BISJ Students, Ivy League Bound!


BISJ students receive offers from MIT, Cambridge, Oxford and Stanford, Harvard, Yale and John Hopkins.

The British International School of Jeddah celebrates forty years this year. The school has grown from a small villa, with a few pupils to offering IGCSE at age 16 and now culminating in the International Baccalaureate exams. Over sixty nationalities now are registered for a British style Education which prepares students for universities around the world. It is fitting in this fortieth year that we are also celebrating university offers from some of the top universities around the world. From left to right in the picture, Salma Islam, MIT, Hija Ali, Cambridge, Hafiz Muhammad Amri, Oxford, and Jad Abdel Jawad, Stanford and Harvard. These offers show that students who study at any school in the kingdom should keep their sights on the best universities in the world. The Year 13 students are now on study leave preparing for the remainder of their IB exams which begin this Friday, the students that have studied Art as one of their courses have already had their exhibition.



Preparing for Hajj


By Yumna Halim

It is time to make the journey of a lifetime but are you prepared?

Here are some tips to help you get ready for the grandest event of your life:

Mental preparation: In order to mentally prepare yourself for your Hajj, my advice would be to read and study about the Hajj as extensively as you can. Be sure of what type of Hajj you’re performing, what procedures it entails, what the dos and don’ts of ihram are and be aware of what you’re supposed to be doing each day. Have these things written down in a special notebook alongwith the list of dua you want to make for yourself and your family and friends.

Physical preparation: Despite the availability of various kinds of facilities, the journey of Hajj can get pretty exhausting. I’ve heard of people getting blisters, being affected by heat strokes, losing their energy by the time they reach the end. While we can pray beforehand that may Allah make it easier for all of us, we can also try to prepare our bodies by exercising regularly a couple of months before time. Go for brisk walks, take a jog, make it a habit to keep yourself hydrated and eat healthy. If you plan on taking your child, encourage them to walk with you and practice walking while carrying them in your arms.

Spiritual preparation: We have tendency to delay good deeds to another day, another time. I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll start next week. These are some commonly heard phrases whenever we intend to perform a task that is beneficial for us. But why not today? Why wait? The journey that promises freedom from your sins deserves spiritual preparation beforehand. Start praying regularly and on time from now so that it is a habit by the time you complete your hajj. Stop the backbiting and gossiping now so that your tongue and your heart get used to it. Avoid wasting time on different types of media that encourage you to sin so that it is nothing new for you later.

May this be Hajj Mabrur for all the pilgrims. Have a blessed Hajj!


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Wednesday Ladies Night


Park Hyatt Jeddah is pleased to welcome ladies to the Wednesday Ladies Night at Dardasha restaurant, starting from August 1st 2018.

It is the time to enjoy Jeddah’s life entertainment, in an atmosphere where you can have privacy with your friends at the only ladies restaurant in Jeddah `Dardasha`. Having fun with your best friends is all the therapy you need, so get ready together at Dardasha restaurant for ladies night, every Wednesday from 9:00pm till midnight, for every drink ordered the second drink on us.

There is no better place than Dardasha, with its majestic view of the Red Sea where you can eat and have your specialty drink with your favorite shisha.

About Park Hyatt Jeddah

Park Hyatt Jeddah is set amidst beautifully landscaped gardens on the Corniche of Jeddah, located 45 minutes from Mecca and 30 minutes from the King Abdul-Aziz International Airport. This intimate hotel has 142 guestrooms including 15 luxurious suites, and was designed by renowned French interior designers Gilles Quiffet and Patrice Hart. At Park Hyatt Jeddah, we are truly dedicated to making every guest’s experience as comfortable and luxurious as possible. From the moment of arrival, our guests receive the most thoughtfully considered and skillfully conducted treatment.

For more information and reservations, please contact on +966 2 263 9666 or visit


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Blossom’s First Accelerator


The first accelerator in Saudi focused on women paving the road for a stronger economy.

Blossom launched its first accelerator cohort last month, where four top tier startups led by Saudi female founders were accepted to participate in two exhilarating and intense weeks of accelerating their startups.

Startups had access to co-working space, Vibes Offices, receive mentorship from over 30 expert mentors in the field, and got to present their companies on Demo Day, to some of Saudis most prominent investors, governmental, and corporate entities to accelerate their startup even further.
Startups were admitted based on their ability to identify a unique solution to a current problem in the Saudi market, scalability of the solution to the MENA region, identifying competitors, business and financial model, and perhaps most importantly who the founders behind the company are and how they are equipped to tackle the problem they are currently trying to solve. All startups admitted in the accelerator already have traction and ongoing revenue. img_6964

Throughout the program, startups receive mentorship in everything from business model canvas, financial modeling, product design, UX/UI Design, marketing, legal services, to pitching and presenting in front of some of Saudi Arabia’s most prominent investors such as Khalid Suleimani and Loulwa Bakr.

Blossom also provided fun and youth filled team building activities such as yoga, basketball, art and improv classes during the program.

“Before I started the accelerator, so many people asked me how I expect to find really good startups in Saudi especially in the technology sector led by Saudi women. However, I knew that there were hundreds, if not thousands, of brilliant Saudi women entrepreneurs that had great startups, so I also created Blossom to give all those women a platform so their companies and dreams could be realized.” says Emon. img_6538bright

The program aimed to bring all the key ecosystem game changers and stakeholders all under one roof to create the ultimate network for the startups in the cohort. After the accelerator program, all startups become part of the Blossom community where they will receive perks such as ongoing mentorship and access to a global network.

Emon is ecstatic to see all the female founded companies further blossom and continuously shape the future of Saudi Arabia’s economy by creating new job opportunities in the market.

Blossom believes that women in Saudi Arabia aren’t just about to drive cars but that they are steering the driving wheel to the economy in Saudi Arabia and playing a critical role in the 2030 Vision becoming a very tangible.



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Mindful Meetings


Have you ever thought of a way to improve the meeting space and have the participants leave with more information, connections, and ideas yet feel more energized and refreshed? Mandarin Oriental Hotels are doing just that.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group have announced a new enhanced and more energized way to do meetings and conferences based on five key dimensions of wellness: nourishment, movement, stillness, connections and wellbeing.mindful-meeting-yoga

Mandarin Oriental have been leaders in global wellness having more Forbes Five-Star Spas than any other hotel brand worldwide. By applying this expertise in the meeting space, Mandarin Oriental believes they could provide participants in this initiative with an enhanced environment that is conducive to success. mogzh-spa-relaxation-area

“Our aim is to support meeting planners by providing a unique offering, that will ensure all participants leave a Mindful Meeting feeling refreshed, motivated and ready to implement new ideas, information and connections,” said Emily Synder, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group’s Vice President of Global Sales.mogzh-club-executive-suite

To celebrate the launch of such initiative, this Mindful Meetings Promotion is available for every new event or group booking made between 6 June and 30 September 2018 at all Mandarin Oriental destinations worldwide.

Anyone could participate by using the term ‘Mindful Meetings Promotion’ in the initial meeting request.mobos-hotel-lobby

Benefits include:

  • Energizer welcome shots upon arrival for all participants
  • 30-minute guided wellness activity such as meditation, yoga for participants in the meeting space*
  • Mindful in-room amenity for all participants

mindful-meeting*Only available if the event includes a pre-booked meeting space. Terms and conditions apply.

To book a Mindful Meeting, visit or contact Desiree Llopis, Global and Area Sales
Tel: +1 646 521 8123 (


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A Monegasque Retreat


Relax, Observe, Enjoy.

Nothing beats the sweet smell of the sea and the sand beneath your toes as the scorching sun unknowingly tans every exposed part of your skin. Monaco offers the best of the three. A principality that enjoys over 300 days of sunshine makes it the best destination for a business stay or for a tourist-y holiday. 03-thermes-marins-monte-carlo-solarium-4

A microstate that holds the soul of Monaco, France, an Italy makes it the ideal place to discover. A big plus is the easy access it possesses; a short distance of 30 minutes from Nice, Côte d’Azur airport and an even shorter 7-minute ride by helicopter, the Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer Resort is where we had the pleasure of being invited to.

sbm_hp_restaurant_le_grill_terrasse_0001The Monte-Carlo SBM resort houses 4 different hotels, but our trip mainly focuses on Hotel Hermitage and a couple of the monuments that are the pride of this famous location.

Hotel Hermitage Glass Dome, Lobby

Hotel Hermitage Glass Dome, Lobby

A name that packs history behind it, the hotel is called legendary and not for nothing. Upon entering the lobby, our eye automatically drifted to the glass dome that illuminates the reception area as the sun rays hits the glass, bathing the lobby in a sense of calmness. The luxury does not stop there.diamond-suite-presidential-sd745-743-4-5

The beautifully decorated room overlooked the marina where a glance outside gives view of the yachts docked on the water. Each room and suite at the hotel has its own special design, with artwork and decorations to complement it. With high ceilings and arches everywhere, the hotel is a modern day palace. What is largely known as the center of attention, the Belle Époque dining room is the jewel of the hotel; its intricate ceiling is the work of French painter, Gabriel Ferrier. The hotel is also home to Michelin Star restaurant, La Vista Mar, where dinner could only be described as a gastronomic experience with the dessert, the reigning champion. diamond-suite-748-49-50-sd748

We also got the pleasure of trying out Cryotherapy at the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo. Cryotherapy uses cold chambers that go down to almost freezing temperatures for therapeutic purposes, the 3 minutes spent there was more than enough before moving on to other treatments at the spa.

Buddha Bar restaurant

Buddha Bar restaurant

With so many restaurants to try from, we headed over to Buddha Bar, an Asian Fusion restaurant. Expecting excellence from what we have previously experienced, we were not disappointed. Every aspect was perfectly executed; the food, design and music made the perfect meal.

Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo.

Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo.

The luxuriousness of Monte-Carlo is evident is every aspect of the principality and that includes prominent monuments like the Casino and the Opera Monte-Carlo. From classical architecture to the internal grandiose interior of the buildings; gold embellishments and velvet furniture, the design speaks volumes about the luxurious life of Monaco.

Opera Monte-Carlo

Opera Monte-Carlo

A trip like no other, the 4-day getaway was the perfect way to sit back, put our feet up, an enjoy all that the hotel had to offer.


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Assila Hotel


Celebrating Sicilian Cuisine here in Jeddah.

Are you in the mood to try something new? Assila Hotel along with chef Fulvio Pierangelin are hosting a Sicilian Cuisine that is taking place at the hotel’s restaurant Twenty Four. It is a new experience for people who haven’t tried Sicilian food.

Fulvio Pierangelin is a well-known chef who works as a creative F&B director at Rocco Forte Hotels. He owns a successful restaurant called Cambero Rosso. The chef along with his team are at the Assila Hotel cooking the meals for the guests to enjoy.

Sicilian Week is from July 7 – 21, and guests can enjoy Sicilian Saturday brunch on the 14th and 21st of July. The brunch includes 6 main courses, a live pasta station, two special soups and traditional Italian desserts.

Delicious Sicilian desserts and beverages will be available at Il Caffe & CoCo’Ba throughout the week. Guests can also enjoy a fabulous 3 course dinner at Aubergine, where they can mix and match their courses.


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World Chocolate Day


Get Godiva with it.

Chocolate is considered sacred in modern day life, and also during the times of the Aztecs as it was their currency. Soon enough chocolate grew to its edibility, and people began experimenting to bring the best of tastes out of it. One of those people is Godiva’s founder and creator, Joseph Draps. He founded Godiva in the Belgian lavish ‘20s, and thanks to him, now we have this premium chocolate that is purely loved by your taste buds._collectiongold_kv_v_0702-copy-2

Godiva is known as one of the chocolate leaders of the world. It was inspired by Lady Godiva’s Values: her passion, generosity and pioneering spirit; Lady Godiva was a noblewoman who changed things in her time.godiva_2010catalog_12

Much like the noblewoman, Godiva changed the world of chocolates by introducing their truffles and shell-molded chocolate pieces to its European-style biscuits, individually wrapped chocolates, gourmet coffees, and hot cocoa. A delicacy that is beyond perfection – only Godiva!godiva_2010catalog_%e5%b7%ae%e3%81%97%e6%9b%bf%e3%81%88_0412

Thanks to the efforts of making this brand a global power, Godiva ventured into Saudi Arabia in 2013, the first branch opened in Jeddah. Shortly after they opened 17 stores and 11 café’s around the kingdom, a testament to true chocolate gourmet. Godiva catered itself to the Saudi market by bringing its luxurious café’s with chocolate dipped fruits, biscuits, and pastries, and let’s not forget their signature cakes.stacked-truffles-on-brown-background

Location: Roshana Center, Tahlia
Tel: +966-12-261-6630


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World Cup Fans in Dubai


If you’re planning on watching the games in Dubai, here’s your guide!

Head There Via FlyDubai

In collaboration with the UAE, FlyDubai has made a deal to expand over 200 destinations, and there are more to come! So don’t miss out on the sweet deals FlyDubai has to offer you. Book your flights with them for a whole new experience, and enjoy the World Cup festivities!


Are you staying at Al Habtoor City?

leisuredeckAl Habtoor City is the newest multi-use estate project in Dubai, consisting of three hotels: The St. Regis, W Dubai, and The Westin, all operating under Marriott International. Then there are three high-rise residential towers: Noora, Amna, and Meera.

Al Habtoor City is massive; it has two 75-story residential buildings and a third 52-story tower with more than 1,000 apartment units, alongside 12 penthouses. There is a water-themed show by Franco Dragone called La Perle, holding permanent 1,300 seats, and never worry about parking because they have the capacity of 5,000 cars.


World Cup Tent at St. Regis Hotel in Al Habtoor City

st-regis-dubai-luxury-hotel-in-dubai-exterior-shotEndow yourself in luxury, excellent service and more. St. Regis is one of those hotels that exceed their limits in giving you the comfort and amenities you need to ease your travels. They have a top-tier spa, an outdoor pool, and a 24-hour functioning gym!

Watch the games in the luxurious tent, get in the football season mood with the crowds! The tent has two huge screens and it’s a venue made for large groups of friends and families. If you’d rather watch the games in a more private setting, they have a VIP section that doesn’t get too crowded. Don’t forget to eat and snack in the “Man Cave” and try their amazing ribs!


Atlantis The Palm – World Cup Fan Zone

47693822Atlantis is one of the biggest attractions in Dubai, known for its water-themed parks, aquariums, and connection with the deep blue sea.

Join the Atlantis family this football season. Watch the World Cup and cheer for your favorite team while watching the games on their 28 m2 screens! If that is not enough, you can watch the game on screens all around the place. The tent hosts over 2,000 guests, and is divided into two sections: The stadium, which hosts the games, and The Bench, which holds mini-games such as console games. Don’t forget to participate in the mini-games they have and win prizes!


Dubai Parks and Resorts – Lapita Hotel

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Lapita is a Polynesian themed hotel located at Dubai Parks and Resorts. It’s the closest hotel to all the theme parks and resorts! You have Lego Land, Lego Land Waterpark, Motiongate, (a Hollywood inspired theme park), Bollywood Parks, Riverland (a waterway themed dining experience) and so much more entertainment options.

Enjoy the World Cup games at the rooftop lounge, Lani, featuring a football-inspired food and beverage menu! Make sure to check out their website for packages and promotions when you book.


Jumeirah Mina A’ Salam at Madinat Jumeirah

jumeirah-mina-a-salam-heroMina A’Salam has one of the best private beaches in Dubai, great place to hang out and chill. Cool amenities and much more!

Enjoy bite-sized game snacks from their pop-ups, inspired by some of the top restaurants – The Hide, Zheng He’s, Khaymat Al Bahar and Tortuga. The hotel repurposed their ballroom for the World Cup with huge screens!


Dubai Sports World

2017_dsw_dubai-eyeDubai Sports World is the perfect place for any sports event, so what better time to spend there than World Cup season?! The space is a huge heavenly oasis in Dubai. You can enjoy the games there and also join in on all the fun activities.



Foodie Corner

Eid Iftar


By Nada Edlibi, The Foodies SA

Where to go for a delicious Eid breakfast.

Bab Idris:

bab-idreesOpens 7am-12pm.

Authentic Lebanese restaurant on Prince Sultan Road. Good food & nice outdoor area. First come first serve, so don’t be late! If it’s too crowded you can go next door to Casper & Gambini’s.

Price range between SR 200 – 230 per person.
Mob: +966-506233377  


leilaOpens  7:30am-11am

Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine, located on Prince Saud Alfaisal Road. They have quite great selection of food with good prices, great ambiance and outstanding service.
A la carte.



shababikOpens 7am-12:30pm

Lebanese and Mediterranean, on Prince Sultan Road. A delicious selection of food, perfect for big gatherings with a beautiful view of King Fahad’s Fountain. Make sure you call and reserve your seat before you go. Open buffet with a live station for foul, mnageesh, live band and much more.

Price of SR 200 per person.
Tel: +966-12-6620658 / 920003945

Libra Lounge:

libraOpens 7-11am.

International cuisine.  Located on Abdul Maksoud Khojah Street. A boutique restaurant “shop and dine” – who doesn’t love that. It’s perfect for small groups.

Price range between SR 200 – 250 per person.
Mob: +966-540884744


amara2Opens  6:30-11:30am.

Mediterranean / international cuisine. Located on Prince Faisal bin Fahad Road. Open space, bright, extraordinary atmosphere and delicious food. You have to reserve your table and pay in advance. Open buffet.

Price SR 350 per person.

Maison De Zaid:

19250635_249071672244499_798876989178976803_oOpens at 7am-12pm.

International. Located on Abdul Maksoud Khojah Street. Delicious unique dishes, warm cozy place with nice decoration, friendly staff. It’s great for large groups and they have amazing gelato that you must try! They’ll also have a clown there for  the kids!

Mob: +966-543745284


tak_8904-ayah-1024x680_cOpens 7am-12pm. 

International cuisine, open buffet throughout the year with a chic atmosphere. Located on King’s Road next to Leylaty. Their Eid iftar will be in their Ramadan tent with a variety of great food.

Price SR 350 per person
Tel: +966-12-6927717

Plan you Eid breakfast now, and enjoy!