“Fun” Dining: The Story

Rasoi by Vineet. Movenpick Hotel, Tahlia Jeddah.

“There’s no stiffness, no snooty service. It’s very humble, down-to-earth, and fun, with great food,” says Chef Vineet Bhatia of the restaurant Rasoi by Vineet at Movenpick Hotel Tahlia Jeddah. A firm believer in “fun” dining, the chef’s curation is all about “people coming together, breaking bread, and enjoying a great meal and evening out.”_def6567-copy

Touched by the rich culture and warmth of the locals during his visit to historical Jeddah, Chef Vineet drew inspiration from the spices, aromas, and colors he found there. “We wanted to bring old India and old Jeddah together in a very modern way.” The Chicken Habibi on the menu is chicken tikka on a labneh-and-tomato base topped with olives, zaatar, and sesame seeds – a delicious fusion of Indian and local flavors.

The signature Chocomosas, created in 1994 as a response to an English guest’s questioning of Indians’ ability to cook with chocolate, is a classic and not to be missed._def6657-copy

From starting the very first Rasoi by Vineet in Chelsea, to cooking from the heart and becoming the first Indian Michelin-star chef and global restaurateur, Chef Vineet’s legacy is remarkable, and Rasoi by Vineet, Jeddah is another proud extension of it. “Rasoi means kitchen in Hindi. The kitchen is where I’m the happiest – cooking, teaching, and looking after my guests behind stoves.”

Live the story yourself and visit Rasoi by Vineet today for diversity in flavor and a time well spent.

Location: 2368 Hail St., Al Andalus, Jeddah
Tel.: +966-12-213 2000
Web: movenpick.com
Instagram: rasoibyvineetjeddah

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