Awesome Twosome: Grey Collective Store

Left: Solafa Al Maddah Right: Hala AL Maddah

Find out how these family units rock the business world A strong family relationship provides a building block for a home.  Imagine what that can do in a business?

A strong management team is something many businessmen and entrepreneurs try to instill within their companies, but having the trust between family members, which comes from their shared history and values makes them work stronger as a unit. Check out how these family businesses thrive better together.

Relation: Sisters
Names: Hala & Solafa Al Maddah
Business: Grey Collective Store

Sisters Hala Almaddah and Solafa Almaddah co-founded Grey Collective Concept Store, located in Jeddah, to set a roof embracing all the creative concepts behind unique minds in one place. This concept store is built in a way to cater to all tastes and mindsets, so their main aim is to make their brand coherent to everyone’s liking.

Solafa came across the idea three years ago, when all the small and mid-sized homeproduced businesses started booming on social media. She was longing for a store that didn’t sell all its items online, so that’s when she decided to launch her very own store.

“As a consumer, I had trouble trusting the online source. What if it only looks good in the picture? What if the quality isn’t as good, and I have to go through the hassle of shipping it back? That’s when I decided to open a concept store that gives designers a chance to sell their diverse items in one location,” Solafa shared. Grey Collective does not deliver online so as to drive their customers to pick their desired selection by hand.

After Solafa caught Hala’s interest with the idea, the sisters went on to make it happen, and one step at a time launched their store successfully. When asked the meaning behind the store name, Hala said, “Grey is a color without color. In other terms, it’s a neutral color that doesn’t express any emotion. Thus, it made this color a neutral platform for creative mindsets to define it the way they like. Each designer is trying to convey a story or set awareness for a cause by expressing it with their art. Grey Collective embraces the expressions of an individual or an entity in terms of art in all its different forms.”

One of the challenges they faced together as sisters is their different personality types. Although the co-founders are close in age and were raised together, they still have completely diverse identities. According to Hala, Solafa is more of a carefree person.

She’s very outspoken and likes to take her time focusing on what is on her hands, without any rush. That is when her innovative side comes out. Hala, on the other hand, is more of a straightforward and practical character. However, that is the only way the sisters can complete each other. It’s by learning their differences and understanding each other that they were able to open the Grey Collective and nourish as business partners and sisters.

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