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As they celebrate their 50th anniversary, GOODY affirms its mission for the upcoming 50 years with the help of Destination KSA magazine.

What better way to celebrate a 50-year anniversary than by throwing the biggest “toque of the town” event? In partnership with Destination KSA, GOODY hosted a special dining event called “toque of the town,” where they celebrated their 50th anniversary since the brand’s inception in 1969. The event highlighted Goody’s vision to provide its customers with the best-in-class products, and promised to live up to standards and raise their bar even higher for the next 50 years.

The event featured Saudi’s top 50 passionate foodies and chefs who got the chance to share their experiences with their audience. The food presented at the event was prepared by a group oWWf top notch chefs who used Goody’s signature products to give the attendees an unforgettable food experience. Some of the products included Goody’s salmon, pasta, ketchup and a wide selection of flavorful sauces along with Goody’s original peanut butter spread and date spread.

CEO of Basamh Group, Khaled A. Temairik, shared a few words at the event where he emphasized on Goody’s mission to continue its journey and evolve the food culture in the Kingdom over the next 50 years by committing to the company’s core values and providing innovative products that match all taste buds. CEO Temairik commented, “we at Goody have set out to become one of the leading multinational packaged food companies, driven by passionate people who are focused on building powerful brands. We are committed to adding quality to the lives of our consumers.  A Saudi success story with experience spanning across 4 decades, we present 200 different products to make our mark across the GCC and Sub-Sahara region. We have set our eyes to expand globally and we are all geared up to amaze the world.”

Towards the end of the captivating evening, Temairik took the time to thank all the attendees, including Destination KSA team and the 50 participating chefs who cooked with their hearts to satisfy our tummies. The top five winning chefs, Ammar Al Barakati, Sama Gaad, Lama Al Jahdali, Douha Al Otaishan and Hisham Baeshen, were congratulated and recognized for their tremendous efforts and talents.

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