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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Spatial Reasons to #STAYHOME

Spatial Reasons to #STAYHOME

The designers behind interiors you love.

Admit it, the quarantine has probably had you re-evaluating your living arrangement and sparked a dozen home improvement projects.

As we spend more time indoors, we’re all inspired to reinvent our spaces to make more room or simply give it a new flair. Need an interior design consult? We’re bringing the masters of space to you:

Small areas lend themselves very well  o bold colors, prints and textures, just as long as you mix in some neutrals so that you don’t overwhelm the room - Eng. Mahmoud  hunaim
Small areas lend themselves very well o bold colors, prints, and textures, just as long as you mix in some neutrals so that you don’t overwhelm the room – Eng. Mahmoud hunaim


A.D Designer is a well-rounded design and architectural office located in Riyadh that designs commercial offices, homes, hospitals, and hotels. “Whenever I work with a small space, I like to go bold. Small areas lend themselves very well to bold colors, prints, and textures, just as long as you mix in some neutrals so that you don’t overwhelm the room,” shares Eng. Mahmoud Ghunaim from A.D Designer.

Having the right lighting also gives a small room a vast view. Mahmoud recommends taking advantage of vertical space in a house or office, as they are perfect for creating resourceful storage units that keep the house decluttered and fill unusable areas. Decorating your house with large and colorful rugs is another way to give a grand feel to any room. Mahmoud added, “It’s smart to look for multi-purpose and/or folding furniture. It will save you both space and money.”

Sourced Photo
Sourced Photo

We’ve all fallen under the same cluttering issues, and we have come to believe that cluttering is indeed inevitable. According to Mahmoud, there are some ways we can ‘keep’ our mess while maintaining a tidy home. Storage beds and mudroom benches, for instance, are great solutions to hide away some of our objects.

Creative bath cabinets, storage ottomans, and wall-hung TV cabinets are other examples of creative inventory solutions that A.D Designer recommends. As for Mahmoud’s top 2020 color choices, the following 6 paint colors can magnify your room and make it look bigger: stark white, soft black, light taupe, blush pink and dark navy. Add light colors with the darker options to balance it out.

Location: King Abdullah Rd, Riyadh
Tel: 920028838
Instagram: addesignersa

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It’s all in the details of your home accessories and furniture – the ‘soul’ of your space. – Deema Al Jaafari

by Deema Al Jaafari

With Teakwood located in Khobar and Pieces Store in Riyadh, founder Deema Al Jaafari’s top design picks for 2020 caters to all different tastes.

“Add a lot of nature in your home to make your space a breathable area. Plants and flowers are beautiful and very easy on the eyes. Create a lot of storage space so your house is always tidy and decluttered. When a house is messy, it eats up all the space.”

The first solution to creating a breathable space is to declutter. As hard as this sounds, the first trick to decluttering is getting rid of unnecessary objects. If you haven’t used something for more than 3 months, it’s a goner.

A smart way to make your house roomy is by using lots of mirrors. “They will reflect natural and artificial lighting and make the room look so much brighter. If your space is small, make sure you hang one large painting or wall art instead of small groups of paintings or frames.” She also recommends matching some furniture to the wall paint as it will make the house look a bit vaster.

Location: Prince Turki Ibn Abdulaziz Al Awwal Rd, Riyadh
Mob: +966-500166215
Instagram: pieces_sa

Teakwood Work
Location: Ibn Sina, Al Khobar
Mob: +966-50993399
Instagram: teak.woodwork


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