Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Fresh Flavors

Fresh Flavors

Our pick of the freshest, newest, and most special Ice Cream Saudi offers.

Nothing beats the gratification of an ice cream cone on a scorching summer day, especially when served with a mind blowing flavor or inst-worthy look. These cool delights will leave you feeling refreshed and impressed.




Authentic Italian gelato with a Saudi twist. At Capriani, you can enjoy fan favorites such as blueberry and pistachio; alongside Saudi-inspired flavors, like Arabic Coffee. Capriani has flavors for every palette whether its sweet or savory.

Location:  Uthman Ibn Affan Rd, At Taawun, Riyadh
Instagram: caprianigelato





Tropical Snow
Experience a taste of Hawaii with the Tropical Snow Hawaiian Shaved Ice and soft serve ice cream. The unique tropical flavors will undoubtedly leave you feeling refreshed and recharged while wanting to return back.

Location:  Al Imam Saud Ibn Faysal Rd, Al Aqiq, Riyadh



Etna Artisan Gelato
From the Ginger Gelato Cup to the Cactus Fruit Sorbet, Etna all-natural Artisan Gelato has over 60 flavors of interestingly unique ice cream to choose from.

Location:   Almasiaf, Riyadh
Instagram:  gelatona



Sayaki Parlor
The fun of Japanese-style ice cream in Riyadh! With Sayaki, you can enjoy soft-serve and Taiyaki fish-shaped waffles in a variety of flavors that are both unique and delectable. You’ll also find chocolate-filled cakes, as well as refreshing drinks.

Location:  Aqiq Plaza, Riyadh



Ice Cream Village
Gelato is made with aesthetic radiance. The flavors vary in refreshing fruits, from strawberry to lemon with mint. On the flip side, there are more sweet flavors, including Oreo, Nutella and other sweet toppings.

Location:   Takhasosi St., Al Mohamadiyah, Riyadh
Instagram:   icecreamvillage

The Chimny


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