The Glazing Strokes: Mohammad Al Faraj

Originally from Al Ahsa, and now residing in Jeddah, Mohammad is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on film making and visual arts.

His inspiration is largely derived from tradition and culture and the tension that occurs as a result. 

Mohammad’s artistic style focuses on people and their stories, struggles, hopes, and dreams. To portray this, he collects materials from nature and city life that reflect different environmental elements, which he then uses within his artwork. Materials such as leftovers and discarded materials are used to create his collage of stories with a mosaic of elements.  


Another notable work of Mohammad’s is an ATHR Gallery project that has been a few years in the works and is continuing until now. It is titled Fossils of Knowledge 2019 and was exhibited in Jeddah and Italy. The artwork consists of recycled materials that have been repurposed to look like aging and unidentified bones and are made up of environmental traces. 

Now, Mohammad continues to collect materials that he will use in his future projects, focusing both on film and visual arts, attempting to create more 3D
art and perhaps combining the two mediums to create something extraordinary.


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