Tally Storks Baby Moccasins

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The journey begins with the perfect pair.

When Tala first began having thoughts of starting her own business, she didn’t want to get into a very saturated market like that of Abayas and accessories. She desired something more unique and new to the market. Searching for that niche, she found out that the market for baby products is quite ideal for the venture, given that it’s not a competitive market yet in Saudi. Choosing to sell moccasins in particular was inspired by her very own love for purchasing shoes. Also, because it came to her attention that people often interact with babies’ “cute” shoes and tiny feet.

Sourced Photo

Sourced Photo

The brand’s name is a combination of Tala’s nickname, Tally, and the word stork being the bird that’s believed by the west to bring children to married couples.

Taking a leap of faith, the project was first launched back in September 1st 2019, with Tala Hariri being the sole proprietor and manager. All products are made of 100 % genuine leather and cater to babies up to 3 years old. They offer classic moccasins with 8 different colors, and soon there’ll be 5 new styles with 5 different colors for the Eid collection.

Sourced Photo

Sourced Photo

Stay on the lookout for their latest, and pay their online platforms a visit today to keep these munchable feet warm and safe!

Instagram: tallystorks
Web: tallystorks.com

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