Pamper your home for Ramadan with Aura Living

We are giving you the best of the best to get your home set for Ramadan with Aura Living.

Day 6 of Ramadan has come and Aura Living is bringing you some tips to get your home set and ready for the presence this month! 

Ramadan’s tablescape upgraded
Your table speaks LOUD once the Ramadan aesthetic comes out leaving your beloved guests at awe. Aura Living gives you three stunning dinnerware collections that are clear representations of Arabesque patterns, cutting-edge coin textures, and a modern twist on traditional calligraphy.

Highlight senses of cozy and inviting lighting
The lights play a huge role in giving a festive atmosphere to your space whether it be Aura’s candle holders, decorative lamps, and during this month the traditional lanterns are a MUST to throw hints of warmth and cheer from within the traditional yet modern interior.

Create your very own Iftar and Suhoor station
Dedicate an area in your dining space to make your Iftar and Suhoor spot. How to make it? We and Aura Living have got you covered. Add touches of stylish and contemporary serving trays that are also functional and easy to use. You can also add Aura’s dinnerware and comfortable seating that scream elegance where family and friends can break their fast and have their Suhoor meals together.

Bring in hints of calming colors and textures
Add soothing colors including soft pastels, neutrals, or earthy tones, along with plush textiles and cushions, to create a restful environment for both body and mind during this month of fasting and spiritual growth.

With that, you are creating a space that helps you dive into a serene and inviting aura with Aura Living.

For more information, make sure to visit their instagram account and website. 

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