A Ramadan Launch: Genesis Exclusive Benefits

Genesis launches exclusive benefits for this Holy month of Ramadan in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam.

Genesis Middle East & Africa’s official distributor in Riyadh through Wallan Group, Dammam through Al Majdouie, and Jeddah through Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors (MYNM) has launched an exciting campaign offering customers exclusive benefits on select Genesis models throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

With design at the forefront of its brand, Genesis has a significant lineup embodying ‘athletic elegance’, with special perks launching for the G80, the GV70, the GV80 and the flagship G90.

This Ramadan, Genesis customers can enjoy a host of advantages on the enticing lineup with special financing benefits for the G80, GV70 and GV80 respectively. Customers will be thrilled to hear that alongside the regular benefits, the G80, the GV70 and GV80 all come with the option for 50% of the payment to be made at the time of purchasing and the other 50% payment being made after 2 years, alongside the additional benefit of no admin fees. These models also come with a zero percent interest rate.

Additionally, to ensure that customers have a hassle-free buying and ownership experience, all models come with an Unlimited KMS Manufacturer Warranty, Complimentary Maintenance for 5 years or 100,000KMS* and Roadside Assistance Service for 5 years as well.

The Genesis benefits include a 2-Year Genesis Concierge Service package with every purchase, providing customized services beyond the showroom in the form of travel, gourmet dining experiences, golf and more. 

For further information or to get in contact with the team one of the Jeddah, Dammam or Riyadh teams, on the current Genesis incentives, please visit 


Riyadh: genesis.com/sa-riyadh/.

Dammam: genesis.com/sa-dammam/



International Women’s Day Spotlight: Rasha Ghanem

In conversation with Rasha Ghanem, Communications Director at Ford Motor Company

In light of the International Women’s Day this year, with the #EmbraceEquity, we took this opportunity to speak to a powerful and successful woman in the Middle East, that is breaking glass ceilings and making a name for herself in a predominantly male dominated industry; Rasha Ghanem, Communications Director at Ford Motors.

Rasha Ghanem’s Journey to Ford

We started off by asking Rasha a fundamental question; What was the journey that led her to where she is today? Rasha replied that since completing her Master’s degree in Linguistics and Translation, she’s had a passion for words and story telling. “I believe in the power of narrative, which is what drove me to choose communication as my full-time job.” 

Starting her career in her native home of Lebanon as a part-time translator for the United Nations, to a full-time journalist, she then moved to Dubai in 2006 to work for a number of PR organizations and eventually a giant American Automotive Automaker, which is where she discovered her love for the Automotive world, and this dived right into it.  

Rasha did not receive much support from some men at first when mentioning that she worked in the Automotive industry, often being met with eye rolls and fake smiles, but this just pushed her even harder and led her to drive to break the stigma of men dominating certain fields. 

Rasha is now the first Arab female leader in the Ford Middle East leadership team; with her journey with Ford starting almost 11 years ago! To achieve this, Rasha credits her continuous sources of inspiration to push her forward at all times, most of which comes from her family and children. After becoming a mom, Rasha realized the meaning of life, through the constant unconditional love and support of her children, who are always teaching her many things despite their young age.

Women’s Day 2023 #EmbraceEquity

In the words of Rasha, “Who says we need one day to celebrate women? Everyday can be Women’s Day.” Having said that, Rasha added that she does feel a strong connection with this year’s theme #EmbraceEquity, as it is an important reminder to embrace diversity and inclusion in our everyday lives, which is also an important opportunity to reflect and celebrate the achievements of those great women around us. 

Women in Ford

According to Rasha, Ford has always placed importance on topics such as diversity and inclusion, which Rasha resonates with. “We’re constantly challenging ourselves and people around us on how to do better; and striving to create a sense of trust and belonging among each other. We even go beyond ourselves and connect with our customers by treating them as family – again, regardless of who and how they are.

In the Middle East, Rasha is a proud representative of her fellow female colleagues on the leadership team. Rasha is also an active member of the Women at Ford – Middle East chapter, who meet on a regular basis to share stories and brainstorm ideas while also meeting on a regular basis to brainstorm, and share their stories in order to learn, grow, and achieve equity. 

Rasha believes that change is the way forward, and coming together to embrace #EmbraceEquity to make an impact. “Looking around, there is still so much inequality and bias, and so many discriminating stereotypes. My role as a mother, wife, and leader is to campaign against these disparities in a very vocal manner. I will always challenge those around me because I want to contribute to securing a better world.” 

As a woman working in Ford, there are many positive aspects for Rasha. She discusses how many of those appointed recently to key positions at automotive companies in the Middle East are in fact women! Rasha expresses great pride in how the industry is becoming more and more inclusive and its way forward, however, she believes that there is still more to be done. Rasha believes that change is the way forward, and coming together to embrace #EmbraceEquity to make an impact. “Looking around, there is still so much inequality and bias, and so many discriminating stereotypes … I will always challenge those around me because I want to contribute to securing a better world.” 

Speaking further on the way forward, Rasha emphasizes the importance of challenging ourselves and everyone around us to continue to promote diversity in the workplace, and continue to support women who are in male-dominated fields. Rasha believes that this work starts in schools and universities. I would love to use this opportunity – and through your media outlet – to call on all women leaders working for different OEMs in the Middle East to get in touch with me directly to explore building our own network.”

Her advice to any woman interested in advancing her career, is first and foremost to never be intimidated! The most important thing is to believe in oneself, and have the ambition, passion and courage to grow. Rasha strongly encourages women, especially students, to identify their own mentors around them to help direct them towards the right path. Many companies offer training programs, which Rasha strongly advises women to enroll in, to learn and know more, while making sure to embrace change at any point. 

“I am even more excited about the future and what it may hold as we go through this global transformation toward becoming the leader in developing and delivering innovative, must-have trucks, sport utility vehicles, commercial vans, and cars, along with connected services.


How to help the survivors of the Turkey Syria earthquakes

Different organizations that accept donations and provide relief to those affected

Following the two massive earthquakes that hit Turkey and Northern Syria on Monday the 7th of February, with the first registering at a 7.8 and the other at a 7.5; the effects were devastating to the already vulnerable civilians of the area, and were even felt by many countries in the region including Lebanon and Cyprus. Thousands were left dead, injured or displaced with their homes collapsing around them.

Many charities around the world, including Saudi Arabia, have quickly come to their aid, providing various different services to provide food and shelter to victims, search and rescue those trapped under the rubble, and provide medical aid. 

If you would like to help in aiding those affected, here are some organizations to donate to: 

Saudi Organizations:

Sahem Relief 

As the only official Saudi channel providing guaranteed donations and aid to the affected areas, and with direction from HRH King Salman bin Abdulaziz and HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Sahem Relief are operating an air bridge and providing various aid to the victims of the disaster.

Donate through this link

Instagram: ksrelief

Worldwide Organizations:

Molham Team

Started by Syrian university students and now based in Turkey providing aid to refugees, the Molham team, which aims to compensate the earthquake victims with the necessities that they’re lacking. 

Donate through the link.

Instagram: molhamteam

The White Helmets

Although the earthquake’s epicenter was located in South-Eastern Turkey, its effects were particularly devastating to an already struggling Northern Syria. Officially known as the Syria Civil Defence, the White Helmets is one of the only few aid organizations that currently operate on the ground in Syria, searching for survivors and pulling people out from the rubble that remains.

Donate through this link.

Instagram: the_whitehelmets


As one of the most active voluntary networks in the affected regions, the Turkey based non-profit organization AHBAP aims to provide much needed aid to those affected by the earthquakes, in the form of shelter, food, and medical supplies. 

You can donate in TRY using a credit card, through this link. 

Instagram: ahbap

Save the Children

With many Turkish and Syrian children in dire need of aid in the aftermath of the two devastating earthquakes. Providing food, shelter and warm clothing, Save the Children is on the ground in the affected areas with a special focus on the children. 

Donate through the link. 

Instagram: savethechildren

Doctors Without Borders 

Doctors Without Borders have mobilized with local organizations to provide relief to the injured on the grounds of the affected areas in both Turkey and Syria, and to respond to the increasing needs as more and more people are found within the rubble by providing medical kits, as well as blankets and essential life kits.  

Donate through the link

Instagram: doctorswithoutborders


The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship sees famous faces in 2023

Supermodel Winnie Harlow and Actor Lucien Laviscount attend the 2023 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship in Diriyah

With the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship taking place in Diriyah over the last weekend, the event saw intense races with thousands of fans watching as 22 of the fastest, lightest, and most powerful electric race cars ever built, the GEN3, raced for the second time this weekend. 

Among the famed attendees was Winnie Harlow, founder of her own skincare brand as well as model and activist, commenting, “The experience at Formula E is unmatched and I’ve really enjoyed the vibe, people, atmosphere, and racing. I’ve been to Saudi Arabia a few times and always have a great experience, so I love that Formula E is in Diriyah.” She added, “Living in a more sustainable world and being able to enjoy motorsports at the same time is incredible.”  Winnie experienced track- life with the racers and even watched French Montana and John Legend perform to fans attending the race. 

Lucien Laviscount

The event brought along a number of other notable names, including and not limited to Emily in Paris star Lucien Laviscount, with performances from other renowned artists such as Martin Garrix and Miguel. Speaking about the event on Friday, Lucien commented, “I’m a massive fan of motorsport and anything to do with cars. Seeing the new GEN3 race car on track for the first time was insane. It looks like a fighter jet on wheels and sounds like it’s from a sci-fi movie. Formula E is leading the world in electric car innovation. I’m in line for an electric vehicle and this has really given me a taste.”  As well as this, the live TV race coverage was presented by Vernon Kay.

Lucien Laviscount and Jake Dennis

In previous years and races, Formula E has built a popular fan base, among whom are popular celebrities, such as Idris Elba, Cara Delevingne, Kylie Minogue, Sienna Miller, Ellie Goulding, and Jaden Smith amongst others who have attended Formula E races in the past.

Occurring on the Diriyah Street Circuit, just outside of the Saudi capital of Riyadh, which encircles the walls of the historic Diriyah, UNESCO World Heritage site. A favorite among the racers, the Diriyah Street Circuit is also one of the most demanding circuits as it demands balancing energy management and outright pace from the drivers. Teams from iconic manufacturers including McLaren, Maserati, Porsche, Jaguar, and Nissan compete in Formula E.

The CORE Diriyah E-Prix track, has the latest low-power LED technology lights within its circuit, lighting up the night races within the 16-race championship calendar. These lights reduce energy consumption by up to 50% compared to non-LED lights and are powered by sustainably-sourced biofuel generators.

Lucien Laviscount

The following race of the 2023 series will take place in Hyderabad, India on Saturday 11th February 2023 … Stay tuned! 



Getting Geared Up for the Upcoming Core Diriyah E-Prix

Formula E Racing Drivers Sam Bird, Rene Rast and Jake Hughes meet with players from the Saudi Pro League Champions, Al Hilal, ahead of the 2023 Core Diriyah E-Prix

Ahead of the CORE Diriyah E-Prix that will be commencing this weekend, Formula E race drivers Sam Bird, René Rast and Jake Hughes met up with some of Saudi Arabia’s biggest football heroes, the players of Al Hilal.

Sam Bird, JAGUAR TCS RACING and Jake Hughes and Rene Rast NEOM MCLAREN pose with players from Al Hilal Football club Drivers visit to Al Hilal Football club

René Rast and Jake Hughes from NEOM McLaren Formula E team, as well as Sam Bird from the Jaguar TCS Racing joined a training session with the famed Saudi Pro League champions and 18-time winners, Al Hilal for a small, friendly kickabout session in Riyadh. 

The drivers got a chance to test their skills alongside the club’s first-team players including Saudi Arabia renowned player Salem Al Dawsari, who scored the winning goal in the Saudi’s 2-1 win against Argentina at the FIFA 2022 World Cup. They also met Saudi Arabia’s national team captain Salman Al Faraj

Sam Bird, JAGUAR TCS RACING, Jake Hughes and Rene Rast, NEOM MCLAREN pose wearing shirts and play football at Al Hilal Football club

 The 2023 CORE Diriyah E-Prix is a double header of races in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship that will be taking place this Friday and Saturday. Rounds 2 and 3 take place on a street circuit surrounding the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Diriyah. 

Mahindra driver Jehan Daruvala poses with Al Hilal goalkeeper Abdullah Al-Mayouf as he visits Al Hilal Football club

Fans attending the 2023 CORE Diriyah E-Prix will get their first look at the all new GEN3 for the first time, which is the fastest, lightest, most powerful and efficient electric race car ever built. Capable of 200mph / 322kph, the 22 drivers will push the world’s most advanced electric racing car to the limit as they navigate the 21 turn, 2.495km circuit.

Sam Bird, JAGUAR TCS RACING, Jake Hughes and Rene Rast, NEOM MCLAREN pose wearing shirts at Al Hilal Football club

Fans will get to enjoy electric performances from international artists, including John Legend, French Montana, Miguel and DJ Martin Garrix who will be performing during the post race concerts over the weekend.

Sam Bird, JAGUAR TCS RACING, Jake Hughes and Rene Rast, NEOM MCLAREN pose wearing shirts at Al Hilal Football club

Ticket holders can enjoy a full day of entertainment for the whole family in the Allianz Fan Village with racing simulators in the gaming arena, as well as live music performances, street food and more.


Tickets are still available, starting at 100 SAR.

Website: diriyahseason.sa


Winter Activities in Saudi

Activities specific for when the cool breeze hits

When the cold weather hits in Saudi, everyone rejoices at the lack of heat and the abundance of a cool breeze. With that, is the perfect time to explore all the cooler weather friendly activities that Saudi has to offer. 


If you’re near Jeddah:

Hiking in Taif

Taif in the winter months is a great destination for a hike up the Al Shafa mountain. The views at the top, as well as on the way up are breathtaking and will be well worth the walk up. Remember to wear shoes with good grip, as some rocks may be slippery!

Try:Al Shafa Hike – Al Mosafer

Camp out in Shuaibah 

With the breathtaking and renowned Shuaibah shipwreck as your view, take a quick road trip to the outskirts of Jeddah where you’ll be met with the shores of Shuaibah. There, you can camp out by the side of the sea, set up a small bonfire and roast some marshmallows by the sea.

Location: Shauaibah Beach

Golf in KAEC

Relaxing yet invigorating, bring out the golf clubs and head to King Abdulaziz Economic City, just an hour away from Jeddah to the Royal Greens Golf Club, where you can enjoy a round or two of gold in their beautifully green golf course within the bustling city of KAEC. 

Location: Royal Greens Golf Club, KAEC

Website: Royal Greens Golf Club

If you’re near Riyadh: 

King Abdullah Park

The largest park in the capital of Riyadh, the King Abdullah Park boasts thousands of visitors within Riyadh’s winter season due to the chilly weather, and the abundance of beauty and activities available. 

Location: Al Ameen Abdullah Al Ali Al Naeem St, Riyadh

Al Turaif

Located in the Ad-Diriyah historical district just on the outskirts of Riyadh, Al Turaif is a great spot to bask in the history and beauty of the area while also enjoying the chilly Riyadh weather.

Location: Wadi Hanifah, Al Traif, Diriyah

Thumama Desert

Visit the exquisite Thumama Desert, located approximately 50 miles from bustling Riyadh, where you can enjoy rock climbing, nature and wildlife, bike rides, and more outdoor activities in the cold, Riyadh air. Make sure you bring a jacket as the desert can get even colder than the city!


Our picks of the most binge-worthy TV shows for cold nights in

Cozy night in? Binge watch some TV to warm you up.

We know it’s hard to keep up with all the binge-worthy shows that are constantly appearing on our TVs, but we’re hoping to make it easier with a guide to our favorite TV shows to binge watch! 



Snap Snap!’ Another classic Addams Family adaptation, but this time targeted towards the youth. The new hit Netflix show puts a special focus on the Addams spooky, eldest daughter Wednesday Addams, and her adventures at the school for outcasts Nevermore Academy.

Starring: Jenna Ortega, Christina Ricci, Catherine-Zeta Jones, Emma Myers

Where to watch: Netflix


A much awaited binge for its unique watcher experience! A classic heist story with a twist, you can watch the limited series in any order of episodes and the plot will still make sense. The story revolves around a master thief and his crew that attempt to perform a heist worth $7 billion, and how various incidents may stand in the way of their plans. 

Starring: Giancarlo Esposito, Rosaline Elbay, Tati Gabriella, Paz Vega

Where to watch: Netflix


Emily in Paris

A classic ‘when in Paris’ story, Emily in Paris revolves around Emily, an American who moves to Paris to work at a marketing firm as their American perspective. The series is a feel-good take on expat life in Paris, with all the trials, tribulations and joys that come with that. 

Make sure to watch the third and latest season, out now! 

Starring: Lily Collins, Lucas Bravo, Camille Razat, Ashley Park

Where to watch: Netflix

The Recruit

This brand new series has just hit our Netflix screens, and it has all the light hearted mystery and crime one would expect, with a hint of international travel too! The story revolves around a new CIA lawyer that gets caught up in the danger of international politics and the intricacies of the CIA. 

Starring: Noah Centineo, Laura Haddock, Colton Dunn, Fivel Stewart

Where to watch: Netflix 

Firefly Lane

A tale of friendship and life, Firefly Lane discusses two best friends who met as children living on Firefly Lane and become inseparable friends throughout 30 years. The series is set in the present day with the two best friends navigating their current life and friendship. 

Starring: Katherine Heigl, Sarah Chalke, Ben Lawson, Jon-Michael Ecker

Where to watch: Netflix 

White Lotus

Following the guests and employees of the fictional White Lotus resort chain, with disruptions and challenges arising because of the characters various factors. 

Starring: Jennifer Coolidge, Alexandra Daddario, Sydney Sweeney, Aubrey Plaza

Where to watch: HBO, OSN



The Green Beauty Guide

Guilt-free wellness products

Now more than ever, wellness must be a top priority in our fast-paced and creative worlds. It’s even better when we get to do it guilt-free! Here are some Saudi-based sustainable wellness products and brands that are putting the green on the beauty scene.


Created by Majed Hamdoon, Organic Leaf is a Saudi brand that uses organic and natural ingredients to make products that are not only sustainable but have many natural essences and elements of nature that are largely beneficial for the skin, hair, and more.

Each of their products is infused with ethically sourced fragrance extract. Their special Rosemary Hair Oil utilizes the popular rosemary oil as well as many other natural herbs that can stimulate hair growth, slow gray hair, and even helps treat dandruff issues.
Organic Leaf also utilizes ingredients like charcoal in their products, such as in their Activated Charcoal Soap Bar Scrub, which has well-known beneficial properties including powerful cleansing, detoxifying, and cleansing properties.

Other products that can be found at Organic Leaf include, Hibiscus Flower shampoo, Skin and hair Aloe Gel, Green Coffee Under Eye Serum, Restorative Night Cream, Kashmiri Safron Toner, Nourishing Day Cream, Anti-Aging Cream, and more.

Instagram: organicleaf.sa

1. Meraki
with quirky and fun designs, Meraki produces scrubs, creams, shower products, and more, using natural ingredients that are relaxing, refreshing, and aesthetically pleasing to calm your soul.
Price Range: SR 25- 40

2. Sila Shop
An alternative option for glowing skin, Sila Shop peeling gloves are made from natural viscose fiber that cleanses the skin of dead skin cells, leaving it feeling smooth while also maintaining ethical peace of mind.
Price Range: SR 90 – 300

3. Hydrate
A skin-care brand that does what they say, its products are hydrating and moisturizing, leaving skin glowing. Not only are there a variety of skin body products and creams that relax and hydrate.
Price Range: SR 150 – 500

4. Kaya Soaps
All natural soap is made with fragrances and ingredients found in nature. Kaya Soaps doesn’t use animal and hydrogenated oils, making the brand vegan and ethical without artificial ingredients.
Price Range: SR 20 – 30 per piece

5. L’araboutique
A true treat for the skin and the senses with an added tribute to the Arab lands, L’araboutique produces natural and organic handmade skincare products with regional, traditional ingredients and Saudi mineral water.
Price Range: SR 80 – 300

6. Kumaneka
Complete ease of mind in the form of organic skin care scrubs and products that are much safer for the skin while also leaving you feeling refreshed. Kumaneka uses natural ingredients such as lavender, rose, coffee, and more
Price Range: SR 90 – 120


Where Art and Imagination Collide

An interview with digital artist, Hazem Al-Ahdal

Hazem Al-Ahdal, a visual artist based in Jeddah, identifies as a photographer and graphic designer and combines his talents to create multimedia digital artwork.


His artwork can resonate with those who love nostalgia and childhood television. Hazem combines street photography of well-known areas around Saudi such as Jeddah’s historic Al Balad district and inserts international cartoons or personalities as illustrations into the photography to create different imagined scenes set in Saudi local areas. Hazem prefers to work digitally as in our technological age, it is much easier and more efficient to transform his imaginative ideas into reality. 


His artwork is an amalgamation of imagination and reality through photography and design, allowing him to embody his ideas into realistic and tangible outcomes. His interest in the arts began with painting before transitioning into photography. He then decided to ask himself a series of questions about how to transform his imagination into art. Hazem decided to ask the question, ‘what if reality was merged with imagination?’. From this idea, he began integrating imagination into reality using photography and design.

Hazem is largely inspired by the Al Balad historic district, where a lot of his art is set. However, Hazem says he is able to use his imagination to envision scenarios at any location that he is at that provides inspiration.


In his art, Hazem wishes to highlight the message that “we have no limits in fantasies and imagination … create something different and distinguish it.”  

Look out for more work by Hazem Al-Ahdal in the digital realm coming soon!


Baby Fitaihi, the Go-To Brand for Babies

The perfect fit for your baby

A household brand in the country as well as the region, Baby Fitaihi was created by Dr. Mohammad Fitaihi in 2005 after his passion for design ignited the idea of luxury jewelry for children. This led Baby Fitaihi to become the leader in the children’s jewelry market, with many different showrooms over the country and the gulf, and working to introduce Baby Fitaihi internationally. 

Baby Fitaihi creates its jewelry with the underlying goal of capturing the eternal moments of joy and happiness between a mother and child that reflects genuine love, which the jewelry ultimately reflects.

Winning some of the most prestigious awards in the MENAT region, including an award from the Harvard Business School for starting one of the fastest-growing companies in the region. They are also the only “exclusive” luxury jewelry brand for babies, toddlers, and kids in the MENAT region, it is also one of only three of its kind worldwide. Among the many accolades that Baby Fitaihi holds, it is also the only Saudi high-end luxury brand selling and shipping globally to more than 150 countries. Baby Fitaihi is taking leaps toward bringing innovation to the jewelry industry; in ways such as in NFTs, Crypto Pay, PayPal, BNPL partner schemes, and more.


Keeping in mind the sensitivity of a baby and child’s skin, Baby Fitaihi’s jewelry products are designed and crafted with the utmost care from 18K gold, diamond, and gemstones found in nature such as ruby, emerald, sapphire, and more. Baby Fitaihi makes sure to only utilize naturally mined diamonds rather than using lab-grown stones or artificial materials which may affect the skin. Thus, Baby Fitaihi is determined to prevent children’s skin from getting in harm’s way.

Baby Fitaihi also caters to every child by partaking in CSR activities in collaboration with the Jeddah Institute for Speech and Hearing & Medical Rehabilitation (JISH), as well as the SAUT Society for Down Syndrome, and the Zahra Breast Cancer Association.

Some major future endeavors for Baby Fitaihi include expanding internationally into worldwide retail locations including the MENAT and EU regions. This, as well as ‘shop-in-shop’ expansion strategies, and expanding the brand’s NFT collection. Not to mention enhanced automation in customer service and faster delivery times for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Head to Baby Fitaihi for jewelry that not only looks good but keeps your child’s skin safe. 

Instagram: babyfitaihi
Twitter: babyfitaihi1
Snapchat: babyfitaihi
TikTok: babyfitaihi
Facebook: babyfitaihiBF
Tel: 920008164, Email: info@babyfitaihi.com, WhatsApp: +966563203680