Awesome Twosome: Siblings Brunch & Coffee

From Left to Right: Haneen, Tarek, Talal, Ibrahim, & Farah Naaman

Find out how these family units rock the business world A strong family relationship provides a building block for a home. Imagine what that can do in a business?

Relation: Siblings
Names: Tarek, Ibrahim, Farah, Haneen, and Talal Naaman
Business: Siblings Brunch & Coffee.

siblings restaurant & cafe

With a background in finance, Tarek Naaman, came back from his studies abroad and observed the Saudi market for a while. Brunch being the family’s favorite meal, he saw an investment in opening up a cafe. Down the road, he needed assistance with interior design, menu curation, and management. He believed there would be no better crew to bring on board than his own brothers and sisters. They came to call their little place on Ahmed Al Attas street, Siblings jeddah  Brunch and Coffee.

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Ibrahim, & Farah

Ibrahim, & Farah

The name taken after the owners’ blood relationship lays emphasis on culturally celebrated and revered family ties. The place provides a cozy setting, encouraging Jeddawis to mend and strengthen bonds with relatives and friends alike. This idea behind the brand’s persona received public laudation, and the cafe has become a fun, new casual hangout. Tarek and his brother Ibrahim handled management and overall project supervision. The sisters Farah and Haneen collaborated on interior design. Talal, the youngest of the bunch and a foodie, worked with Haneen, the healthy sibling, on deciding what goes on the menu.

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Haneen, Tarek, Talal

Haneen, Tarek, Talal

“The best thing about working with family is that we’re all equally invested in this project,” Tarek clarified. “It’s also great that the business is the result of our individual strengths combined, achieving a well-rounded top-notch experience. Getting compliments on our work as a family too is very rewarding. The whole journey brought us closer than ever and brought us joy throughout,” added Farah.

Like any business, conflicts arise. The way this unit deals with it? “Assigning clear tasks from the very beginning, and holding everyone accountable for their actions,” Tarek explained. At the end of the day, the mutual respect and loyalty they hold for each other is what cements holes and paved the way to their shared goal.

Location: Ahmed Al Attas st., Az Zahra Dist., Jeddah

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