The Flowing Strokes: Ftoon Althaedi

Ftoon’s artwork is inspired by many aspects of her life. Still, she tends to gravitate towards painful moments in life that release a creative expression, and this connects her to a deeper understanding of the way in which art can be significantly healing, which she often portrays in her artwork. 

Ftoon’s journey began after suffering an intense loss because of which she decided to utilize art as a way to express herself and deal with her pain.

After graduating from art school, Ftoon has begun a new phase where she is looking at her work from a different perspective. Her work is now more focused on the research she does and integrating new materials such as light and metal, which is helping her explore and grow as an artist.

Amongst her many works of art, her first performance art piece Chanting, 2019 stands out from the crowd, where the challenge of exploring a different art form allowed her to grow as well as combine materials from her culture and use them to tell stories. With this, Ftoon hopes to continue to grow as a multidisciplinary artist and expand her horizons further.


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