Nosheen Ahmad Wasim


Perseverance Despite Odds.

“The new definition of leadership is to empower others and not just seek power for yourself”. Nosheen Ahmad Wasim is head of the delegation division at Jeddah’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is the counsellor for the General Authority of Entertainment in the Western region. She also takes part in Jeddah’s Economic Forum and owns Baraem center for children with special needs. Hoping to become one of 18 board members for the Chamber of Commerce and impart positive change, she is a candidate in the current elections.

On her agenda there are three main things she wants to tackle. Firstly, she aims to encourage international businesses and make Jeddah a magnet for foreign investors. This will allow for more small and medium businesses to flourish hence improving economic growth. Secondly, she wants to continue to empower women on various frontiers. By creating harassment free, safe, and understanding environments for women, and increasing educational and training opportunities, Nosheen believes that that would be the best way to help working women become more professional at what they do and more competent too. Not only that, she will also be enabling women to pursue their dreams by encouraging certain businesses such as kindergartens and nurseries, for example, to help recruit more mothers to work and fulfill their dreams. Finally, Nosheen firmly believes that social services must be integrated within the Saudi governmental system and not be solely provided by charity organizations or as part of other individual efforts. Currently there are gaps in policies and miscommunications between parties that hinder the progress of businesses in need of attention. Focusing on these problems that affect the grass roots of society, she aspires to influence and enhance the lives of many she relates to and considers herself a part of. Within the upcoming four years, if elected, Nosheen will be looking forward to collaborate with other board members to do what is best for the community. “Even if we achieve small increments of change and improvement, that will make me happy”.

Facing multiple calamities throughout her personal life and recently losing both her children to ailment, Nosheen knows well that the source of strength is having complete and blind faith in God. She invites people who were chosen to go through certain hardships, to try and be good examples for the world of how one can gracefully cruise through life with positivity. “Patience is moving on in life and remaining productive despite the pain you carry inside”.

Voting in Al Leith, Al Qunfudah, Rabigh, and Kholais will be open on Sunday 24th of March 2019. In Jeddah, voting is from 25-28 March 2019.img-20190226-wa0005


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Saudi Women Run the Streets of Jeddah


Adidas Gives Ladies a Boost!

Ultraboost 19 takes over the streets of Jeddah, marking International Women’s Day and Saudi Women’s Day, as Adidas tracks three inspirational women who constantly challenge themselves, bringing balance, perseverance, and strength to their everyday.

Shot across different locations within Jeddah, with each location specifically curated for the athlete themselves, the campaign features well-known fitness instructor and the first sports abaya designer, Lojain Alrefae. “The expectations of what I should and shouldn’t be as a woman is a heavy weight to carry, but with time I have learned to not let anything limit me and to be the strongest version of myself,” says Lojain. “Doing this with Adidas in my home city, and being filmed on the running strip of the Jeddah Corniche, could not make me more proud of who I am and where I’m from. With everything I do, I aim to come back faster and stronger – and I can with UB19.”

The locally-driven line-up also includes Raha Moharrak, the youngest Arab and first Saudi woman to summit the highest peak in the seven continents, who was shot in the mountain ranges of Jeddah; her natural playing field. “As a woman,” says Raha “I’ve had to climb and overcome a lot of barriers on my way to reach the top and to be able to be the woman I am today. Being part of this awesome campaign with Adidas encourages and empowers me to do anything I challenge and create for myself and I hope it helps me inspire others to reach their own summits.”adidas_ub19-1

Saja Kamal; a two-time Guinness World Record Holder and football player demonstrates her strength and tenacity in and around the historical area of Al Balad. “To be recognized as a female Saudi football player has meant that I’ve had to push myself to the limit to achieve this iconic position. The UB19 campaign demonstrates how perseverance and strength of character can accomplish absolutely anything – and with the movement and flexibility of the UB19 shoe – I’ve scored every goal I’ve ever set for myself.”adidas_ub19-3

Keeping the approach authentic, the campaign was developed and shot by a local production house, with the stories of these driven women paired with their shoot locations, carefully selected to showcase not only the diverse streets and areas of Jeddah but the unique personalities and skillsets of these phenomenal women.adidas_ub19-4

Adidas created the revolutionary Ultraboost 19, working alongside thousands of runners worldwide – and has now collaborated with these three individuals from the region to launch the localized Ultraboost 19 campaign. An established icon within the Adidas Running repertoire, the new Ultraboost 19 colorways are now available in Adidas stores across the GCC and online.

Instagram: @adidasRunning 


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Good Burgers Good Vibes


Let go of food guilt with Gilt.

Run by passionate Saudi entrepreneurs that have come together for their passion for good food and dining, Gilt set
themselves apart from the rest of the ever-increasing wave of burger joints in the Kingdom with a team that pays attention to quality and detail._dsc0647

They have succeeded pretty well – the burgers are great, and so is the ambience! The quality of the ingredients and the different textures are on point, and it’s the go-to spot to eat, enjoy live music, and hang out with friends._dsc0651

A must-try on the menu is the Truffle Maker, a unique crowd favorite made with truffle oil sauce, and the Bam Bam Burger, loaded with bacon jam, wasabi, mayo, and perfectly caramelized onions. If you really want to keep it guilt-free, go for their delicious lettuce wraps and salads, all deliciously flavored._dsc0626

The restaurant aims to enhance creativity in recipes and constantly improve, whether it’s with the food or the guest experience. The team behind Gilt also believes that it’s important to give back and support the local community. They have reached out to local artists and musicians by offering them space at the restaurant, to showcase their artwork or live music._dsc0628

Gilt recently joined forces with First Crack Café, so you can now grab a cup of coffee and enjoy their scrumptious cakes at the burger joint._dsc0620

Location: Le Prestige Mall, King Abdulaziz Rd., Shati Dist., Jeddah
Instagram: gilt_sa


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Smoke Away!


By Ahmed Darwish

The Ultimate Meat Sheet.

The food scene in Saudi Arabia has always been subject to different waves. Who remembers the cupcake wave? What about the macarons, the burgers, and quinoa this, quinoa that? Well, make way for the new wave sweeping the Kingdom: The Smokehouses! Now, we don’t mean those shops that sell tobacco, but actually restaurants that sell smoked meats. Smoking is the process of flavoring, browning, and cooking food by exposing it to smoke from burning or smoldering material, most often wood. Items on these menus would include brisket, ribs, pulled shoulder, and can include chicken and hot dogs. But where would you go for some carnivorous indulgence?


The Rating: 4

chefThis started as a small burger joint in Makkah by young Saudi chefs, who then entered the market in Jeddah by joining its first Food Festival in 2017 and offering smoked brisket sandwiches. After their massive success at the event, they opened their Jeddah branch in June 2018. Try their Wagyu & Brisket (or “W&B”) for a piece of meatlover

Location: Prince Sultan Rd., Al Muhamadiya Dist.
Instagram: chefs_sa

The Rating: 4.5

the-smoke-houseThis is one of the smokehouses that started in someone’s home, but these guys took it so seriously that one of the founders – Hassan Fetyani – went to Texas for five weeks to train as a pit master! Their dishes are inspired by Texas
Barbecue, with a dash of their signature flavor.

Location: Le Prestige Mall, King Abdulaziz St., Ash Shatea Dist.
Instagram: thesmokehouse_sa




smokeySmokey Beards is currently in its soft-opening but is getting quite the positive reviews from people who have tried it. They now have the singles section open and we can’t wait for families to have the chance to dine in. Destination  recommends the Brisket sliders. They’re legit.

Location: Al Malqa Dist.
Instagram: smokeybeardsq

The Rating: 4

sevenThis local smokehouse started from small kiosks at events in December 2016. Now they have a full operating branch famous for its ribs and brisket burger. The place has a cozy ambience with great music, making the dining experience unique.

Location: Al Malqa Dist.
Instagram: 7ribs

The Rating: 3.5

smoke-grillOpened in early 2017, this small yet cozy “diner” won the hearts of Riyadhis. We recommend a side of mac n cheese with your brisket, together with mashed potatoes. If you have room, don’t miss the messy fries mixed with smoked brisket – it’s a must!

Location: Al Wadi Plaza, Prince Mashal Ibn Abdulaziz St., Irqah Dist.
Instagram: smoke.grill


The Rating: 4.5

brisketDon’t let that basic name fool you – they really brought some decent smoked meat to this part of the gulf! Try their ribs and their brisket, but also don’t miss out on their combination sandwich that mixes 50% brisket meat with
50% pulled ribs! Now that’s what I would call a delicious equation.

Location: Bashar Ibn Burd St., Al Ulaya Dist., Khobar
Instagram: brisket_sa

The Rating: 4

the-oakIf you’re looking for exquisite smoked short ribs, you’ve come to the right spot. The atmosphere and the smell itself will take you right into the heart of smoke-pit Texas. No need to ask for a knife – that meat falls apart with just a fork! And chug down all that goodness with their Raspberry Iced Tea!

Location: Prince Faisal bin Fahad Street St., Al Hada Dist., Khobar
Instagram: oak_saudi

Now that we’ve reached the end, all covered in smoke and grease, it’s time to kick back and enjoy a nice cold beer
after this meat-filled journey. Hopefully this smokehouse concept isn’t just a phase or a food fad, because as a meat-loving society, these type of places are right down our alley!


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Food Trippin’


Your monthly guide to eating and feasting around Saudi Arabia.


okkuMulti Award Winning Japanese Restaurant OKKU has now opened in Riyadh. We’re looking forward to try out OKKU’s signature dishes such as the “O” Style Dynamite Kane (baked Alaskan king crab legs with masago and spicy mayonnaise) or the succulent Wagyu Grade 9 grilled beef with wasabi ponzu, salsa verde, and black volcanic salt. There’s also talk of their “O” mango mousse; can’t wait to know what that’s all about.

Instagram: okkuriyadh


Üshk’s look reflects the Arab culture, with beautiful calligraphy and a vibrant theme that attracts the young and trendy. Their drinks are mouth-watering – we tried the Iced Hayat Latte, which is a burst of perfectly balanced flavors of espresso coffee, milk, and their special Üshk ingredient.

Location: Prince Turkey St., Al Yarmouk, Khobar
Instagram: ushkksa


c737b062-dcba-48e9-8f46-39c4ae97b0c2Waffleteria is a home-based bakery that serves delicious waffles, chocolate cookies, and cakes. They’ve got churro waffles, people! Little. Mini. Hot. Fluffy. Churro waffles!

Instagram: waffleteriajdh


Freshii finally opens in Sharqiya (under new management) for your delicious healthy meal needs at affordable prices.

Location: Al Hizam, Akhdar, Khobar


It’s always tea time if you’re having The Capsoul Arabia. With their varieties of tea, honey, coffee, and nuts, you won’t be able to stop yourself from ordering. They also offer tea pods that work with Nespresso machines, in lovely packaging you have to display. The Capsoul Arabia has free shipping within the GCC.

Instagram: thecapsoularabia


If you want to sample one (or, realistically, three) of the soft, fluffy donuts that have taken Riyadh by storm, you can head on down to J.Co. This place has a long queue outside but it’s all good if you’re willing to wait when you’re looking for a sugar hit. Fashionable frosting and Instragrammable toppings – these sweet treats are worth it.

Location: Hittin, Riyadh
Instagram: jcosaudi


Rare is the new butcher boutique on the block that fashions itself as the purveyor of quality steaks and patties. If you’re looking for cuts of meat that are tender, aged, hearty, and fresh, Rare will deliver. They also offer an impressive selection of Angus, black Angus, and Wagyu steaks, and they double as a dinner stop, with must-try skewers and burgers.

Location: Ar Rabi, Riyadh
Instagram: rare_saudi


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Staybridge Suites


The Hotel you can call home.

Ever wish your home was like a hotel? Yes! Us too! Staybridge Suites has that sweet spot covered, with all the home-like comfort you’re looking for alongside all the good things that come with staying at a hotel: a complimentary hot breakfast buffet, and a free Wi-Fi network in all the hotel’s facilities.den-library

Take your pick of either a Studio Suite with 45 sqm, a one bedroom suite with 65 sqm, or a two-bedroom suite with 115 sqm, and you’re all set. Each of their spacious suites provide a comfortable living area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a washer/dryer, ensuring total peace of mind during your stay.swiming-pool

For all your other lifestyle needs, a convenience store, a gym, and a business center services are all available on-site around
the clock. If you’re looking to unwind and relax, visit the pool, or head on over to the Den, which offers a big screen, couches, and a reading nook, with books and games to

Nearby attractions include the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, the SciTech Technology Center, the Khobar Corniche, and a convenient 10-minute drive to shopping malls like Dhahran Mall and Rashid Mall.

Location: 7030 King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Rd., Qurtubah Dist., Khobar
Instagram: staybridgesuitesalkhobar


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The Key to your Car Parking


Impress guests with Parkinly’s valet service.

Have a gala event, or just want to give your guests a great experience minus the headache of finding a parking spot? You’ll need Parkinly, the first-of-its-kind professional valet service in the Kingdom.


Faris Alsharqawi

Faris Alsharqawi, the man behind Parkinly, came up with the idea of starting the valet service business after noticing an immense need for it in Saudi Arabia.

The business kicked off brilliantly in Riyadh and Jeddah, receiving an incredible positive response. dsc_7836

The valet porters are trained to drive any model of vehicle, from standard to any luxury car. The services also include on-the-spot repairs by their expert mechanics. Providing reliable services and ensuring the guests’ satisfaction is their top priority, Parkinly aims to be the most efficient valet parking service while continually finding ways to raise standards in the valet parking industry. whatsapp-image-2018-12-09-at-12-02-56-pm

The Parkinly team takes extra measures to ensure the guests’ safety and comfort, strategically planning parking spaces and retrieving the cars.

To make sure everything runs smoothly at the venues, Faris prefers personally being present at all the events. Recently, they have also hired female staff, making it the the first and only valet service with females.

Mob: +966-506304622
Instagram: parkinly


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Winter in Tantora


The first event of its kind launched last December 2018, giving way to eight weekends of world-class performances and events at breath-taking Ul Ala.

The archeological jewel of the Kingdom, Al-Ula plays host to a special season of festivities. The Winter at Tantora is the first event of its kind to be held in a UNESCO World Heritage site. Designed to showcase the wonders of Al-Ula to the rest of the world, the festival announced the reawakening of this magical region as Saudi Arabia’s first tourist destination.

Al-Ula, which lies north of the Arabian peninsula is home to numerous archeological sites and is a meeting point of many civilizations. Winter at Tantora Festival reflects this heritage and showcases the historical depth of the region to the world, which has been witness to the development of Al-Ula society on many different levels including agriculture, astronomy and construction.img_6459

Stars Under the Stars

Under the dazzling night skies of Al-Ula, guests were able to experience the transcendent power of virtuoso talents such as Mohamed Abdo, Majida El Roumi, Renaud Capuçon, Omar Khairat, Lang Lang, Um Kulthum, Andrea Bocelli (1 February) and Yanni (8 February). Each performed in a stunning, purpose-built concert hall which showcases the natural majesty of Al-Ula’s scenery, thus bringing together the beauty of music and the beauty of nature in a way that has not been seen before. To add to the already memorable event, on the sixth weekend, Egyptian legend Um Kulthum gives her worldfirst ‘performance’, via a hologram show.



Authentic Experiences

Winter at Tantora is also a local festival where Al-Ula’s proud residents will welcome you to discover the wonders of their region and culture. With a name inspired by a sundial located in Al-Ula’s old town, used by the local population for years, as both a mode of telling time and a marker of the changing of the seasons, Winter at Tantora, is a celebration of life, culture,
heritage and beauty. Guests of the Winter at Tantora Festival have been able to take part in an exclusive visit to the archeological and heritage sites that are closed for renovations and will be open solely to the select group of Winter at
Tantora ticket holders. Enjoy unparalleled star-gazing opportunities hosted by experts revealing the wonders of the universe and the constellations. Or discover authentic cuisine available at one of the many pop-up restaurants.img_8878

Authentic Experiences

Winter at Tantora is also a local festival where Al-Ula’s proud residents will welcome you to discover the wonders of their region and culture. With a name inspired by a sundial located in Al-Ula’s old town, used by the local population for years, as both a mode of telling time and a marker of the changing of the seasons, Winter at Tantora, is a celebration of life, culture,
heritage and beauty. Guests of the Winter at Tantora Festival have been able to take part in an exclusive visit to the archeological and heritage sites that are closed for renovations and will be open solely to the select group of Winter at Tantora ticket holders. Enjoy unparalleled star-gazing opportunities hosted by experts revealing the wonders of the universe and the constellations. Or discover authentic cuisine available at one of the many pop-up restaurants.


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Tabuk Calling

Photography by Mohammed Al Sharif

A region consisting of picturesque views and untouched coastlines, Tabuk is on the North Western shores of Saudi Arabia. You’ll find the shores of Egypt a mere 2-5 kilometers away, and a shared border with Jordan is just a thirty minute drive from its capital.

Tabuk is historically identified as being part of Midian, a place mentioned in the Qur’an and covers the gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea. It is the home of several settlements, some dating from 5,000 years ago.

Photography by Mohammed Al Sharif

Photography by Mohammed Al Sharif

Tabuk region is home to a number of mountains, the most famous of which is the Jabal Al-Lawz, transtated as “mountain of almonds.”

Photography by Mohammed Al Sharif

Photography by Mohammed Al Sharif

To rise in this region of rock formations and seaside marvels is the giga city of Neom.

Photography by Mohammed Al Sharif

Photography by Mohammed Al Sharif


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Be Savvy Saudi Shopper with Apple Pay

Photo Credit:

Apple Pay Activated in Saudi Arabia.

Shopping sprees just got a lot easier in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia using your Apple iPhone!

Well, technically you can use all apple products from the Apple watch to an iMac or laptop to make your purchases. These are the steps you need to make the most of the service:

  1. add your credit or debit cards to your Apple wallet app.
  2. swing your phone at the cashier to show how tech-savvy you are making the purchase while weirding out everyone around you.

Basically, that’s it! and it works like magic, just be aware that you need to find these signs at the points where Apple pay is accepted. apply-pay-where-can-i-use

Also of note, you can confirm your payments using your fingerprint or face ID, long gone are the days of entering a four digit number like simpletons and all you need to do is smile for the camera.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

We can keep going and going about how this service is great and how it is much safer than traditional purchasing methods but who really cares about that? It’s just so darn cool! “If you do care, then you should read more about the benefits of using the service from the official Apple website”

Not surprisingly people living in Saudi Arabia have expressed their excitement about Apple pay and reacted favorably towards it alongside companies starting its promotional rounds around this service.

Join the conversation and let us know what you think!