-burger 

Section-B’s New Branch & Menu in Jeddah Town! This is your Place to ‘B’


Section-B’s New Branch & Menu in Jeddah Town! This is your Place to ‘B’

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B as in Burgers

With the minis
The sliders menu is packed with all things yummy from their -B and C mini to their W mini slider.

Their Banana Pudding is a must-try on your visit to Section-B!

Peach Surprise, Passion Delight, Strawberry Breeze, and more, these drinks are vibrant and energetic.


It’s all about the ‘B’ at Section-B! @sectionb_sa is launching its new branch along with a new menu packed with a variety of burgers, appetizers, and more. This is your spot to ‘B’ this weekend.


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