‘Tawal’ – Hayy Jameel x King Abdulaziz University


The KAU Interior Design and Furniture Department brings its talents to Hayy Jameel.


We had the honor of being the official media partners to the King Abdulaziz University’s Interior Design and Furniture department’s second edition of their ‘Tawal’ exhibition, featuring the first, second, and graduate students of the department and their projects, as well as workshops and talks by the esteemed department professors and alumni.



The ‘Tawal’ exhibition featured a variety of students from the course including, first, second, and graduate students. Upon first entering the renowned ‘Fenaa Hayy’ hall at Hayy Jameel, you see the graduate projects displayed on the roll-up banners, neatly set out in a row. From kid-friendly sports complexes to an athletic island, the graduates created interior design projects that solve particular issues.


The second-year students created projects that rebrand and transform existing online brands, from their logos, imagined store spaces, and overall brand image. Many of the brands have now utilized the students’ ideas. The first-year Interior Design students also contributed to the exhibition by exhibiting their own designs that aided the second-year student’s projects, such as designs for light fixtures.


Workshops and Stands:

Apart from the student exhibition, the professors also took part by providing exciting and informative workshops and talks on interior design and its integration with sustainability. Day 1 was solely focused on the exhibition, while Day 2 allowed visitors to float through Hayy Jameel by visiting the exhibition and attending the workshops and lectures.


The first talk of Day 2 was held by Dr. Hadeel Ayoub, lecturer and founder of BrightSign, on Common Design Mistakes. The second talk and workshop were held by Dr. Noora Ghabra, professor at the King Abdullah University Interior Design department, on Interior Design and its Impact on Sustainable Development. The session began with a general talk about how Interior Design and designers themselves can have an impact on sustainability and its development. The session then moved to the workshop portion, where Dr. Noora presented the audience with a chance to implement what they learned onto pen and paper and in teams.


The last talk of the day by KAU alumni Hanady Karkashan on ‘Furniture Design – from Concept to Implementation’, where she presented her own experience with furniture design and the intricacies related to going from the initial concept to the final implementation of the furniture piece.


As one of the partners of the event, Exa Porcelein gave a talk on the second day of the exhibition about the Saudi company that has gone International for the use of sustainable porcelain to create tiles in buildings and design, as well as the different projects and initiatives happening in KSA.


Also featured was a stand by Sabbagh Engineering Consultants and Associates Consultation Firm (SECA), who participated as another official partner of the event, where their stand gave visitors the opportunity to experience their augmented-reality project.

The other official partners of the ‘Thawal’ event were:


The Cabin Life in Riyadh


Explore the getaways and lodges of Saudi.

Between mountainous getaways, beach retreats, and even luxury desert glamping options, this is our pick of cabins and alternative accommodations around the country. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, and experience an immersive, authentic yet modern stay while also connecting with the stunning natural surroundings that Saudi has to offer.

Akwakh Almazraah

Akwakh Almazraah

Akwakh Almazraah

Located in a lush oasis-like setting, the aesthetically wooden-made Akwakh Almazraah chalet villas are the perfect getaway making you feel as though you are in the midst of the woods.

Location: Wadi Hanifah Street, Rafiaa District, Riyadh
Instagram: akwakhalmzraah


Diriyah Inn Resort

Step into the life of luxury and culture. This large chalet decorated in an arabesque style boasts six bedrooms and contains several different rooms and amenities including an infinity pool in its garden.

Location: Al Rashid, Riyadh
Instagram: diriyahinn



Kan Ya Ma Kan

The ultimate glamping experience, Kan Ya Ma Kan is set in a storybook location with fully equipped tents filled with amenities and set in the beautiful Riyadh desert.

Location: Huraymila National Park, Riyadh

Great for hosting dinner parties and events! Each villa has a private pool along with unique garden seating areas within the
aesthetic surroundings.


The Valley Resort

Wishing to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life yet still be surrounded by your loved ones? The Valley Resort is spacious and modern enough for both solo relaxation and more social events!

Location: Wadi Laban, Riyadh



Escape the bustle of the city and experience the rural life at REES, where you will stay in a fully equipped hut at a camp that allows you to truly experience a unique and different way of life.

Location: Mulhim, Riyadh

00Mukhayyam Alshaikh

Experience a tent-like stay with unique amenities such as a bath overlooking the sandy desert. For those who wish to escape from reality while still experiencing a luxurious stay.

Location: Mulhim Al Towqi Rd, Riyadh
Instagram:  mu5aym_alshaikh

You can take a relaxing bath in a room in the sand with a desert view beside you.


Habitas Al Ula – ALULA

An eco-friendly option in the midst of the Al Ula grounds lies Habitas Al Ula, which allows you to experience the luxury of glamping with an opportunity to truly appreciate nature.

Location: Ashar Valley, Al Ula
Instagram: habitasalula

Habitas Al Ula boasts programs that accommodate art, culture, and wellness for an experience-based stay.

272297199_2891556204469164_984800296186386722_n-copySahary Al Ula Resort – ALULA

The rooms at the Sahary Al Ula Resort are set in spacious tents that are elegantly decorated, with amenities making it a perfect place to explore.

Location: The Moatadal Area, Al Ula
Instagram: sahary_resort

With 80 rooms in the resort, each room has its own private terrace that overlooks the Al Ula hills.


Fresh Flavors

Lazaza says, pretty in pink and pride for our fried... ice cream, that is!

Our pick of the freshest, newest, and most special Ice Cream Saudi offers.

Nothing beats the gratification of an ice cream cone on a scorching summer day, especially when served with a mind blowing flavor or inst-worthy look. These cool delights will leave you feeling refreshed and impressed.




X Cream
With flavors such as kiwi, passionfruit, watermelon, and more, X Cream has made the X synonymous with Fresh, Fun, Fruity.

Location: Al Nahda, Jeddah
Instagram:  xcream.ksa

level it up! Ready for a salty-sweet showdown? Check out their cheetos Meltado Ice cream. Yes, Cheetos.




With its fun and quirky theme, Meltado makes ice cream and slush with exotic flavors and you can even find cotton candy toppers.

Location: Al Naeem, Jeddah
Instagram:   meltedo.sa



Recently opened, it has already established itself as the go-to for fried ice cream! Have a sampling of their Mistika ice cream.

Location: Saud Alfaisal Rd., Al Rawdah, Jeddah
Instagram:    lazaza.sa



Tuca Parlor
With its sunny atmosphere and fun flavors, Tuca Parlor serves a unique concoction of Cerelac, Peanuts, and more.

Location: Said Abu Bakr, Al Rawdah, Jeddah
Instagram: tuca.parlor



A scoop of Italy in Jeddah serving delightful flavors such Cotton Candy (with a piece of it too) to various Cereal.

Location: Saud Alfaisal Rd., Al Rawdah, Jeddah
Instagram:    lazaza.sa



The Chimny
Come in for the unique flavors: Apple Pie and Cherry Mousse, paired with flavored cones such as Digestive, Lotus, and more.

Location: Prince Sultan Rd., Jeddah
Instagram: thechimny



Take your pick from milk to sorbet flavors and choose to have it in a cup, regular cone, or ‘Taiyaki’, a Japanese fish-shaped waffle.

Location: Batarji St., Al Zahra, Jeddah
Instagram: saunicone



Ice Colors
What better way to enjoy fresh fruit-flavored ice cream than within the actual fruit? Head here for a tropical chill vibes.

Location: Obhur Al Shamaliyah Jeddah


Fresh Flavors

Miscellaneous ice cream cone in a stand on a stylish wooden background, the concept of ice cream and summer

Our pick of the freshest, newest, and most special Ice Cream Saudi offers.

Nothing beats the gratification of an ice cream cone on a scorching summer day, especially when served with a mind blowing flavor or inst-worthy look. These cool delights will leave you feeling refreshed and impressed.




Authentic Italian gelato with a Saudi twist. At Capriani, you can enjoy fan favorites such as blueberry and pistachio; alongside Saudi-inspired flavors, like Arabic Coffee. Capriani has flavors for every palette whether its sweet or savory.

Location:  Uthman Ibn Affan Rd, At Taawun, Riyadh
Instagram: caprianigelato





Tropical Snow
Experience a taste of Hawaii with the Tropical Snow Hawaiian Shaved Ice and soft serve ice cream. The unique tropical flavors will undoubtedly leave you feeling refreshed and recharged while wanting to return back.

Location:  Al Imam Saud Ibn Faysal Rd, Al Aqiq, Riyadh



Etna Artisan Gelato
From the Ginger Gelato Cup to the Cactus Fruit Sorbet, Etna all-natural Artisan Gelato has over 60 flavors of interestingly unique ice cream to choose from.

Location:   Almasiaf, Riyadh
Instagram:  gelatona



Sayaki Parlor
The fun of Japanese-style ice cream in Riyadh! With Sayaki, you can enjoy soft-serve and Taiyaki fish-shaped waffles in a variety of flavors that are both unique and delectable. You’ll also find chocolate-filled cakes, as well as refreshing drinks.

Location:  Aqiq Plaza, Riyadh
Instagram:  sayaki.sa



Ice Cream Village
Gelato is made with aesthetic radiance. The flavors vary in refreshing fruits, from strawberry to lemon with mint. On the flip side, there are more sweet flavors, including Oreo, Nutella and other sweet toppings.

Location:   Takhasosi St., Al Mohamadiyah, Riyadh
Instagram:   icecreamvillage

The Chimny


Sugary Sensations

Image Courtesy: Chef Albatoul AlMaddah

Saudi Sweet Treats and Dessert Cheats.

Desserts, especially pastries, are staple finds on a Saudi dinner table or a typical pairing with our coffee or tea time. From the Al Qassim Klaija to the famous date-filled Maamoul, pastries are particularly popular within the culture. We decided to chat with two Saudi pastry chefs to get a better understand the flavorsome fold and the secret to a mind-blowing pastry treat.

Fresh Out the Oven: Kitchen Chats

With Chef Albatoul AlMaddah and Chef Rana Al Trabulsi


Chef Albatoul AlMaddah

Passionate about French pastry and gastronomy and adding twists and experimenting with traditional desserts, Chef Albatoul AlMaddah knew she loved pastries from a very young age.

This, she shares, enhanced her skills and contributed to her experience. She currently consults on dessert menus and continues her love of baking by spending most of her time in the kitchen experimenting with flavors and textures to create pastries of different types.


Chef Albatoul says, “Pastry in general, and French pastry specifically, is all about love, art, passion, and expertise coming together to create a dessert that makes people get lost in the moment. And I simply love that.” She believes that a chef must be courageous, patient, creative, and precise to create the perfect pastry, as it is a science of sorts. The perfect pastry creates just the right balance of textures, flavors, and aroma. She believes that Saudi pastries are exceptional because they reflect richness in flavor, sophistication, and creativity.

Instagram:  albatoul.almaddah

123313730_654522505236015_6762648076395560789_nChef Rana AlTunisi

Mother, wife, and pastry chef Rana Al Trabulsi expresses her passion for art through baking. The owner of a small business, ‘Nusha’s Bakery,’ Rana creates cakes, cookies, tarts, eclairs, brioche, etc. As a self-proclaimed ‘chocoholic’, she makes sure that almost all her pastries have good quality chocolate in them. However, she believes the key to a good pastry is keeping the sugar balanced by making sure pastries have just the right amount of sweetness.

Rana likes to make sure that all who have her pastries can enjoy them once a day without too much, just like she does.


Rana likes to stay updated with baking trends, but she stresses how Saudi pastries differ from the rest.

“What’s nice about Saudi pastries is that it has that distinct Arabic touch— we add our unique spices. It gives any dessert a completely new dimension of taste.”

Instagram: nushaspastry


Top 20 Indulgent Experiences:


The lifestyle of the rich and famous— some of us can’t begin to imagine what that’s like, while for others it’s just another day in the infinity pool.



The Helicopter Co.
As the first commercial helicopter operator in Saudi, The Helicopter Co. allows its customers to experience an adventurous and opulent ride in the skies. You can take an elite tour over landscapes, comfortably seated and pampered with drinks as you look out into the horizon. And imagine the photos you can take.

Instagram:  thc_ksa


AlMosafer Concierge
Saudi Arabia’s first holistic travel concierge service, AlMosafer Concierge opened its doors in mid-2021, stemming from AlMosafer, a Saudi omnichannel travel brand. The concierge service aims to cater to those consumed by wanderlust, and who wish to venture beyond typical travel locations, to fully explore the world.

Instagram:  almosafertravel_sa



The Jeddah Yacht Club
Home to some of the world’s grandest superyachts is the exclusive and luxurious Jeddah Yacht Club at the first full-scale world-class superyacht marina. First unveiled during the December 2021 Formula 1 Race, the Jeddah Yacht Club continues to be a hub for the most elegant of seafarers making their way to Saudi.

Instagram: jeddahyachtclub



The Private Aviation
What screams luxury more than flying to exotic locations on your own private jet? Private Aviation Offers premiums that include different types of aircraft experiences, such as Private Jet Charters and Private Group Charters, where groups of friends and family can get around the world on their own exclusive plane.




Seven Car Lounge
Experience a lap of luxury through this exclusive boutique car lounge serving the most elite of motorheads. Their showroom houses rare automotive collections–from a classic The Ferrari 250 GT Lusso to supercars and the latest Maybach to name a few.





The Globe
Set at the top of the Al Faisaliah Hotel is a restaurant located in a golden sphere that offers panoramic views of Riyadh, making it a staple fine-dining restaurant. They serve modern European cuisine. A cigar lounge is also available on the upper deck of the globe, giving sweeping views of the city.

Instagram: theglobeksa



Myazu Butler Service
Not only is Myazu home to delectable contemporary Japanese Cuisine, but they also offer a Butler Service, which allows you to experience a Myazu Butler, Myazu Chef, customized menu, and Myazu set up – all at the destination of your choice. You will get to enjoy their intricate dishes wherever you please.




Maraya Social
Experience meals made by a renowned chef! Three Michelin starred Chef Jason Atherton is the culinary genius behind Maraya Social in Al Ula. Set to open as a European cuisine fine dining restaurant as part of the Chef’s ‘Social’ franchise, it will overlook the majestic Al Ula landscapes from the rooftop of Maraya Hall.

Instagram:   marayasocial



Al Faisaliah Hotel
We can’t talk about luxury without including the renowned Al Faisaliyah Hotel. The luxury five-star hotel set in an architectural wonder perfectly encapsulates both style and grandeur.




With the iconic Japanese stylings of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, often enjoyed by names such as the Kardashians, Nobu has made its way to Saudi Arabia for tried and tested luxury Japanese meals.

Location: Al Kurnaysh Rd., Jeddah



A world-renowned Pan-Asian fusion restaurant is a lavish treat for those willing to spend on delectable meals with an ambiance and interiors that transport you to a unique and memorable dining experience.

Location: Ash Shati, Jeddah



The Al Matal Complex
The brand new luxury eatery complex in Khobar sits by the majestic waters of the Eastern coast. The complex will house high-end restaurants with picturesque interiors and terraces that face the sea.

Location: Al Kurnaysh, Al Khobar



Set in the phenomenal Al Faisaliah Hotel is the ultimate Greek fine-dining experience. Meraki boasts modern Greek dishes while capturing the essence of the Mediterranean nation.

Location: Al Moatasem Street, Al Olaya, Riyadh



Mamo Michelangelo
Italian charm fused with french elegance, Mamo Michealangelo provides you with fine dining for those who love to indulge in comfort food while sitting in a glamorous setting.

Location:  Al Faisaliah Hotel, Riyadh





The Ritz-Carlton
The Ritz-Carlton Riyadh takes its place amongst one of the most majestic five-star hotels in Saudi Arabia. With its magical interiors, luscious gardens, and overall beautiful aesthetics, The Ritz-Carlton is the place to go to experience luxury in its purest form.

Location:   AlHada Area, Makkah Rd., Riyadh
:  ritzcarltonruh



Waldorf Astoria Qasr Al Sharq
Luxury meets culture at the Waldorf Astoria Qasr Al Sharq in Jeddah. The Arabesque yet modern interiors allow you to feel the majesty at this palatial hotel that makes one feel as though they’re waking up as a royal in their palace.

Location:  Jeddah
:   waldorfastoria.jeddah



Banyan Tree coming soon
Inspired by more than 200,000 years of human heritage in the wondrous Al Ula, the Banyan Tree Luxury Tented Resort exudes culture and luxury in the most scenic of surroundings. This is one of the most awaited dining experiences in Saudi.

Location:   Al Ula
:   banyantree.alula




Narcissus Spa
With Jeddah’s largest female spa, Narcissus Spa is the perfect place to relax, unwind and indulge in the extravagant yet simple luxury of taking the time to pamper oneself.

Location:   Prince Abdullah Bin Faisal Rd., Obhur Al Shamaliyah, Jeddah
:   narcissushotel


Luxury Glamping in the Woods
For the adventurers, glamping (glamor camping) is especially popular for comfortable, modern yet off-the-beaten road stays that take all the uncertainty out of camping. With camps such as Kan Ya Ma Kan in Riyadh, various sites in Al Ula, and more, endless possibilities are available to the glamper.
Price: SR 2000 Per Night, minimum of two nights



Live, Lux, Love: Indulge Yourself


The lifestyle of the rich and famous— some of us can’t begin to imagine what that’s like, while for others it’s just another day in the infinity pool.

Whether you can partake in the Ultra Lux lifestyle, or enjoy the simple and inexpensive luxuries that life has to offer, there is always a way to indulge in experiences that make life a little grander.

Floral Island Resort, Taytay Bay, Philippines

Rent on Airbnb
In the middle of the Talacanen Island in the Philippines is Floral Island Resort in Taytay Bay, which is an eco-friendly resort with beautifully secluded islands to rent. Experience escapism in the most luxurious of ways, comfortable hosted by a husband and wife duo.
Price: SR 2000 Per Night, minimum of two nights


You’re Welcome.


Rent an island
Often when you hear of someone living an ultra-luxurious lifestyle, your mind immediately goes to buying or renting out an island. Splurging on an exclusive slice of paradise is not only for the elite, but is all around considered high up on the list of lavish indulgences.


Buy a Rolls Royce

A Rolls Royce is a dream car for many, and often only exists in their dreams. With its elegant look and powerful status, a Rolls Royce is an unsurpassed status symbol for car lovers. From luxury to comfort, being in a Rolls Royce is always a special indulgence


Rent out Muvi Suites

Cinemas such as the newly opened Muvi Suites in Jeddah offer you the opportunity to rent out a whole cinema hall for you and your guests. You can enjoy your favorite movie without having to deal with people talking and ruining your cinema time.


Take a helicopter tour of AlUla

At AlUla, the luxurious yet adventurous experiences are endless, with the helicopter tour of the majestic sights and mountains of Al Ula being at the top of the list. You will get to witness the wonders of AlUla from high up for a special sight.


Early morning beach trip

If it’s not possible to have an entire island to yourself, why not opt for heading to your local beach very early in the morning. You may find yourself all alone by the sea, just like a secluded island. The earlier you go, the more privacy you can indulge in.

Take a test drive

Making that dream a reality even for just a day may be a great indulgence and snippet of what could be. Taking a test drive of a Rolls Royce is a simple procedure, and can be done for most dream cars too! It does not equate to owning a car but it’s always better than nothing.

Have breakfast at the movies

If paying extra for an exclusive movie experience isn’t how you want to indulge, head to the regular cinema at odd hours of the morning, to ensure an empty hall and a similar experience of having the whole room and the big screen
to yourself.

Ride a cable car Taif/Abhaa

If it’s not possible to fly over ancient Saudi cities, you can enjoy mountainous views from the cable cars in either Taif or Abha, which give you panoramic views of the beautiful mountains of these natural marvels. It is a must-have experience for all.


A New Wave in Mixology: Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits


Celebrated non-alcoholic spirit brand has made its way to Saudi Arabia.

A non-alcoholic brand sweeping the world, and has now come to Saudi to change the course of mixology.

Interview with founder, Mark Livings:
Lyre’s was started by founder Mark Livings in Australia in 2016, and was fully established by 2019. It has now opened its doors in Riyadh from March 23, 2022.

Speaking to Mark, he told us the inspiration behind Lyre’s was when he was working in marketing, and saw a gap in western markets in the form of an opportunity. He was starting to see that people have become more mindful of their health, and that alcohol consumption was actually declining because of this. This is when the idea of creating non alcohol with the same sophistication and flavors regular alcohol emerged from.

What started as curiosity quickly became an obsession, as he continued to travel around the world where he began noticing flavors and similar companies of non alcohols, such as a company in Germany that does just that.


Although it was a long project and was a very difficult road, it is now the most awarded brand of its kind. What makes it so special is the large range that they have, from 14 different non alcoholic flavors almost identical to the flavors of its alcoholic counterpart. Lyre’s continue to develop their flavors to create a colorful and upgraded palette.

Mark has seen a specific gap in the Saudi Arabian market, as here is where a large portion of virgin mojito orders occur. However, Mark claims that the non alcoholic options tend to be monosemantic and lacking in flavors. Although there is already talent in terms of mixology, he feels that it can be expanded and improved in a way that will start a mixology culture in the country and Middle East. Furthermore, he hopes this will lead to, what he calls, the ‘Leonardo DiCaprio Moment’, alluding to the sophistication that comes along with having a drink in one’s hand and feeling as Leonardo DiCaprio often does in his movies.

Mark hopes that by introducing a brand such as Lyre’s in Saudi Arabia, this will invigorate in the leisure culture, perhaps with dedicated bars for non-alcohol. As Mark says “What is being seen in gastronomy in Saudi Arabia is great! Now we can introduce mixology and see even bigger waves!”



The Tasting:

Destination KSA was fortunate enough to be invited to a special tasting of Lyre’s products, which gave us an insight into the world of mixology and the exquisite tastes and flavors that Lyre has to offer.

Included in the tasting was a variety of Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits made into popular drinks, including:


  • Aperol Spritz: Italian Spritz with sparkling non-alcoholic wine.


  • Gin Tonic: Non-Alcohol Dry London Spirit with Tonic water


  • Caramel Mojito: Dark Cane Spirits with non-alcoholic rum


  • Ameretti Sour: Amaretti (Non-alcoholic ‘Amaretto’ spirit)


  • Espresso Martini

The tasting was an extraordinary experience, and we as Destination KSA cannot wait to see the growth in mixology culture as a result, here in Saudi.



Livin’ La Vida Loca


The ladies behind Jeddah’s very own circus of fitness.

It’s time to unleash your inner diva and your inner loca‭! ‬What better way to do so than through some physical activity that nourishes the body and the soul‭. ‬At the new Loca Studio fitness centre in Jeddah‭, ‬the fitness classes you can partake in are both wildly unique as well as popular‭. ‬Co-owners Nouf Khayatt and Sarah Al Turk have introduced a new and fun way to stay fit and enjoy your time by incorporating exciting and relatively novel classes to the country‭, such as Pound Fit‭, ‬Aerial Yoga‭, ‬Burlesque, and many others‭. ‬Read about some of Loca Studio’s special and distinctive instructors that make this unique fitness centre what‭ it is‭.


Ghada AlTurkistani

Classes‭: ‬Yoga‭, ‬Mobility‭, ‬HITT‭, ‬Gymnastics‭, ‬Rehabilitation.

With a master’s degree in physical therapy, Ghada Al Turk has taken her education as well as her interest in rehabilitation and incorporated it into exercise while also focusing on mindfulness, mobility, With a journey that began with many different trials of sports, she finally came across aerobic fitness at Loca Studio. This led her to find patience and awareness in her own body, as well as determination and curiosity. According to Ghada, acrobatic sport improves speed and agility, as it requires upper body and core strength, flexibility, and endurance.


Nouf Khayat

Classes: Zumba, Zumba Strong, Pound Fitness, TRX, 4D PRO® BUNGEE, 305 Fitness, Barre Above.

Starting off as a Zumba instructor, co-founder Nouf Khayat always had a passion for keeping the fun in fitness. The energy and enthusiasm put into her classes often left participants overjoyed and in tune with their bodies in a way they could never expect.   Through this revelation, Nouf decided to pursue more fitness passions that focus more on energy and fun, such as Pound Fit (an exhilarating fitness class involving rock and roll drum sticks and energetic cardio movement), Bungee Fitness, and more.



Sarah AlTurkistani

Classes: Yoga, Aerial Yoga, TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercise), and Meditation. 

Co-founder Sarah Al Turk, realized her passion for fitness after beginning classes with co-founder (and in-law) Nouf Khayat in her early fitness instructing years. The energy found at these classes inspired Sarah to suggest opening a fitness center that caters to the wild at heart, and to those who wish to enjoy their fitness journeys in interesting and unique ways. Through this, Sarah began pursuing her own passions which blended mindfulness with physicality, getting certified in yoga, aerial yoga, TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercise), and meditation.



Roaa Al Sahhaf

Classes:  Pole, Aerial  Fitness and yoga, and Burlesque

Representing Aerial Arts Saudi, the first aerial and pole dancing classes and workshops in Jeddah. Roaa also trains her specialty at Loca Studios and five other studios. Roaa has taken her childhood dream of being a circus performer and made it a reality by practicing and teaching aerial yoga and fitness to others, spreading its unique joy and immense fitness benefits to the country.

The classes Roaa teaches include Burlesque, which empowers women to embrace their femininity and power while simultaneously improving their fitness abilities.



Fiori Araia

Classes: Zumba, Afrobeat Instructor & Choreographer.

When her passion for dancing chimes in, Fiori takes you to a whole new world. Growing up, Fiori watched as her father danced, she always questioned her vision of the future, never realizing this is what her passion was. Years later, Zumba and Afrobeat became a huge part of her life.

Being an instructor made her realize how empowering her job is, the added funk to Fiori’s classes elevated the appreciative comments and positive energy she gets after each Zumba or Afrobeat class from those who participate and that is her ultimate motivation to keep moving forward.

Instagram: fiori_araia


Maria Cikova

Classes: Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton, Fitness Jumping & High Heels

Maria sees dancing as a lifestyle, making sure to start every morning with a dance session. She harnesses the power of the Latin American dancing energy through the Salsa & Bachata dances and has brought them to Loca Studio and Fitness Jumping classes. These types of exercises release stress and increase energy and positive emotions.

While burning calories, you also uncover your feminine energy, which is physically beneficial and empowering. Through this, Maria has seen many participants of her classes transform right in front of her, with these classes bringing out the best of them.



Classes: Belly Dancing

Dolly has loved to dance from a young age and officially decided to make it her career in 2016. She has always been fascinated with Ancient Egyptian culture, especially belly dancing. Dolly was constantly inspired by the Egyptian artist Shrihan, and would often copy her as a child.

Belly dancing has given Dolly a different outlook on life, where possibilities are endless, making her more outgoing and confident in herself. Dolly aims to share the same benefits that belly dancing has provided her with others, and she does this through the different belly dancing classes that she offers at Loca Studios.


The Smooth Strokes: Abdulmohsen Alrowais


Inspired by the different shapes in his surroundings, Abdulmohsen asks himself why certain shapes have been developed in specific ways, and from this, he has curated many imagined shapes and patterns that he has turned into artwork.

His focus on shapes first emerged from experimenting with merely marking his school books by drawing lines and dots with a black pen, which later developed into the source behind his inspiration. 

Abdulmohsen is currently working on a collection titled Memories Collection in collaboration with wood artist Mohammed Alnujam, which revolves around memories and asking oneself if memories can be controlled. 

Abdulmohsen hopes to continue to deliver more messages through his art and inspire others to do the same.