Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

‘Tawal’ – Hayy Jameel x King Abdulaziz University

‘Tawal’ – Hayy Jameel x King Abdulaziz University

The KAU Interior Design and Furniture Department brings its talents to Hayy Jameel.


We had the honor of being the official media partners to the King Abdulaziz University’s Interior Design and Furniture department’s second edition of their ‘Tawal’ exhibition, featuring the first, second, and graduate students of the department and their projects, as well as workshops and talks by the esteemed department professors and alumni.



The ‘Tawal’ exhibition featured a variety of students from the course including, first, second, and graduate students. Upon first entering the renowned ‘Fenaa Hayy’ hall at Hayy Jameel, you see the graduate projects displayed on the roll-up banners, neatly set out in a row. From kid-friendly sports complexes to an athletic island, the graduates created interior design projects that solve particular issues.


The second-year students created projects that rebrand and transform existing online brands, from their logos, imagined store spaces, and overall brand image. Many of the brands have now utilized the students’ ideas. The first-year Interior Design students also contributed to the exhibition by exhibiting their own designs that aided the second-year student’s projects, such as designs for light fixtures.


Workshops and Stands:

Apart from the student exhibition, the professors also took part by providing exciting and informative workshops and talks on interior design and its integration with sustainability. Day 1 was solely focused on the exhibition, while Day 2 allowed visitors to float through Hayy Jameel by visiting the exhibition and attending the workshops and lectures.


The first talk of Day 2 was held by Dr. Hadeel Ayoub, lecturer and founder of BrightSign, on Common Design Mistakes. The second talk and workshop were held by Dr. Noora Ghabra, professor at the King Abdullah University Interior Design department, on Interior Design and its Impact on Sustainable Development. The session began with a general talk about how Interior Design and designers themselves can have an impact on sustainability and its development. The session then moved to the workshop portion, where Dr. Noora presented the audience with a chance to implement what they learned onto pen and paper and in teams.


The last talk of the day by KAU alumni Hanady Karkashan on ‘Furniture Design – from Concept to Implementation’, where she presented her own experience with furniture design and the intricacies related to going from the initial concept to the final implementation of the furniture piece.


As one of the partners of the event, Exa Porcelein gave a talk on the second day of the exhibition about the Saudi company that has gone International for the use of sustainable porcelain to create tiles in buildings and design, as well as the different projects and initiatives happening in KSA.


Also featured was a stand by Sabbagh Engineering Consultants and Associates Consultation Firm (SECA), who participated as another official partner of the event, where their stand gave visitors the opportunity to experience their augmented-reality project.

The other official partners of the ‘Thawal’ event were:


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