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Van Cleef & Arpels Maison Supports the Local Art & Design Scene


In continuous commitment to the cause and showcase of exemplary savoir-faire.

The highly anticipated arts event of the year in Saudi,  21, 39 is due to commence on the 26th of this current month. The initiative’s theme “I Love You, Urgently”,  calls on local and international artists, architects, designers and thinkers to respond to emergent environmental issues with emphasis on today’s highly personal dynamics, departing from the customary scientific vernacular.

In collaborating with the Saudi Art Council for the fifth time in a row now, the French Maison, Van Cleef and Arpels,  stays true to its promise in supporting the local art and design scene. “This exclusive exhibition will be the occasion to celebrate designers and encourage creativity, art, and passion in the Middle East, whilst welcoming connoisseurs into the universe of Van Cleef & Arpels’ high jewelry creations,” commented Alessandro Maffi, the managing director of Van Cleef and Arpels in the Middle East and

With the display of the decorated works of Julia Ibbini, winner of last year’s Middle East Emergent Design Prize by Van Cleef and Arpels in partnership with Tashkeel organisation, the call for 2020 entries will be announced at the event. The award is one of the Maison’s platforms provided for upcoming artists and designers with aims of encouraging creative experimentation and engagement with large audiences.

Julia explains that ‘Symbio Vessels’, the award winning designs, showcase a play between contrasting yet complementary, distinct but related concepts, both in the design and feel of the final form. She states the following in description of her stunning pieces:

“They are organic hand drawn elements, arranged in a rigid structured pattern around a form developed using algorithmic calculations, yet built by hand, and produce a whole that is highly complex, detailed, precise – but organic and imperfect at the same time.”

Visitors will also have the opportunity to view the extraordinary works of  Arthur Hoffner, winner of the People’s Choice Award at the 2017 Villa Noailles Design Parade. The series of vases combining gilded brass spheres, aluminum tubes, and blocks of marble put together in a precarious composition that appears to defy the laws of gravity will also be displayed at the newly opened Van Cleef & Arpels boutique at El Khayyat Centre, Jeddah. His installation  that’s suffused with balance and suspended motion echoes the Perlée collection from the Maison.

Don’t miss out on this enriching collective. Mark your calendars and be sure to visit the Van Cleef & Arpels booth.

Location: Gold Moor Mall, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Date: Tuesday, January 28th, 2020
Time: 10:00 am

Arthur Hoffner’s display by the name “A Playful Installation” will commence at 3:00pm.


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Launch of “Third International Exhibition and Conference of E-commerce World & Smart Cities”


Eng. Mansour A. Alshathry, Vice Chairman of Board of Directors within Riyadh Chamber, has opened “Third International Exhibition and Conference of E-commerce World & Smart Cities” today Tuesday, Rabi’u Lahir 13, 1441 H corresponding to Dec. 10, 2019 AD.

It lasts for a period from 10 to 12 this December. Besides, it is held in Prince Sultan’s Grand Hall in Al Faisaliah Hotel, Riyadh. A number of expert and young entrepreneurs are attending, as well as a select group of Arab and foreign journalists. photo-2019-12-15-12-19-54-copy

In his speech on this event, Eng. Mansour A. Alshathry has confirmed that this year’s third international exhibition and conference is held amid major positive changes witnessed in KSA in terms of economic and social development. Such positive changes are natural outcomes of the targets of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. We started to reap the vision’s fruits through various achievements in terms of infrastructure development and economic diversification via making use of all of our available investment resources. He has also noted that development in various fields is coupled with major focus on communication and IT sectors to encourage relevant innovation. Innovation is to be encouraged through attracting investments and encouraging local and international partnerships in technology and innovation.       photo-2019-12-15-12-21-08-copy

The exhibition’s first day included numerous activities and events. On top comes host work meetings which were discussed in the presence of several national and international specialists and experts. Discussion covered public sector’s role in Vision 2030 and challenges and future of digital transformation, G5 networks and smart cities. In addition, it touched upon relevant topics such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, the kingdom’s Cybersecurity and its challenges, e-commerce role in Vision 2030, the kingdom’s challenges of future payments and logistics services with respect to digital transformation, women empowerment in Vision 2030, social media’s importance and universities role with regard to teaching e-commerce and providing graduates with job

Following meeting and discussion closure, Vice Chairman of Chamber’s Board of Directors honored sponsors, participants, and media participants. Subsequently, his excellency was given a tour in the exhibition’s hall. Accompanied by participants and sponsors, they elaborated to him on the most prominent shown

It is reported that Golden Goal (Exhibitions and Conference) is the organizer of this major event throughout its 3 years. Keeping up with Vision 2030, it is organizing several workshops and meetings during the event’s duration this year. Such workshops and meetings are to cover Vision-related topics such as E-commerce and Smart Cities.


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The Fromagerie on Top


Story by Jou Pabalate
Written by Deena Dakhiel

The Farm to table journey of French Cheese.

There are trips that give you a glimpse of a country’s culture and those that lets you take a dive into people’s way of life. Our recent trip to Lyon, in order to discover their famous affair with cheese, turned out to be both. This gastronomic tour de France turned out to be as much about artisanship, passion as it is about the flavors and wonderful cheese it produces.

On the first day of the trip, we made our way to Abbaye de Tamié and met the cheesemaking monk, Bro. Nathaniel. He is at the helm of the abbey’s production of an eponymous soft cheese. The latter has a creamy richness close to reblochon. It is one of three monasteries that make and age their own cheese from scratch. For 36 years, they have used a famous and original monk recipe before pasteurization – a big part of the monastery’s history that has been preserved to this day. Twenty-four monks work to produce 150 tons of cheese per year, and they have maintained their traditional way of cheese making even as they have modernized some parts of the process. Since 2004, they have been converting whey from cheese into energy used to warm their area instead of using oil. We then visited the cheese-making room where cheese is laid out during the ageing process. day-3_-laita-production_butter-of-europe-tour_76-copy

From the Monasteries caves, we took a turn and found ourselves facing the stunning view of the alps. Our Sound of Music moment was taken to new heights upon meeting Christian. A Cheesemaker whose love for art of Beaufort and the community is admirable. On this leg, we watched a herd of Taurine cows grazing on the mountainside and partook in milking them. It’s this free reign state that perhaps produces the quality of beaufort unique to the alps of Lyon.

Our next stop was the Entremont production site, which is part of the cooperative called Sodiaal, one of the largest French dairy cooperative with about 20,000 farms supplying milk from all over France. Entremont production is located in Annecy, a tiny yet beautiful town in France where the flowers bloom and the lake is ever vibrant. There, we observed as 5,000 large wheels of cheese are received at the site where it is then ripened, cooled, heated, then cooled again. Depending on the cheese, the ageing process differs. For example, it takes 7-8 weeks in the cave for 8kgs of cheese to come out as emmental. day-3_-laita-production_butter-of-europe-tour_38-copy

My favorite moment on this trip was meeting Mathilde and Fabrice, a young couple who took over their uncle’s farm and started their own business creating fresh, organic reblochon, one of two in the whole of France. We were left unplugged from the world for a few hours and somehow the time passed as we watch in fascination how this couple live their lives every day. Mathilde’s fine attention to detail and dedication to every step of the process shows in their product. Embracing a low waste, greener lifestyle, they make use of every element when possible, like the tomme blanche, a raw curd that hits the cheese cloths and mold which finds its way on their dinner table. Watching her flip and salt each reel to remove the whey, while her husband, Fabrice took care of the cows, made me realize the idyllic life with all its labors is an underrated craft.

Ending our abbey to alps to factory to table journey was Pierre Gay – One of the best Cheese mongers in France, who conducted a cheese-based dessert workshop making a fontainebleau using orange blossom and honey. His wife, Sophie, further completed our session with a unique camembert fused with middle eastern spices. day-3_-laita-production_butter-of-europe-tour_6-copy

It is through the hands of these artisans that we truly understood what cheese meant to the French. And it is this that translates into the quality of cheeses they produce. The care of terroirs matched with a dedication to meeting regulatory requirements while remaining authentic to the process is something unique to French cheese. Whether it be aged, textured, soft, or hard, what you can be guaranteed of is that it will be done to a standard, defined by French excellence.


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Adventures in Al Baha Region

Photo by Qairawan


Adventures in Saudi Arabia can be the embodiment of dreams. It’s not hard to pack your bag, grab your tent and head for the desert and mountains for a camping trip over the weekend. Many spots all over the country hold places where adventurers can start their journey to a world yet to be discovered.

We chose Al Baha region as our destination for the next adventure as it is underrated and less popular among other regions. It is a mountainous area rich in culture and tradition, with a lot to offer. Starting our journey from Jeddah, we hit the road early in the morning to get a head start on the day.

Arriving at Al Baha region, our first destination was Al-Atawelah Village. An ancient village where the houses are made of stone, narrow streets that holds the spirit of the past, and corn fields that take the breath away.

Photo by Qairawan

Photo by Qairawan

Many of the beautiful old stone houses were turned into museums that display the old heritage of the village – from the way they dress to their common household items. Some museums showed the house as it was in the old times, like the furniture, kitchenware, and bathrooms. What’s really attractive about those houses in the ancient village, was the colorful windows and doors made out of intricate carved wood. They stood out against the dark color of stone and gave life to the buildings in such a mountainous desert.

Next, we were on our way to Baljurashi, a city in Al Baha where many of the locals belong to the tribes of Ghamdi and Zahrani. The old houses there are still intact and surrounded by many pomegranate trees. We found a traditional market and a local vegetable market right around the corner where we bought groceries for our night in the cave resort.

Photo by Qairawan

Photo by Qairawan

We chose to spend the night in a cave house resort in Mount Shada where huge, cave-like stones are turned into homes without changing the shape of the natural rocks. Given that it was our first time visiting the region, we relied on Google Maps to reach the final destination until network coverage was cut off. The road to Mount Shada itself is an adventure with its sharp turns and steep roads that our jeeps couldn’t make out of and a sedan car heated to a complete stop at a very low level of the mountain where the rest of us managed to get as close as we could to the top. At sunset, we were left in complete darkness in an isolated area. We attempted to drive further but the terrain was getting rougher and our jeeps couldn’t push through. We had no other choice but to park our cars on the side of the road and carry our groceries, water, and personal belongings and hike our way up the mountain trying to find our way to the cave resort. We didn’t even feel the weight on our shoulders and the difficulty of the hike, we just wanted to arrive to our final destination!

Photo by Qairawan

Photo by Qairawan

After a 25-minute hike, we finally found our camp resort and got in touch with others who were stuck at a lower level. They managed to find a local who drove them straight to the cave resort.

As the sun rose, we found ourselves surrounded by a landscape we never thought existed. It took us back in time, being completely disconnected from the outside world and surrounded by nature and all its glory like that.

Photo by Qairawan

Photo by Qairawan

We couldn’t help but spend the entire day exploring the rugged giant rocks and farms in the area and cancelled everything else that was previously planned.

Saudi Arabia never fails to surprise us with its hidden gems.


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Experience Brazil at Wildfire


Fire roasts, samba beats, and a culinary adventure at Wildfire, Crowne Plaza RDC.

Wildfire restaurant at Crowne Plaza Riyadh RDC Hotel & Convention Center in the AlRaida Digital City is a modern Brazilian culinary adventure. They are delivering a unique experience, serving authentic Brazilian taste and  delighting diners indeed.

To offer genuine Brazilian flavors, the restaurant is helmed by Chef de Cuisine Eduardo Barbosa, a true Brazilian who has worked in top kitchens including Michelin-starred restaurants. At Wildfire, shares his culinary passion and expertise with meat-loving locals. Staying true to its traditions, Wildfire is a churrascaria, where a selection of succulent meats slow-cooked over charcoal are served at the table by trained Brazilian passadors (meat carvers), refiling plates with a variety of rotating fresh grills like steaks, ribs, lamb, chicken, and the newly added item to the menu, Hamour. There’s also – in case of meat overindulgence – a salad bar; with freshly prepared salads, pickles, dips, charcuterie, and other Brazilian specialties.whatsapp-image-2019-10-23-at-10-55-42-am-copy

The Wildfire restaurant takes you on a culinary journey through Brazil. Experience the sizzling flames in the open kitchen, the alluring aroma, the jungle-inspired interiors, and the upbeat Brazilian vibrant live music performance, every Friday brunch.

The ever-growing F&B industry is an integral part of the Saudi Vision 2030 and the highly experienced team of Crowne Plaza RDC is committed to bringing authentic flavors and experiences to the elite local dining scene.

Location: Crowne Plaza Riyadh RDC Hotel & Convention, AlRaida Digital City
Instagram: wildfirerdc
Facebook: wildfirerdc
Twitter: wildfirerdc
Snapchat: wildfirerdc


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From London to Jeddah


Movenpick Hotel Tahlia Jeddah redefines modern Indian fusion with Rasoi by Vineet.

There’s a new Indian fusion restaurant in town, and we are first in line to try it out! On 17th November, Movenpick Hotel Tahlia Jeddah by Accor Hotels announced the opening of Rasoi by Vineet, a new world-class Indian cuisine restaurant envisioned by Michelin star Chef Vineet Bhatia.

Located in Tahlia on Hail Street, the restaurant is within walking distance of the Jameel Square Commercial building and only 30 minutes away from King Abdulaziz International Airport.

It is inspired by Chef Vineet Bhatia, who is originally from Mumbai and widely regarded as the chef of modern, progressive Indian cuisine. When he first moved to London, he was disappointed to find out the representation of Indian cuisine. Reinventing Indian cuisine, he earned his Michelin star for the first time in 2001. chicken-habibi-copy

In the early 2000s when Rasoi first opened, it instantly received positive reviews from its critics and has been thriving globally ever since, making its way finally to Jeddah. The chef describes his Indian food as ‘evolved’ as he likes to add his eccentric touch on every signature dish to challenge his perception of native cuisine.

You can indulge in signature dishes like the Nawabi Chops, which are lamb chops crusted with pistachio and rose petals served with saffron  mashed potatoes. If you’re a fan of chicken then you must have the Chicken Habibi, which is chicken tikka with Zataar and black olives – a true blend of Indian and Saudi kitchens. Sweeten your tooth with the all-time favorite Choco-Mosa dish and understand the concept of Fun Dining at Rosoi.

Coming to Jeddah, Chef Vineet took the time to discover the Saudi culture imbedded in its traditional cuisine. His experience with food in Jeddah helped provide him with inspiration to take back to the kitchen and fuse with his native cookery. From tasting different kinds of Saudi dates to unraveling all the distinct spices in the nation, Chef Vineet gained a lot of insight from the Saudi cuisine to carry out when he ventures onto his next adventure. “You will always find something that you’ll bring back. It’s like a pot of gold,” Chef Vineet described Jeddah.

Location: Tahlia on Hail St.
Tel: +966-12-213 2000


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Gardens Of Kings


Chopard recently launched Gardens of Kings, its third Haute Parfumerie collection, in an immersive and unique event organized by Al Malki Group, a major player in the luxury business scene in the Middle East. The collection includes a quartet of fragrances, skillfully orchestrated by the notable Spanish master perfumer Alberto Morillas who was inspired by trade routes that Oud has followed.

Oud Assafi is the common base note found in all four parfumeries. This type of agarwood particularly is more valuable than gold and the most precious throughout the world.  It’s elegantly woody, extremely ambery, and the resin takes around 50 years to ripen, making it today’s priceless reap of ancestral efforts.

Produced only in tiny quantities each year in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh, Oud Assafi is cultivated by Jalali Agarwood, a family producer that operates on ethical principles. In partnering with Jalali Agarwood, Chopard stays true to their commitment to sustainable luxury perfumery and responsible sourcing.  3w7a7559-copy

Wear Agar Royal and you’ll be donning a ceremonial brocade of a great Mughal emperor. With top notes of sambac jasmine and heart notes of tuberose, you’ll be “transported into the intoxicating sensuality and mystery of India” in all its grandeur. Savor spicy top notes of star anise, and as that fades, indulge next in aromatic heart notes of cocoa and vanilla with Or de Calambac. “An avant-garde Oud freed from its historical heritage, with raw materials that evoke all the natural riches of South America,” as Morillas describes.

Soar with the airy Aigle Imperial, whose top notes of green tea, mandarin, and lemon exaggerate “the contrast between pure and intense jade-green freshness of the Far East’s majestic forests, with the woody resinous heart of Oud Assafi.”3w7a7479-copy

Rise to a crescendo of “a time suspended in the exceptional” with the opulent oriental elixir Nuit des Rois. Floral top notes of Orris and Bulgarian rose will send you on a trance to a “sumptuous night in the infinite desert, bathed in golden light.”

Make these sensational fragrances your aromatic signature. To test them out, this amazing collection can be found at Harvey Nichols (Riyadh), Robinsons (Riyadh), selected doors of Paris Gallery, and Chopard boutiques.

Instagram: almalkigroupksa / chopard


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Baby Fresh


Story by Sakan Al Kibsi  
Written by Dalia El Abd

Johnson’s® brings an innovative take on baby care.

During the past 40 years, the world has witnessed tremendous changes in parenting. But a lot comes with taking care of an infant and that remains constant. That is why Johnson’s® never stopped raising the bar when it comes to what’s best for your baby.505a9247-copy

To address parents’ evolving needs while delivering top-notch products, Johnson’s® transformed their entire baby care range. By modernizing their brand, Johnson’s® successfully reformulated and redesigned their products with a complete overtake from manufacturing, to supply chain, to display.505a9202-copy


First, let’s talk numbers. Johnson’s® achieved a 28% reduction in ingredient suppliers via consolidation. They have reduced packaging suppliers by 89% in order to use packaging sizes that best suit each product, thus increasing productivity and reducing costs. Johnson’s® also invested in new equipment to attain greater efficiency and reduce manufacturing sites by 51%.

Johnson’s® then considered and studied the needs of 26,000 parents from around the globe as well as conducted rigorous research and science to shape and enhance their new product range, ultimately offering a gentler experience that creates a stronger bond between baby and parent.505a9130-copy

Johnson’s® effectively created sulfate-free cleansers that got rid of unnecessary ingredients while maintaining the bubbles all babies enjoy. The formula is packaged in a softer bottle with convenient pumps for one-hand use. This way parents can hold their baby throughout the bath and have an enjoyable time during the process as well. We could tell that every detail was thought out, making Johnson’s® stand out as a brand.

Not only do Johnson’s® new products cleanse and moisturize infants, they also turn everyday routines of care into essential bonding moments, strengthening the connection between babies and parents, which is what the brand entails and strives for. Lucky for us, their vision has become an absolute achievement. 505a9167-copy

Since giving back to the community is an important aspect for the brand, Johnson’s® partnered with Save the Children to encourage the registration of babies at birth and eliminate the disadvantage of not having an official identity.

Instagram: johnsonsbabyarabia
Facebook: johnsonsbabyme505a9337-copy


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Dari Q Residential Complex


Your Home, Your Way.

The more a residence  caters to your needs and is tailored to your liking and lifestyle, the more it feels like home. That is in fact one of the many pleasures in life, especially when you’re sharing it with family. Dari Q by Abdul Latif Jameel Lands is a great example. It’s the third residential project by Abdul Latif Jameel Lands, following J | One Residence, the very successful, contemporary, communal living space in Jeddah.

Located within the Al Salama District up North, a multitude of services like schools, malls, and hospitals are accessible within the vicinity. With that being said, you’d barely need to leave the complex in the first place. The outdoors feature a sitting area, kids zone, and a multi-purpose playground. Say goodbye to arguments about who needs to go out and grab groceries as retail shops are provided, and the best part is you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot because that’s a given.dq_sitting_area_still-copy

Lavish, contemporary, and elegant interiors bestow a sense of tranquility. Floor to ceiling windows welcoming energizing rays of sun in some unit designs also add to the lively vibe. Not a single dull moment will pass by as gaming fanatics (adults and children alike) bring it on in the shared playroom. Whether in the comfort of your own home, or at the shared guest lounge, you’re also given the liberty of choosing where you’d like to meet people based on the occasion.

No need for a gym membership or worrying about finding the time for a good workout. Indoor gyms will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle with ease. Treadmills aren’t your only way to get a great cardio workout in; rooftop pools are an added feature, and a great way to spend weekends as well.04_gl_a_02-copy

With all of the above and more, Dari Q stays true to its commitment that stems from an ambition to create a community-oriented environment in line with the growth and development of current times. Not only that, but it also allows for a high quality lifestyle that speaks to the current desires of the Saudi population.

This is made possible within four buildings, 158 residential units, covering a total of 10,000 square meters of area. Abdul Latif Jameel Lands obtained its pre-sales permit from Wafi program, an off-plan sales or rent initiative by the ministry of housing, and sales commenced.  So at very competitive prices, you can now be the owner of any of two, three, or four bedroom apartment arrangements. This is not too good to be true, this is Dari Q! Pay their sales center a visit today to discuss options and price ranges.

Tel: 920014150
Instagram: aljlandofficial
Tiwtter: aljlandofficial
Facebook: aljlandofficial


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All Your Needs in One Place: Rosewood Jeddah


Since its launch in 2007, Rosewood Jeddah has established a reputation for deluxe service, being the first hotel in the city to offer a 24-hour butler service. With Rosewood’s bilingual secretarial services, the concierge-and-butler team is on duty around-the-clock to offer assistance.

In a place where the desert and the Red Sea meet, all attractions a leisure or business traveler seeks are close at hand, making it a major cosmopolitan city in the Kingdom. So it’s important to set your accommodation priorities straight when visiting and know exactly where to stay. Situated in the heart of Jeddah’s Corniche, Rosewood lies within easy reach of key districts, and the hotel overlooks the Red Sea from many guestrooms, giving you a scenic view to remember.

We were impressed by the complimentary valet parking that is instantly at your service, as well as a chauffeur-driven limousine that drives you to the airport when your visit comes to end.

The hotel is designed to make you fall in love the minute you walk in. Finding the right balance between modern and traditional, Rosewood blends modern design and technology with the Kingdom’s old culture and heritage.deluxe-room-copy

Whether for business or leisure, as a corporate company, if you’re planning to stay at Rosewood any time until the 31st of December 2019, you can enjoy the guestroom at a special price of SR850 per night, including buffet breakfast and constant high-speed internet.Individuals and families get a special package on weekends as well.  Try their excellent meeting facilities and book a meeting room that can accommodate up to 80 people, at a very special package rate of SAR 235, including two coffee breaks and lunch.

Dive into a physical wellness journey by joining Rosewood’s fitness and health club with a 20% annual membership discount. The club offers the latest technology in fitness and training, a rooftop outdoor swimming pool with sauna and steam rooms, incredible massages, and a marvelous rooftop Red Sea view. It’s definitely the ideal venue to revive your body and soul at.

A celebrity chef is always on board to make sure your palates relish the best quality dishes; indulge in an exotic seafood night every Thursday at Habsburg Restaurant, where only the freshest fish makes the cut. On Fridays, the restaurant’s special brunch menu from 5-1 PM, features international and regional picks, all accompanied by stunning sea views and immaculate service. Habsburg also hosts a Light Grill Brunch on Saturdays, where you can unwind to end your week.chef-issa-al-lamki-copy

Topping it all off, the hotel provides special cooking classes every Friday from 3pm to 5pm, which end on the 29th November 2019.

The hotel is recognized for being the ideal destination to organize birthdays and special celebrations. A romantic dinner by the stunning sea view while savoring the most discerning and delicious food is an unforgettable experience at Rosewood jeddah.

We’re on our way, who’s joining?

Location: Corniche st., Al Shatie Dist., Jeddah
Tel: +966-12-2607111
Instagram: rosewoodjeddah