How to help the survivors of the Turkey Syria earthquakes

Different organizations that accept donations and provide relief to those affected

Following the two massive earthquakes that hit Turkey and Northern Syria on Monday the 7th of February, with the first registering at a 7.8 and the other at a 7.5; the effects were devastating to the already vulnerable civilians of the area, and were even felt by many countries in the region including Lebanon and Cyprus. Thousands were left dead, injured or displaced with their homes collapsing around them.

Many charities around the world, including Saudi Arabia, have quickly come to their aid, providing various different services to provide food and shelter to victims, search and rescue those trapped under the rubble, and provide medical aid. 

If you would like to help in aiding those affected, here are some organizations to donate to: 

Saudi Organizations:

Sahem Relief 

As the only official Saudi channel providing guaranteed donations and aid to the affected areas, and with direction from HRH King Salman bin Abdulaziz and HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Sahem Relief are operating an air bridge and providing various aid to the victims of the disaster.

Donate through this link

Instagram: ksrelief

Worldwide Organizations:

Molham Team

Started by Syrian university students and now based in Turkey providing aid to refugees, the Molham team, which aims to compensate the earthquake victims with the necessities that they’re lacking. 

Donate through the link.

Instagram: molhamteam

The White Helmets

Although the earthquake’s epicenter was located in South-Eastern Turkey, its effects were particularly devastating to an already struggling Northern Syria. Officially known as the Syria Civil Defence, the White Helmets is one of the only few aid organizations that currently operate on the ground in Syria, searching for survivors and pulling people out from the rubble that remains.

Donate through this link.

Instagram: the_whitehelmets


As one of the most active voluntary networks in the affected regions, the Turkey based non-profit organization AHBAP aims to provide much needed aid to those affected by the earthquakes, in the form of shelter, food, and medical supplies. 

You can donate in TRY using a credit card, through this link. 

Instagram: ahbap

Save the Children

With many Turkish and Syrian children in dire need of aid in the aftermath of the two devastating earthquakes. Providing food, shelter and warm clothing, Save the Children is on the ground in the affected areas with a special focus on the children. 

Donate through the link. 

Instagram: savethechildren

Doctors Without Borders 

Doctors Without Borders have mobilized with local organizations to provide relief to the injured on the grounds of the affected areas in both Turkey and Syria, and to respond to the increasing needs as more and more people are found within the rubble by providing medical kits, as well as blankets and essential life kits.  

Donate through the link

Instagram: doctorswithoutborders

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