Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Local Catch & Flavors

Local Catch & Flavors

Get Hooked on Our Top Seafood Picks.

Locals would regale about restaurants where you get to pick the catch of the day and have it grilled right in front of you. Whether it’s dining Arabian style, on the floor with a full spread of delectable dishes or a quick take-out meal at your neighborhood fishery turned eatery— these places will give you a taste of seafood, Saudi style.


1. AlMurjan Seafood Restaurant

AlMurjan is a great spot for a delectable traditional meal consisting of local fish varieties, grilled or fried and paired with rice. Its location is well within the city, a plus for those not wanting to venture too far out.

Location:  Abruq Ar Rughamah, Jeddah

2. Masterpieces Sea Waves

A great option for a quick treat in the east, where you can find grilled and fried fish of all types, served on the staple Saudi rice.

Location:    An Nada, Dammam
Tel: +966-01-38081112


3. Twina Park

We wouldn’t be able to talk about seafood in Jeddah without mentioning Twina. The seafood park and restaurant chain pride itself on reinventing the traditional seafood park experience.

Location:  23849, Dahaban, Jeddah



4. Al Anbariyah Seafood Park

A classic in Jeddah, the Al Anbariyah Seafood Park lives in most Jeddawi’s memories as the go-to place for authentic Saudi fresh fish.

Location:  Abruq Ar Rughamah, Jeddah

5. Fish Factory

Located downtown, Fish Factory is that hut folks go to if they’re craving seafood in the middle of the week. They have their fresh catch counter and platters that are ideal for families wanting to sample a bit of everything.

Location:  Mamduh Bin Abdulaziz St, As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh
Instagram:   fishfactorysa

6. Dallah Fisheries

Although it may seem like just a storefront to buy your fish, Dallah Fisheries can actually grill or fry your choice of fish for you right there in the store. Dine-in and takeaway options are available.

Location:  Ibn Sina, Al Muruj, Riyadh


7. Samkiat

A Riyadh staple joint, Samkiat gives you the opportunity to pick out your fresh fish, shrimp, and even squid to grill. All at a reasonable price.

Location:  Ash Shaikh Abdullah Al Anqari, Al Wurud, Riyadh
Mob:  +966-537863863

8. Al Marsa Seafood

An Eastern Province go-to for a seafood fix, the Al Marsa Seafood Restaurant offers multiple seafood platters that include various shellfish at a reasonable price. Make sure to try the seafood soup; a local favorite.

Location:    Prince Saad Prince Talal, Al Khobar
Tel:  +966-13-8670976

Must-Try: Grilled shrimp

9. Al Sayyad Al Bahry

Authentic and quirky decor, as well as various seafood dishes, makes for a unique experience at one of Dammam’s favorites for seafood eateries, Sayyad
Al Bahry.

Location:    Abu Hurairah St., Az Zuhur, Dammam


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