Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Livin’ La Vida Loca Studio in Jeddah

Livin’ La Vida Loca Studio in Jeddah

It’s time to unleash your inner diva and your inner loca‭! ‬What better way to do so than through some physical activity that nourishes the body and the soul‭. ‬At the new Loca Studio fitness centre in dance classes Jeddah, ‬the fitness classes you can partake in are both wildly unique as well as popular‭. ‬Co-owners Nouf Khayatt and Sarah Al Turk have introduced a new and fun way to stay fit and enjoy your time by incorporating exciting and relatively novel classes to the country‭, such as Pound Fit‭, ‬Aerial Yoga‭, ‬Burlesque, and many others‭. ‬Read about some of Loca Studio’s special and distinctive instructors that make this unique fitness centre.


Ghada AlTurkistani

Classes‭: ‬Yoga‭, ‬Mobility‭, ‬HITT‭, ‬Gymnastics‭, ‬Rehabilitation.

With a master’s degree in physical therapy, Ghada Al Turk has taken her education as well as her interest in rehabilitation and incorporated it into exercise while also focusing on mindfulness, mobility, With a journey that began with many different trials of sports, she finally came across aerobic fitness at Loca Studio. This led her to find patience and awareness in her own body, as well as determination and curiosity. According to Ghada, acrobatic sport improves speed and agility, as it requires upper body and core strength, flexibility, and endurance.

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Nouf Khayat

Classes: Zumba, Zumba Strong, Pound Fitness, TRX, 4D PRO® BUNGEE, 305 Fitness, Barre Above.

Starting off as a Zumba instructor, co-founder Nouf Khayat always had a passion for keeping the fun in fitness. The energy and enthusiasm put into her classes often left participants overjoyed and in tune with their bodies in a way they could never expect.   Through this revelation, Nouf decided to pursue more fitness passions that focus more on energy and fun, such as Pound Fit (an exhilarating fitness class involving rock and roll drum sticks and energetic cardio movement), Bungee Fitness, and more.


Sarah AlTurkistani

Classes: Yoga, Aerial Yoga, TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercise), and Meditation. 

Co-founder Sarah Al Turk, realized her passion for fitness after beginning classes with co-founder (and in-law) Nouf Khayat in her early fitness instructing years. The energy found at these classes inspired Sarah to suggest opening a fitness center that caters to the wild at heart, and to those who wish to enjoy their fitness journeys in interesting and unique ways. Through this, Sarah began pursuing her own passions which blended mindfulness with physicality, getting certified in yoga, aerial yoga, TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercise), and meditation.


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Roaa Al Sahhaf

Classes:  Pole, Aerial  Fitness and yoga, and Burlesque

Representing Aerial Arts Saudi, the first aerial and pole dancing classes and workshops in Jeddah. Roaa also trains her specialty at Loca Studios and five other studios. Roaa has taken her childhood dream of being a circus performer and made it a reality by practicing and teaching aerial yoga and fitness to others, spreading its unique joy and immense fitness benefits to the country.

The classes Roaa teaches include Burlesque, which empowers women to embrace their femininity and power while simultaneously improving their fitness abilities.


Fiori Araia

Classes: Zumba, Afrobeat Instructor & Choreographer.

When her passion for dancing chimes in, Fiori takes you to a whole new world. Growing up, Fiori watched as her father danced, she always questioned her vision of the future, never realizing this is what her passion was. Years later, Zumba and Afrobeat became a huge part of her life.

Being an instructor made her realize how empowering her job is, the added funk to Fiori’s classes elevated the appreciative comments and positive energy she gets after each Zumba or Afrobeat class from those who participate and that is her ultimate motivation to keep moving forward.

Instagram: fiori_araia

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Maria Cikova

Classes: Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton, Fitness Jumping & High Heels

Maria sees dancing as a lifestyle, making sure to start every morning with a dance session. She harnesses the power of the Latin American dancing energy through the Salsa & Bachata dances and has brought them to Loca Studio and Fitness Jumping classes. These types of exercises release stress and increase energy and positive emotions.

While burning calories, you also uncover your feminine energy, which is physically beneficial and empowering. Through this, Maria has seen many participants of her classes transform right in front of her, with these classes bringing out the best of them.



Classes: Belly Dancing

Dolly has loved to dance from a young age and officially decided to make it her career in 2016. She has always been fascinated with Ancient Egyptian culture, especially belly dancing. Dolly was constantly inspired by the Egyptian artist Shrihan, and would often copy her as a child.

Belly dancing has given Dolly a different outlook on life, where possibilities are endless, making her more outgoing and confident in herself. Dolly aims to share the same benefits that belly dancing has provided her with others, and she does this through the different belly dancing classes that she offers at Loca Studios.


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