The Circular Strokes: Sara Abdu

Sara started as an illustrator of anthropomorphized melancholic figures, which explores how human beings deal with inner conflicts.

Throughout her journey, she has used the ideas behind her early illustrations to create art through the stories stemming from her personal experiences and life moments. Prominent themes in Sara’s artwork are mortality and immortality, memories and dreams, home, the conscious and unconscious mind, which she portrays through different mediums that help give meaning to each piece.

Her art style involves a lot of repetition, which often dominates the visual appearance of her work. She will sometimes start with some free verse lines from her poetry, which then translates into visuals. Thus, much of Sara’s work involves an interplay between language and form. The process of creating art is Sara’s favorite aspect of any of her art pieces as she greatly appreciates being able to articulate her thoughts through her artwork, which is clear in her last solo show titled I Only Meant to Visit (2021). The exhibition was held at this year’s 2021 ATHR Gallery in Jeddah. It consisted of seven mnemonic installations that allow the audience to participate in a meditative and poetic process of reconciliation and remembrance. 

Instagram:‭ ‬citizen_saraabdu

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