The Green Beauty Guide

Guilt-free wellness products

Now more than ever, wellness must be a top priority in our fast-paced and creative worlds. It’s even better when we get to do it guilt-free! Here are some Saudi-based sustainable wellness products and brands that are putting the green on the beauty scene.


Created by Majed Hamdoon, Organic Leaf is a Saudi brand that uses organic and natural ingredients to make products that are not only sustainable but have many natural essences and elements of nature that are largely beneficial for the skin, hair, and more.

Each of their products is infused with ethically sourced fragrance extract. Their special Rosemary Hair Oil utilizes the popular rosemary oil as well as many other natural herbs that can stimulate hair growth, slow gray hair, and even helps treat dandruff issues.
Organic Leaf also utilizes ingredients like charcoal in their products, such as in their Activated Charcoal Soap Bar Scrub, which has well-known beneficial properties including powerful cleansing, detoxifying, and cleansing properties.

Other products that can be found at Organic Leaf include, Hibiscus Flower shampoo, Skin and hair Aloe Gel, Green Coffee Under Eye Serum, Restorative Night Cream, Kashmiri Safron Toner, Nourishing Day Cream, Anti-Aging Cream, and more.


1. Meraki
with quirky and fun designs, Meraki produces scrubs, creams, shower products, and more, using natural ingredients that are relaxing, refreshing, and aesthetically pleasing to calm your soul.
Price Range: SR 25- 40

2. Sila Shop
An alternative option for glowing skin, Sila Shop peeling gloves are made from natural viscose fiber that cleanses the skin of dead skin cells, leaving it feeling smooth while also maintaining ethical peace of mind.
Price Range: SR 90 – 300

3. Hydrate
A skin-care brand that does what they say, its products are hydrating and moisturizing, leaving skin glowing. Not only are there a variety of skin body products and creams that relax and hydrate.
Price Range: SR 150 – 500

4. Kaya Soaps
All natural soap is made with fragrances and ingredients found in nature. Kaya Soaps doesn’t use animal and hydrogenated oils, making the brand vegan and ethical without artificial ingredients.
Price Range: SR 20 – 30 per piece

5. L’araboutique
A true treat for the skin and the senses with an added tribute to the Arab lands, L’araboutique produces natural and organic handmade skincare products with regional, traditional ingredients and Saudi mineral water.
Price Range: SR 80 – 300

6. Kumaneka
Complete ease of mind in the form of organic skin care scrubs and products that are much safer for the skin while also leaving you feeling refreshed. Kumaneka uses natural ingredients such as lavender, rose, coffee, and more
Price Range: SR 90 – 120

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