Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Live, Lux, Love: Indulge Yourself

Live, Lux, Love: Indulge Yourself

The lifestyle of the rich and famous— some of us can’t begin to imagine what that’s like, while for others it’s just another day in the infinity pool.

Whether you can partake in the Ultra Lux lifestyle, or enjoy the simple and inexpensive luxuries that life has to offer, there is always a way to indulge in experiences that make life a little grander.

Floral Island Resort, Taytay Bay, Philippines

Rent on Airbnb
In the middle of the Talacanen Island in the Philippines is Floral Island Resort in Taytay Bay, which is an eco-friendly resort with beautifully secluded islands to rent. Experience escapism in the most luxurious of ways, comfortable hosted by a husband and wife duo.
Price: SR 2000 Per Night, minimum of two nights


You’re Welcome.

Rent an island
Often when you hear of someone living an ultra-luxurious lifestyle, your mind immediately goes to buying or renting out an island. Splurging on an exclusive slice of paradise is not only for the elite, but is all around considered high up on the list of lavish indulgences.

Buy a Rolls Royce

A Rolls Royce is a dream car for many, and often only exists in their dreams. With its elegant look and powerful status, a Rolls Royce is an unsurpassed status symbol for car lovers. From luxury to comfort, being in a Rolls Royce is always a special indulgence

Rent out Muvi Suites

Cinemas such as the newly opened Muvi Suites in Jeddah offer you the opportunity to rent out a whole cinema hall for you and your guests. You can enjoy your favorite movie without having to deal with people talking and ruining your cinema time.

Take a helicopter tour of AlUla

At AlUla, the luxurious yet adventurous experiences are endless, with the helicopter tour of the majestic sights and mountains of Al Ula being at the top of the list. You will get to witness the wonders of AlUla from high up for a special sight.


Early morning beach trip

If it’s not possible to have an entire island to yourself, why not opt for heading to your local beach very early in the morning. You may find yourself all alone by the sea, just like a secluded island. The earlier you go, the more privacy you can indulge in.

Take a test drive

Making that dream a reality even for just a day may be a great indulgence and snippet of what could be. Taking a test drive of a Rolls Royce is a simple procedure, and can be done for most dream cars too! It does not equate to owning a car but it’s always better than nothing.

Have breakfast at the movies

If paying extra for an exclusive movie experience isn’t how you want to indulge, head to the regular cinema at odd hours of the morning, to ensure an empty hall and a similar experience of having the whole room and the big screen
to yourself.

Ride a cable car Taif/Abhaa

If it’s not possible to fly over ancient Saudi cities, you can enjoy mountainous views from the cable cars in either Taif or Abha, which give you panoramic views of the beautiful mountains of these natural marvels. It is a must-have experience for all.


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