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Baby Fitaihi, the Go-To Brand for Babies

Baby Fitaihi, the Go-To Brand for Babies

The perfect fit for your baby

A household brand in the country as well as the region, Baby Fitaihi was created by Dr. Mohammad Fitaihi in 2005 after his passion for design ignited the idea of luxury jewelry for children. This led Baby Fitaihi to become the leader in the children’s jewelry market, with many different showrooms over the country and the gulf, and working to introduce Baby Fitaihi internationally. 

Baby Fitaihi creates its jewelry with the underlying goal of capturing the eternal moments of joy and happiness between a mother and child that reflects genuine love, which the jewelry ultimately reflects.

Winning some of the most prestigious awards in the MENAT region, including an award from the Harvard Business School for starting one of the fastest-growing companies in the region. They are also the only “exclusive” luxury jewelry brand for babies, toddlers, and kids in the MENAT region, it is also one of only three of its kind worldwide. Among the many accolades that Baby Fitaihi holds, it is also the only Saudi high-end luxury brand selling and shipping globally to more than 150 countries. Baby Fitaihi is taking leaps toward bringing innovation to the jewelry industry; in ways such as in NFTs, Crypto Pay, PayPal, BNPL partner schemes, and more.


Keeping in mind the sensitivity of a baby and child’s skin, Baby Fitaihi’s jewelry products are designed and crafted with the utmost care from 18K gold, diamond, and gemstones found in nature such as ruby, emerald, sapphire, and more. Baby Fitaihi makes sure to only utilize naturally mined diamonds rather than using lab-grown stones or artificial materials which may affect the skin. Thus, Baby Fitaihi is determined to prevent children’s skin from getting in harm’s way.

Baby Fitaihi also caters to every child by partaking in CSR activities in collaboration with the Jeddah Institute for Speech and Hearing & Medical Rehabilitation (JISH), as well as the SAUT Society for Down Syndrome, and the Zahra Breast Cancer Association.

Some major future endeavors for Baby Fitaihi include expanding internationally into worldwide retail locations including the MENAT and EU regions. This, as well as ‘shop-in-shop’ expansion strategies, and expanding the brand’s NFT collection. Not to mention enhanced automation in customer service and faster delivery times for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Head to Baby Fitaihi for jewelry that not only looks good but keeps your child’s skin safe.
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