The 10th Wings for Life Race Lands in Jeddah

The Wings for Life global race is back in Saudi Arabia for its 10th edition. On Sunday, May 7, the Jeddah Corniche Circuit will host the Saudi leg of the race, which is expected to draw more than 280,000 participants from around the world. The event aims to fund research to find a cure for spinal cord injuries, and 100% of the entry fees go towards this humanitarian cause.

In partnership with Red Bull Mobile, the Saudi Motorsports Company, and the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, the race will be held simultaneously in major cities across 195 countries. What sets this race apart is its unique format: all participants, regardless of whether they’re runners or wheelchair users, race together. There is no physical finish line; instead, a Catcher Car starts 30 minutes after the race begins and overtakes participants individually. The race ends when the Catcher Car reaches each participant, ensuring everyone finishes.


To participate in the Wings for Life global race, download the app developed specifically for the event from the Google Play or Apple Store, or visit the official website to create an account. The app offers a special audio experience that provides information, entertainment, and motivation during the race. To register through the app, simply click on “Connect,” search for “Jeddah,” and click on “Register.” Once you’re registered, you can start training on your own or with family and friends.

By participating in the Wings for Life global race, you’ll be running for a good cause and helping to fund research to find a cure for spinal cord injuries. Don’t miss this opportunity to join the largest event of its kind in the world and run with the rest of the world for a humanitarian cause.

Register now and download the Wings for Life global race app from the Apple or Google Play Store. For more information, please visit the official website.


AlUla Skies Festival 2023: 10 Unmissable Adventures to Experience the Beauty of Saudi Arabia

The AlUla Skies Festival 2023 is here, and it promises to be an unforgettable celebration of the sky’s wonders and a showcase of Saudi Arabia’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a nature lover, a photography or cultural enthusiast, the festival has something to offer everyone. From hot air balloon rides to stargazing, helicopter tours to giant swings, and much more, here are the top 10 unmissable activities during the AlUla Skies Festival:

Soar high with hot air balloon rides:
One of the main highlights of the AlUla Skies Festival is the opportunity to take a breathtaking hot air balloon ride over the stunning landscapes of AlUla. Visitors can choose between untethered or tethered hot air balloon rides, capturing the unique rock formations, vast deserts, and ancient heritage sites.

Explore the cosmos with stargazing and astrophotography:
AlUla’s clear skies and minimal light pollution make it a perfect destination for stargazing and astrophotography. Enjoy a guided stargazing and photography experience surrounded by the impressive Gharameel rock formations, learning about the constellations, planets, and celestial events.

Embark on a mind-blowing helicopter tour over AlUla’s spectacular landscape:
Get a birds-eye view of AlUla’s natural wonders and historical sites with a 30-minute helicopter tour, including Elephant Rock, Hegra, Hijaz Railway, Maraya, Jabal Ikmah, Dadan, and AlUla Old Town.

Take in the bird’s eye view of the ancient city from Harrat viewpoint
Sat atop an ancient mountain, this elevated outlook offers spectacular views over AlUla’s landscape and a huge canopy of the night sky with exciting new additions specifically for the AlUla Skies Festival.

Embrace the thrill and amazing scenery on AlUla’s Giant Swing:
The heart-pumping experience involves leaping from a mountain’s edge and flying between canyon walls, taking in the views as you swoosh dramatically through the air.

Catch a movie under the stars at the Outdoor Cinema:
Relive the classic movie-going magic at this new AlUla Outdoor Cinema experience, set against the backdrop of AlUla Studios.

Fly high with AlUla Kites:
Watch in wonder as expert fliers sail and twirl their kites gracefully through the air before trying out your own kite-flying skills.

Witness spectacular drone shows in the AlUla skies
Prepare to be mesmerized by cutting-edge drone shows at the AlUla Skies Festival, creating dazzling displays of light and color in the night sky.

Marvel at the enchanting glow show
While anchored to the ground, dozens of hot air balloons will glow in a colorfully synchronized spectacle accompanied by atmospheric music.

Go up the 45-meter ladder and swift down the zipline from AlUla stairway
Climb up a 45-meter suspended ladder, ascending AlUla’s majestic mountain, with an exhilarating 150-meter zipline back down to the valley floor.

In addition to these activities, visitors can choose from an array of food and beverage experiences. Whether it’s fine dining, casual eats, or local flavors, the restaurants available at AlUla will cater to different taste buds and preferences. Some of these F&B outlets are available permanently in AlUla like Entrecote, Asfar, Acme, Alfa’s Lounge, along with other restaurants and cafes.

The AlUla Skies Festival is a must-visit event, offering a unique opportunity to experience Saudi Arabia’s beauty and culture in a spectacular way. Don’t miss out


Hidden Gems of Saudi Arabia

hidden gems

saudi arabia hidden gems, Discover the natural wonders within the borders of the Kingdom.

hidden gems in saudi arabia


From a vast volcanic mountain range to an inviting bright blue sea, Umluj has much to offer. Located in Tabuk, the geographically diverse city is the perfect spot for adventure seekers. Take a trip up to the mountains where the temperature drops and enjoy the weather and scenic views.

Make sure to have the proper gear to climb up hills and in and out of caves while maneuvering the volcanic grounds. If you’re not a fan of hiking, take a boat out to the Red Sea – snorkeling gear required! Swim through the underwater forest and meet an array of colorful fish. No matter what you choose to do, Umluj is the perfect destination.



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Al Wahba Crater

Al Wahba Crater is a remarkable natural volcanic crater, a great hiking spot to enjoy nature in its true essence. While there has been much speculation regarding the origins of the crater, geologists agreed that an eruption caused by groundwater came into contact with hot lava and caused the crater. Being a good 250 km away from Taif, this destination will be a memorable road trip. Take a journey in the daylight and enjoy the hike around the top to see all the unique rock formations. It takes around an hour to get to the bottom of the crater, as it’s 820-feet deep.



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Al Souda

Overlooking the province of Tihama, situated at the highest mountain in the Kingdom in the region of Abha, Al Souda village shares stunning views.

Full of dense jungle forests, Abha is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia. What distinguishes Al Souda is that it has a moderate atmosphere throughout the year. Enjoy riding the highest cable car in the world at 1,600 meters. Witness panoramic views of the valleys and neighboring villages in the plains of Tihama through the magnifying binoculars that have been installed in some parts of Al Souda. Have a great barbecue in a cheerful and fun atmosphere, or enjoy a delicious meal at one of the restaurants in Al Souda.



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Located at the southwestern edge of Saudi right above borders with Yemen is the Pearl of the South, a true hidden gem – Jazan. Being the perfect summer escape for its cool, mountainous weather, Jazan rarely fails to offer its visitors a serene experience. This large agricultural heartland is also known for its delectable array of figs, mangos, and papaya. Wadi Lajab, a valley situated between two mountains carpeted with thick greenery in Al Reeth governorate, has been often described as “heaven in the desert.” Cool, year-round flowing water at the valley adds to an already refreshing vibe. Setting up camps and rock climbing there is a great way to unwind and reconnect with nature.



Mada’in Saleh

Amid a series of overlapping mountains and cliffs lies the first-ever UNESCO’s World Heritage Site of Saudi: an ancient oasis of wonder. Originally known as Al Hijr or Hegra, it’s also called Mada’in Saleh in reference to the story of Prophet Saleh as mentioned in the Qur’an. It’s less than a 22km ride from its famous cousin Al-Ula, and well worth a visit to see the ruins, magnificent rock-cut tombs carved out of sheer sandstone, and ancient monumental façade.

Mada’in Saleh was also the most frequently passed route for trade between southern Arabia, Mesopotamia, the Levant, and Egypt. A highlight of this place is the Jabal Ithlib, a 50-meter narrow corridor with a large open spacious hall, which is said to have been the devoted diwan for meetings. The site is currently closed to facilitate a major development until 2020.



Here are some accounts for tour guides / groups who can help you plan your trip to these stunning areas and more:

Instagram: masaratclub
Instagram: weekendtrip1
Instagram: s3aati
Instagram: saudi_arabia_tour
Instagram: ghazi_tours


Dari Q Residential Complex

Dari Q

Dari Q Your Home, Your Way.

The more a residence  caters to your needs and is tailored to your liking and lifestyle, the more it feels like home. That is in fact one of the many pleasures in life, especially when you’re sharing it with family. Dari Q by Abdul Latif Jameel Lands is a great example. It’s the third residential project by Abdul Latif Jameel Lands, following J | One Residence, the very successful, contemporary, communal living space in dari q jeddah.

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Located within the Al Salama District up North, a multitude of services like schools, malls, and hospitals are accessible within the vicinity. With that being said, you’d barely need to leave the complex in the first place. The outdoors feature a sitting area, kids zone, and a multi-purpose playground. Say goodbye to arguments about who needs to go out and grab groceries as retail shops are provided, and the best part is you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot because that’s a given.dq_sitting_area_still-copy

Dari Q features

Lavish, contemporary, and elegant interiors bestow a sense of tranquility. Floor to ceiling windows welcoming energizing rays of sun in some unit designs also add to the lively vibe. Not a single dull moment will pass by as gaming fanatics (adults and children alike) bring it on in the shared playroom. Whether in the comfort of your own home, or at the shared guest lounge, you’re also given the liberty of choosing where you’d like to meet people based on the occasion.

No need for a gym membership or worrying about finding the time for a good workout. Indoor gyms will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle with ease. Treadmills aren’t your only way to get a great cardio workout in; rooftop pools are an added feature, and a great way to spend weekends as well.04_gl_a_02-copy

With all of the above and more, Dari Q stays true to its commitment that stems from an ambition to create a community-oriented environment in line with the growth and development of current times. Not only that, but it also allows for a high quality lifestyle that speaks to the current desires of the Saudi population.

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This is made possible within four buildings, 158 residential units, covering a total of 10,000 square meters of area. Abdul Latif Jameel Lands obtained its pre-sales permit from Wafi program, an off-plan sales or rent initiative by the ministry of housing, and sales commenced.  So at very competitive prices, you can now be the owner of any of two, three, or four bedroom apartment arrangements. This is not too good to be true, this is Dari Q! Pay their sales center a visit today to discuss options and price ranges.

Tel: 920014150
Instagram: aljlandofficial
Tiwtter: aljlandofficial
Facebook: aljlandofficial


Ramadaniyat Promenade: A Vibrant Cultural Experience at Jeddah Art Promenade

Ramadaniyat Promenade is the place to be this Ramadan season! If you’re looking for something fun to do, this event offers a unique and unforgettable experience for both locals and foreigners alike. With over 90 stores and restaurants, rides, and board games, it’s the perfect way to immerse yourself in the region’s rich history, heritage, and culture.

The event opens daily after sunset and concludes at 2 AM. Since it’s Ramadan, people will be flocking to food stalls and restaurants as soon as the sun sets, so it may be a good idea to get there nice and early so you have food ready to eat as soon as Maghrib prayer comes around.

There are many activities available at this event, each enjoyable and unique in its own way and all family-friendly. Fairground rides such as a Ferris wheel and carousel are available for you and your family to enjoy while surrounded by the fun and engaging festive lights decorating the beachfront avenue. Sports activities such as volleyball are present for those who have energy and are looking for a boost to their adrenaline after a good, hearty meal.


Master the Art of Drawing a Ford Ranger Raptor: Insider Tips from the Ford Design Department

In this informative video, learn the basics of drawing a Ford Ranger Raptor from a Ford Australia designer.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an automotive designer? Do you have a passion for drawing and want to learn how to sketch a Ford Ranger Raptor? Look no further than this informative video that takes you behind the scenes of the Ford Design Department.


The process of automotive design incorporates everything from color and materials to virtual reality and 3D clay modeling, but it always starts with a pen and paper. It relies on the creativity of a human being to breathe life into a product idea. And that’s exactly what Pedro Guarinon, a designer at Ford Australia, does in this video.

Drawing a Ford Ranger Raptor is all about capturing its rugged and aggressive design. To begin your sketch, start with the basic shape of the Ranger Raptor. This includes the overall silhouette, the cabin’s placement, and the wheels’ positioning. Get the proportions right from the outset, and the rest of the sketch will flow much more easily.

Once you have the basic shape down, start adding the details. The Ranger Raptor is known for its aggressive styling, so capture that in your sketch. Add in the flared fenders and the muscular hood, and don’t forget to include the signature grille.

The Ranger Raptor also has several unique features that set it apart from other trucks. These include its off-road capabilities, such as the FOX Racing Shox and the Baja Mode, which can be activated at the push of a button. Make sure to include these features in your sketch to give it an authentic look and feel.

But drawing a Ford Ranger Raptor is not just about capturing its physical features. It’s also about expressing the attitude and personality of the vehicle. The Ranger Raptor is designed to be tough, rugged, and ready for anything, and your sketch should reflect that.

Pedro Guarinon shares his passion for sketching, “I love sketching with a pen and paper. I can get lost in the moment and express myself and my impression of the vehicle with organic freedom you can’t get from a tablet. Our design studio is cutting-edge, but as a designer, there’s nothing better than working with pen and paper. Simple things create amazing things.”

Don’t be afraid to play with different shading techniques to give your sketch depth and dimension. Use crosshatching to create shadows and highlights, and experiment with different pen strokes to capture the texture of the Ranger Raptor’s body.

At the end of the day, drawing a Ford Ranger Raptor is about expressing your creativity and passion for automotive design. With a few basic skills and some practice, you can create a sketch that captures the essence of this iconic vehicle.

So, grab your pencils and paper and follow along with Pedro Guarinon as he takes you through the fundamentals of truck design. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting, this video will inspire you to create your masterpiece. Who knows, maybe you’ll see your design on the road one day!


Inside the beauty of Gardenia

gardenia jeddah

Your family community in the heart of Jeddah with gardenia residence Jeddah.

Gardenia Jeddah

With its signature outdoor areas and themed gardens, Gardenia allows families to enjoy convenient living in a comfortable space at an affordable price designed especially for families. Situated in the vibrant neighborhood of Al Salamah District in the heart of the city, with direct access to Madinah Road, the residential apartments at Gardenia provides the comfort and safety of a compound, with integrated outdoor facilities that cater to different tastes and needs.

Gardenia is a collaborative project between top Saudi companies as it is owned by Alahli Sedco Residential Development Fund, developed by Sedco Development.grdna-rsd-0039

“The development is designed to meet the needs of small or new families as well as retirees, with three major communities that hold a total of 372 units. Each one has a children’s playground and multi-purpose communal area, and allocated parking spaces with a total capacity of 546 cars, serving both residents and their guests,” according to Mr. Nabeel Bukhari, Wessal’s Sales Director.grdna-rsd-0649

Gardenia boasts above-average, spacious apartments, with 3-bedroom units starting at 163m, and 4-bedroom units starting at 215m. There are also five different layouts available for families interested in 4-bedroom penthouses. grdna-rsd-1369-clean

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In addition to 24/7 security, access control and facilities that Gardenia provides, they have designed all outdoor areas to be above ground, ensuring added privacy for its residents. The developers have taken extra care to provide these features that are typically only found in luxury compounds, but at Gardenia’s signature affordable prices. If you’re looking for a residential complex in a convenient location, Gardenia is your spot! It is easily accessible to Jeddah’s main business centers, schools, shopping complexes, restaurants, and sports clubs. Units are now open for viewing and bookings!

Location: 3822 Umar Abdul Jabar St., Salamah Dist., Jeddah
Tel: 920000369
Instagram: gardeniajed
Facebook: gardeniajed
Twitter: gardeniajed


6 New Super Devices Unveiled by Huawei

Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia unveiled a new range of Super Device products including Huawei Watch 3|3 Pro, the new 12.6-inch Huawei MatePad Pro, Huawei FreeBuds 4 and Huawei MateView, through an organized media gathering held in Riyadh in the presence of esteemed top tier media and technology influencers who were all given an exclusive look at the unparalleled experience of the new range of Super Device products. 


The Huawei Vision S comes with 1080p MeeTime Full HD Video Call, which enables users to make and take video calls at the big screen, in full HD quality. Additionally, users can transfer the video call from their phone to the big screen with ease, giving them the freedom and opportunity to enjoy immersive audio-visual communications at any time. The video call experience is complete with a 13MP Magnetic camera supporting 1920 x 1080 resolution for video calls and photography, making it remarkably convenient to install and adjust. Huawei Vision S is capable of connecting with phones to offer the best of both worlds, immersive viewing alongside nimble smartphone functionality. %d9%87%d9%88%d8%a7%d9%88%d9%8a-%d8%aa%d9%83%d8%b4%d9%81-%d8%b9%d9%86-%d9%85%d8%ac%d9%85%d9%88%d8%b9%d8%a9-%d9%85%d9%86-%d9%85%d9%86%d8%aa%d8%ac%d8%a7%d8%aa%d9%87%d8%a7-%d9%84%d9%84%d8%a7%d9%94%d8%ac

Huawei phones can quickly project audio and video content to the large screen for sharing with just a tap with the OneHop Projection. Phones can be mirrored on the larger screen of the HUAWEI Vision S with nimble smartphone functionality such as touchscreen attributes to reproduce the smartphone experience, on the TV.

Huawei Vision S distributes gaming, offers clearer graphics, and ultra-low lag with low latency. With Huawei Share, the Huawei Vision S and smartphones can share videos, pictures, and apps with newfound ease, providing users with an endless source of convenience and comfort. huawei-launches-new-range-of-super-device-products

It comes with a 120Hz display which offers a new level of viewing immersion and comes armored with TÜV Rheinland-certified low blue light and flicker-free technologies, to provide real-time viewing, while also protecting the user’s vision. Thanks also to Huawei’s smart MEMC, the Huawei Vision S is capable of inserting 24/30 fps video into 120 frames on an intelligent basis, regardless of what is being played, from fight scenes in movies to fast-paced action in games to shots on goal; everything is displayed smoothly and with optimal stability.

The Huawei Vision S features four 10W speakers, including two 10-frequency speakers, and two 10W high-frequency speakers giving the audio a gentler edge, while ramping up the authority of bass sounds.huawei-launches-new-range-of-super-device-products-1

The Huawei Vision S is now available for pre-order starting on June 3rd through online Huawei Store, eXtra Stores, and across selected retailers. It is available in two different sizes of 55″ priced at 3499 SAR and the 65″ model priced at 4499 SAR with a valuable gift worth 2042 SAR, including the Huawei MatePad, 3 months Huawei Video subscription, 3 months Starzplay subscription, 3-year warranty, and special entertainment gift.

Huawei Vision S is finally available for pre-order in the local market.



Running on HarmonyOS, Huawei Watch 3|3 Pro comes with a polished stainless-steel watch body adorned with a pane of ultra-curved 3D glass and a large display, culminating an elegant design for the smart timepiece series. Huawei Watch 3|3 Pro is the first Huawei smartwatch series to come with a 3D rotating crown that offers tactile feedback. Huawei Watch 3|3 Pro supports standalone connectivity and can receive and make calls. By activating the eSIM service on their smartphones, users can share the phone number, data, and voice plans between their smartphone and smartwatch without having to worry about the battery as it features ultra-long battery life, supporting five-day battery life in smart mode and provides 21 days in ultra-long battery life mode.


12.6-inch Huawei MatePad Pro

Huawei MatePad Pro is equipped with the powerful Kirin 9000E that delivers an incredible level of performance. Equipped with a 12.6-inch OLED FullView display and a 90 percent screen-to-body ratio, a million-to-one contrast ratio delivers a crisp color-accurate picture. The brilliant display on Huawei MatePad Pro is complemented by an eight-speaker sound system consisting of large amplitude tweeters and woofers to provide immersive multimedia experiences for the consumers. The Huawei MatePad Pro also supports Multi-screen Collaboration with PCs.

Huawei FreeBuds 4

Huawei today also unveiled its latest True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Bluetooth earbuds, the Huawei FreeBuds 4. This new addition to Huawei’s numeric series of TWS earbuds inherits the world’s first open-fit active noise cancellation (ANC) technology from the previous generation. With open-fit ANC 2.0 technology, lightweight comfort, high-resolution sound quality, and intelligent audio connectivity, Huawei FreeBuds 4 delivers not only audio quality but also takes the open-fit ANC listening experience to a whole new level.


Huawei MateView

Huawei MateView is a large 4K+ Ultra-HD pro-grade standalone monitor featuring a 28.2-inch 3:2 panel that supports a native resolution of 3840 × 2560, offering a 94 percent screen-to-body ratio to provide users with a highly immersive viewing and premium viewing experience where even the most minute detail is faithfully reproduced on screen. In addition, it debuts with the first-ever integrated height-adjustable mount. Huawei MateView supports cable connections and lets users declutter their tables by connecting their mobile phone, notebook, tablet to the monitor wirelessly. Users have access to a versatile range of ports for every office use case, including two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, one HDMI port, one Mini DisplayPort, and one 3.5mm audio jack. Huawei MateView introduces a cleverly hidden Huawei Smart Bar that offers a user-friendly touch interface for users to easily adjust various display settings, such as input source and volume.

Huawei MateView GT

Huawei also had a surprise for gamers with the unveiling of the Huawei MateView GT displaying cutting-edge technology, great reliability, and outstanding quality. Introduced as a brand-new product category, the Huawei MateView GT features a curved ultrawide display that supports a refresh rate of 165Hz, with an innovative integrated SoundBar. With the Huawei MateView GT, Huawei is dedicated to offering consumers an even more powerful and efficient monitor, taking the gaming and entertainment experience to a new level.

Facebook: HuaweiMobileKSA
Instagram: HuaweiMobileKSA


Ithra’s COVID-19 Exhibit Connecting the World Through Shared Experiences

The Ithra exhibition is set to provide a universal snapshot of how humanity has dealt with the coronavirus pandemic.

The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) is today marked the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 lockdown in March with the launch of a virtual showcase titled COVID-19 Exhibit. A display of mementos tied to an unexpected cultural and social reset that resonated across borders, cultures, and languages, the exhibition is a collection of thoughts, memories, and reflections on the pandemic experience by people from across the globe. 2fe6519b266141e6a62c229b9a47a8ab-copy

“A year into the global health crisis, the COVID-19 Exhibit is an opportunity for the global community to reflect on this complicated and difficult time and tell our pandemic stories,” said Ithra curator and head of Ithra museum, Farah Abushullaih. “Art is about connecting people through culture, but we connect maybe even more easily through common objects.b90cc1f3dbb62189bdb7acc6bd288afe-copy

The exhibition is the result of an open call to art enthusiasts around the world. It has received hundreds of submissions, from which a collection of 270 pieces has been curated. The COVID-19 Exhibit highlights our shared feelings and experiences during lockdown – an ordeal that transcends language, cultures, and borders. The collection finds common ground in the diverse sentimental and significant objects that helped people worldwide cope in a time of change. Recurring themes emphasize our unity through the similarity of our experiences and range from lockdowns, social distancing, masks, and working from home to supporting medical heroes and front-line workers. The objects include everyday items as well as instruments, photos, notes, and artworks – both old and new. edf466b09ed4639f32eac4c96a3fa8f0-copy

Ithra received exhibits from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain, with additional submissions from Australia, Malaysia, Germany, USA, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, UK, India, Sudan, Bangladesh, Philippines, and Pakistan.ed8f4accfacad23f062ed355fd0313a7-copy

Through telling personal COVID-19 stories, the COVID-19 Exhibit provides a universal snapshot of how humanity has dealt with and continues to grapple with what has become our new reality, amidst a unique moment of global solidarity. The exhibition puts the effects of the coronavirus on ourselves and our relationships with objects into perspective, while also connecting cultures and creating dialogue through international participation.

The COVID-19 Exhibit will run for two years. To view it and for more information on Ithra and its programs, visit

Instagram: Ithra


Discover the Timeless Alhambra Collection

Van Cleef & Arpels announced the opening of a unique pop-up on February 5, that celebrates the iconic moments of Alhambra in Centria Mall.

Faithful to Van Cleef & Arpels’ tradition of excellence, the Alhambra collection reflects all the expertise of a High Jewelry Maison. Created by Van Cleef & Arpels in 1968, the four-leaf clover-inspired Alhambra jewelry collection established itself as a timeless symbol of luck.

Reaffirming the timeless elegance of the Alhambra motif, this immersive experience through a guided tour around the popup of Van Cleef & Arpels, this experience is the first of its kind in the Kingdom where the Maison will present the collection’s enchanting story and its latest creations.

Jo_04- Travail de joaillerie sur la structure en or. / Jewelry work on the gold structure.

Jo_04- Travail de joaillerie sur la structure en or. / Jewelry work on the gold structure.

The popup nourishes and expresses the values of the Alhambra collection through four distinctive spaces. The first one highlights the timelessness of the collection and showcases historical aesthetics representing the first designs of Alhambra dating back to 1968. The second one features the inspiration of the collection – the four-leaf clover shape – displaying creations and worn views that have drawn on this iconic symbol of luck. In the third part dedicated to know-how, the rigorously selected, natural and precious materials highlighting the craftsmanship of Van Cleef & Arpels will be revealed. Creations like the Magic Alhambra long necklaces, a ring in guilloché yellow gold, and a jewelry watch taking its place in the collection will be displayed at the popup and boutique.

SE_11- Travail du serti, de la nacre grise. / Grey mother of pearl, setting work.

SE_11- Travail du serti, de la nacre grise. / Grey mother of pearl, setting work.

A celebration of the Maison’s creativity, the collection’s design and distinctive beaded silhouette are brought to life with a broad palette of natural materials. Different crafts have come together for each piece, ranging from the lapidary to the jeweler, from the stone-setter to the polisher.

On the creations in guilloché yellow gold, interplays of dazzling lines captivate the gaze with their solar reflections. The depth of the striations and their sun-shaped pattern bring a subtle relief effect to the surface, creating an intense circulation of light.

In addition to displaying the classic collections, the popup will also host a special origamist who will share hand-crafted lucky symbols with the visitors.

Offering their clientele an enchanting experience to discover decades of the Maison’s jewelry savoir-faire and illustrious heritage with Alhambra creations, Van Cleef & Arpels welcomes you to view several exquisite variations from this iconic collection at their pop up, which is open until February 25 and the boutique in Centria Mall.