Baby Fresh

Story by Sakan Al Kibsi  
Written by Dalia El Abd

Johnson’s® brings an innovative take on baby care.

During the past 40 years, the world has witnessed tremendous changes in parenting. But a lot comes with taking care of an infant and that remains constant. That is why Johnson’s® never stopped raising the bar when it comes to what’s best for your baby.505a9247-copy

To address parents’ evolving needs while delivering top-notch products, Johnson’s® transformed their entire baby care range. By modernizing their brand, Johnson’s® successfully reformulated and redesigned their products with a complete overtake from manufacturing, to supply chain, to display.505a9202-copy


First, let’s talk numbers. Johnson’s® achieved a 28% reduction in ingredient suppliers via consolidation. They have reduced packaging suppliers by 89% in order to use packaging sizes that best suit each product, thus increasing productivity and reducing costs. Johnson’s® also invested in new equipment to attain greater efficiency and reduce manufacturing sites by 51%.

Johnson’s® then considered and studied the needs of 26,000 parents from around the globe as well as conducted rigorous research and science to shape and enhance their new product range, ultimately offering a gentler experience that creates a stronger bond between baby and parent.505a9130-copy

Johnson’s® effectively created sulfate-free cleansers that got rid of unnecessary ingredients while maintaining the bubbles all babies enjoy. The formula is packaged in a softer bottle with convenient pumps for one-hand use. This way parents can hold their baby throughout the bath and have an enjoyable time during the process as well. We could tell that every detail was thought out, making Johnson’s® stand out as a brand.

Not only do Johnson’s® new products cleanse and moisturize infants, they also turn everyday routines of care into essential bonding moments, strengthening the connection between babies and parents, which is what the brand entails and strives for. Lucky for us, their vision has become an absolute achievement. 505a9167-copy

Since giving back to the community is an important aspect for the brand, Johnson’s® partnered with Save the Children to encourage the registration of babies at birth and eliminate the disadvantage of not having an official identity.

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