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The Happy Chopard New Fragrance Collection


A Celebration of nature and positive emotions.

The Maison de Parfums Chopard is delighted to present the new Happy Chopard Eau de Parfum Collection: Felicia Roses and Lemon Dulci, each a sensory ode to the joie de vivre inspired by nature’s infinite beauty.

Perfectly balancing ethics and aesthetics, Happy Chopard builds on Chopard’s signature Happy Diamonds, Happy Spirit and Happy Sport collections, with a new, positive and mindful take on luxury perfumery.

At the heart of the project is the creative vision of Caroline Scheufele, Co-President of Chopard. Her positive approach to life has been expressed through iconic jewellery creations, and now her “do good, feel good” brand philosophy is realised through a unique olfactory experience, with a collection of luxury scents crafted from the most uplifting and treasured natural ingredients.

Echoing Chopard’s Journey to Sustainable Luxury, with the introduction of Happy Chopard, the Maison de Parfums Chopard takes a further step into its own journey towards Natural and Responsible Luxury Perfumery.

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Crypto Whaaat?


By April Tosch-Jamjoom

Welcome to the latest buzzword: Cryptocurrenc.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple, to name a few other buzzwords. The past couple of months have been very exciting for crypto enthusiasts. Many who invested last year saw monumental gains only to be disappointed by high losses beginning in 2018. As is the tale of nascent markets, volatility will remain high until the market stabilizes.

Will it stabilize? Yes.

So what are cryptocurrencies?

Simply stated, they are units of value that are a natural progression of currency. Cryptocurrencies are virtual, are not backed by any commodities or governments, and operate via an underlying framework known as Blockchain. Consider Blockchain the tracks, and cryptocurrency the train.

Blockchain is a decentralized, peer-to-peer validation system that allows units of value to be sent and received without the necessity of a median. The transactions are recorded in ledgers that are maintained in perpetuity within the network.

Saudi Arabia has joined the ranks of Blockchain early adopters. In February, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) entered in a pilot program with Ripple, a US fintech company, to use Ripple’s Xcurrent proprietary software to facilitate settling cross-border payments instantly. It is estimated that the adoption of Xcurrent will reduce remittance costs by up to US$400m per year.

Ripple has its own cryptocurrency coin XRP, which is ranked 4th among the strongest cryptocurrencies being actively traded.

Cryptocurrency trading is still in its early adoption phase. As its lifecycle progresses and more people enter the trading sphere, markets will grow further and stabilize. Saudi Arabia and other governments have been eyeing crypto trading with skepticism. Many countries have attempted all-out trading bans only to later retract restrictions and instead create legislation pertaining to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). However, the cat has already been let out of the virtual trading bag with the myriad of global cryptocurrency exchanges that allow for crypto trading to be conducted online, across borders.  Regulating authorities have very little muscle in imposing trading restrictions and have no option other than to grudgingly capitulate, which they are doing.

Proceed with Caution

Saudi Arabia has warned against individuals investing in ICOs, to protect its public from engaging in risky investments that could lead to significant losses. Do Your Own Research (DYOR) holds true in any speculative endeavor, including this one. However, the Kingdom has stopped short of enacting any cryptocurrency trading bans and has recently hinted at creating a new cryptocurrency in partnership with the UAE. In addition, Nicholas Maduro, President of Venezuela, recently proposed a new oil-backed cryptocurrency and floated the idea to all OPEC members. This infers that not only is the Gulf region allowing cryptocurrency trading, it is also joining the ecosystem and actively participating in its growth.

This is the first of a three-part series explaining cryptocurrencies. Financial advice is not given. Those interested in participating in cryptocurrency exchanges are highly encouraged to DYOR.


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Saudi Women Drive Economies


Investing in women-led startups, from Saudi Arabia to Silicon Valley.

At the Invested event in San Francisco, female Saudi students were given access to tools, resources, funders, and tech giants from Silicon Valley and the Arab world, to help them succeed with their business ideas.

Spark, San Francisco’s largest community of young philanthropists invested in gender equality, and Blossom, the first accelerator for female founders in Saudi Arabia, recently partnered on Invested, a women & entrepreneurship empowerment event, to both inspire and equip the next generation of female leaders.

“Female founders received only 2% of venture capital (VC) dollars in 2017, and only 9% of venture capitalists in the US are women,” explains Amanda Brock, the Executive Director of Spark, stressing on the need to support even more women in the tech world.

Invested set out to give female Saudi students across California access to tools, networks, and resources that would help them succeed with their big ideas. The attendees met with and heard directly from women who have been changing the entrepreneurship game globally.

The event featured dynamic, educational and confidence-boosting TED-style talks, mentorship opportunities from leaders in the field, and strategic networking activities with founders, funders, tech giants, and leading accelerators and incubators from Silicon Valley and the Arab world. dsc03339

Speakers included Caitlin Crosby, Founder and CEO of The Giving Keys; Shannon Spanhake, Founder and CEO of Cleo; Brittany Davis, Director of Deal Flow at Backstage Capital; Tasneem Sabri, Co-Founder of Vela and Senior Program Manager at TechWadi; as well as Abdulrahman Al Turjuman, Section Head of Marketing at SEDCO Holding.

Emon Shakoor, the CEO and Founder of Blossom and one of the youngest Saudi entrepreneurs in the Kingdom, expressed her excitement and optimism for Invested, and many more events like it to come. “One of the first and best ways I learned about entrepreneurship was through an event in California. It was the best event of my life; it changed everything for me,” she said.

Spark and Blossom are not alone in their mission to prop up current and future female leaders and entrepreneurs from Saudi Arabia. They received tremendous support from sponsors including Google, Silicon Valley Bank, Nour Nouf, SEDCO Holding’s Rowad Riyali, Beauti, Trinet, Saudis in USA, and SACM.

Shakoor confidently affirms, “Today, 70% of Saudi Arabia’s population is under the age of 34. There are more Saudi women graduating college, more Saudi women starting businesses, and research shows that the most successful companies have at least one female founder on the team. This year, Saudi women are not only driving cars, they are driving economies and are paving the way for Saudi Arabia’s future.”

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Breathtaking Panoramas At Every Glance


Discovering a perfect harmony with Mother Nature.

Balance is what Mother Nature keeps to help all the elements stay in their harmonious state. It reminds us that life is not a black-and-white scheme, showing how seemingly opposite forces actually can complement each other.

As a vast archipelago, Indonesia articulates this sense of composure. Every corner sparks joy and serenity. It it is a tremendous place to explore and experience contentment. Enjoy a glimpse of bliss in Bali, a heavenly island that radiates tranquility. Witness the charm of Bali’s jaw-dropping natural landscapes, experience its unique cultural sophistication, and indulge your palate with exotic dishes. liberty-wreck-at-tulamben-bali_99544430

In Amed, a long coastal strip of fishing villages in East Bali, you can enjoy the views of the majestic Mount Agung while relaxing on a stunning beach. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore one of the most outstanding dive sites here and around the island. In neighboring Tulamben, you can witness the USS Liberty Shipwreck and interact with beautiful sea creatures.

Travel deep into the beauty of a tropical paradise. To enjoy a spectacular stay in our land, explore the exciting packages of Visit Wonderful Indonesia 2018 through the QR code and find out which destination suits you best.


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A Guide San In Tokyo


By Fatema Amr

Take a stroll through Tokyo with local scout, Tofy Amr.

Jeddah export, Fatema Amr grew up with a keen interest in the Japanese language, culture, and style. She went to  study in Japan and graduated in 2016 with a degree in Biotechnology.  Fatema currently works in marketing, international sales and tourism.

Fatema shows her life in Japan through her Instagram account, TofyAmr and also through her YouTube channel called, “It’s Tofy”. She is an
avid photographer.


This is a sweet couple from Hong Kong, I met them in Asakusa for the first time. They wanted me to walk them around Asakusa and introduce them to one of the most famous historical places in Tokyo, Photoshoot them and let them explore the Japanese way of praying.

They wanted to live the full Japanese experience of wearing the Kimono, eating the traditional food that are served in the temple areas, and praying for luck and success.


Summer is the season of festivals and celebrations. Watching the locals dance, sing, and play together brings me a lot of joy. My favorite part of it all is always the food, drums, and Yukata.22581885_1744630682508275_7227050050600304640_n


Japanese food is simply amazing and most people would immediately think sushi and ramen. You don’t need to go for fancy places to enjoy a good meal, the small eateries and dens seldom disappoint. Japan is also known for making delectable desserts that are colorful, vibrant, and Instagram-worthy.


Whenever it’s winter or autumn, I would travel for 2 hours by train from my home to this warm and cozy cottage in Yamanashi, located near to the Kawaguchi Lake . It has a lovely breathtaking view of Mountain Fuji, the highest peak in Japan, which I climbed in 2014.


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Gastronomic Indulgence


At Pampas and Aubergine.

At Assila, a Rocco Forte Hotel, on Jeddah’s Tahliya Street, top chefs are serving divine dishes that take guests on epicurean adventures. Two of the hotel’s dining addresses are elevating the scene in the city; with Pampas making a mark as the finest Argentinian restaurant in the city, and Aubergine raising the bar for oriental cuisine.6-rfh-assila-hotel-rooftop-pool-4360-jg-mar-18

The Argentine Experience

The journey begins the moment your eyes fall upon the restaurant’s dark wood and leather interiors; touches of Argentinian culture surround you through the artworks and warm décor.

Pampas team provides Assila’s signature service paired with lively Argentinian hospitality; creating a welcoming and vibrant ambience. The floor to ceiling windows allow for lively evening affairs, promising breathtaking city views from the 17th floor to accompany your dining experience.

The menu inspires guests with grilled meats, the freshest produce meticulously plated to perfection—something to excite both families and business diners.

A private room is also available, providing guests a choice for intimate gatherings, or a bespoke corporate dining experience.
At Pampas’s helm is head chef Lucas Farias, whose culinary repertoire consists of his hometown favorites elevated to fine dining standards befitting of Assila Hotel.

Expect to feast on high quality cut steaks, succulent specials like the Pampas Mixed Grill, and a variety of meats and fish prepared on an open Asado Grill.

Culinary fanatics are sure to approve of Chef Farias’s personal recommendation: The Great Selection, a plate consisting of both hot and cold foie gras. This creation will satisfy discerning palates, with its clever play on texture, temperature, and flavors.nik_8864

Revised Classics

On the 20th floor of Assila Hotel is Aubergine, a rooftop terrace restaurant that invites guests to escape the buzzing city life below.

This Mediterranean haven, led by Chef Firas Zaben, revives traditional Levantine cuisine with a contemporary twist. Contrary to popular belief; Levantine cuisine is far more complex than meat skewers and lamb chops. As Aubergine reintroduces the Levant culture, Chef Zaben’s menu is the familiar done better, experimenting with flavor profiles and utilizing new culinary techniques.

One of which is the mango tabbouleh—an in house creation that uses the sweetness of mangos to complement the sourness of tabbouleh. The result is a salad with an unexpected piquancy that works.

Another must-try plate is the Levant Caprese, which replaces the usual Mozarella cheese with the Levantine favorite, halloumi. This dish will appease both eyes and taste buds, with an aerated halloumi that would eventually envelope the salad with a thin layer of cheese.

Delectable does not begin to describe the culinary stars of Assila Hotel. The serene but lively atmosphere of its restaurants from daylight to sundown is perfect for business diners, families, or even just a group of friends.

In a city where the word “luxury dining” is haphazardly used, Pampas and Aubergine set themselves apart by being iconic standards in the
scene. And for that alone, Assila Hotel rightfully earns its place as the ultimate luxury dining destination.

Location: 9134 Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz St, Jeddah
Tel: +966-12-2319800
 Instagram: roccofortehotels


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Tailored To Perfection


Abdullah creates a unique thobe tailoring experience.

Abdullah Bespoke distinguishes itself from the rest with its sartorial expertise matched with a personalized premium service. Gentlemen of distinct taste will appreciate the brand’s unique tailoring experience, where each thobe is crafted to your personal style and fitting. The entire experience begins on a wonderful note with impressive VIP treatment. The Abdullah Bespoke team makes home visits with high end European fabrics and collars to give you on-spot fitting. When you’re pleased with your thobe, the team delivers it straight to your door. Whether you’re looking for practical high-end cotton, or upscale blended fabrics or polyester, your thobe will represent you.double-collar-thobe

If you’d rather do your shopping at their store, visit them on Prince Sultan Street in Khaldiya District Jeddah, where you’ll also find a variety of accessories to complement your thobe. These include premium footwear brand VOR from Munich, and exquisite Roxxlyn marble iPhone covers, both brands exclusive to Abdullah. It is also one of the only two locations in Jeddah to carry Tamashee sandles. abdullah0159

Abdullah Bespoke is a detail-oriented, high-end Saudi fashion house that will completely elevate your shopping experience.

Mob: +966-548882555
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Subculture Is The New Culture


Breaking fashion stereotypes.

There’s a new wave of street fashion being embraced both internationally and locally, giving people more room for self-expression through their unique style. We speak to some of our favorite up-and-coming style icons about how this subculture is taking over.


_mg_8432Founder of Saudi Swag and street fashion influencer Turki Al Harbi speaks to those who are not afraid to be bold, stand out, and lead change. “This younger crowd is brave, more open to expressing individuality. They will lead the fashion industry and introduce a depth to street fashion and the art of fashion,” Turki says.

According to him, Saudi Arabia’s prior focus on traditional dress codes and casual wear is a huge factor to our struggle for self-expressionism. “It’s been changing gradually, and I’m optimistic that with our attention to street fashion, we can bring it to a whole new level of self-expressionism and streetwear.”


Footwear fan Hayat’s style mirrors her personality, believing that fashion allows her and everyone – to be creative in using it as a platform of expression.

“Some people introduce themselves to the world through their style, and others let their fashion represent them. Do what your personality dictates,” she says. Hayat is excited about how brave Saudis have become in the last few years when it comes to experimenting with streetwear.

“Visions are becoming very creative!” she says, adding that there’s less focus on labels, and more on strong pieces that help any outfit stand out.

Do what your personality dictates.


At the helm of Saudi contemporary clothing brand Too Dark To See Tomorrow, Abdullah Bagalb, along with his partners, wish to empower other youth to do follow their creative passions, not just in the fashion industry. “I’d love to see the youth running the fashion and creative scenes,” he says.

Abdullah remembers a time in the recent past when you don’t see streetwear on kids. “Today, though, not only are Saudis getting into street fashion, there are also many Saudi brands in the streetwear category being established.” He has also noticed how society is now more accepting of our differences in terms of fashion, and if that isn’t evolution, what is?

If this isn’t evolution, what is?


Designer Lamia Otaishan appreciates that Saudi Arabia’s culture is based on tradition, as does our fashion. “However, we embrace combining tradition and modernity, and self-expressionism, and this has led to the acceptance and popularity of streetwear, a movement that used to be considered small.”
According to Lamia, fashion is more than what is current and popular. “It’s a medium of expression that extends to preference, individuality, and culture. The ability to express ourselves and the availability of means to do so says a lot about fashion’s flexibility,” she adds.

The ability to express ourselves and the availability of means to do so, says a lot about fashion’s flexibility.


Art director Mazin Maimani takes notice of how Saudis have moved from ‘safe’ followers of trends or major brand names, to combining street style pieces with well-established designer items.

“More than society embracing self-expressionism, people in fashion are themselves learning to embrace different styles, appreciating the fact that we don’t all have to be following the same style or have the same taste,” Mazin says. “For a while, fashion in Saudi was categorized as either right and wrong – but there’s no right or wrong in fashion!”

We don’t all have to be following the same style, or have the same taste.



DOOS Karting


The first and only indoor full karting circuit in Riyadh.

DOOS is just the warehouse that’ll be part of an indoor entertainment hub. The 360-meter track consists of two floors, and there are junior karts for kids aged 8 and above. For those who like going top gear, you can unlock the special speed if you break the record twice within 90 days. Doos has plans
to expand across the kingdom, so watch out for them.

Location: Riyadh
Price: SR 160 per 10 minutes

Other Track Picks:

Juman Karting (outdoor)

An outdoor track that’s great for multiple practice sessions.

Location: KAEC, Jeddah
Ages: 10 and above
Price: SR 35 on weekdays, SR 50 on weekends for 10 minutes

Formula Kart KSA

The eastern province’s bid for outdoor karting.

Location: Dammam, Sharqiya
Ages: 10 and above



Saudi E-sports is Real


If You Get Slack for Being a Gamer, tell them you’re an athlete.

18 year-old Saudi pro gamer Mosaad Al Dossary went home with $250,000 for winning the FIFA eWorld Cup title.

Al Dossary is one out of 20 million who participated during the qualifying round. It’s a tough sport, which you can use to justify the countless hours you need to spend practicing.

E-Arenas to Check Out:

Clix Esports Arena
A gaming cafe offering top-notch e-sports tournaments.
Location: AlKhobar

Challenge Arena
Riyadh’s first e-sport center doubles as a cafe as well.
Location: Riyadh