The Venue Hotel shines with an Andalusian Ramadan experience.

The Venue Hotel is a beautiful oceanfront hotel in the middle of the city that welcomes guests with traditional Arabian hospitality with an international twist. The hotel’s stunning scenery will make your stay there feel like a true sanctuary.

During Ramadan, the Duniaty Hall at The Venue Jeddah Corniche will be turned into an Andalusian heaven with a huge tent decorated to feel like a traditional ottoman experience. Guests can sample some of the finest delicacies from the Hijazi, Lebanese, and Levantine cuisines as they embark on a culinary journey across three distinct cultures, including Japanese, Spanish, and more.

On the menu created for the tent, Executive Chef Manoj Aswal said, “We are looking to provide the best experience possible with all aspects, whether it is the service or the taste of the food, where guests are bound to return over and over again to discover the beauty of the experience.”

With a focus on cultural immersion and sensory pleasures, Duniaty Hall promises to be a sensory feast that will delight guests of all backgrounds. From delicious food to mesmerizing decorations and storytelling, visitors will experience an authentic Andalusian atmosphere that will truly transport them to another time and place during Iftar and Suhoor.
From The Venue’s many restaurants, cafes, beautiful rooms and suites, fitness facilities, and stunning indoor and outdoor swimming pools, you can see the clear blue seas of Jeddah Waterfront. This luxury hotel’s unparalleled dedication to client care reflects the brand’s values.

Apart from the unique Ramadan Tent, The Venue Astro Lounge has a special menu and drinks for people who want to hang out outside with a panoramic view of the city.
“We are excited to host guests during Ramadan, building upon the success of last year, where the space was not only Instagrammable but also memorable when it comes to food, storytelling, and the overall experience.” – Mohamed Adel, Director of Food and Beverage.

This Ramadan, head to The Venue Hotel for a memorable iftar and suhoor that emulates the true beauty of the festive season.


Rediscover Disney Classics in Arabic on Disney+

Rewind and Rediscover Disney’s Classic Family Films in Arabic on Disney+ This Ramadan

Disney+ is set to bring the magic of classic Disney films to a new generation this Ramadan. The streaming service’s vault of family classics, featuring unforgettable storylines and musical numbers, is available with audio and subtitles in Egyptian and Modern Standard Arabic, allowing families to catch up on timeless favorites together.


Little Mermaid


Disney movies have long been a go-to choice for family bonding, thanks to their perfect blend of drama, music, and humor; all centered around universal human truths. With Disney+, families can rediscover these favorites and create new memories together.


Some of the classic Disney movies available on Disney+ this Ramadan include “The Lion King,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Aladdin,” “Peter Pan,” and “Pinocchio.” These films feature iconic characters such as Simba, Ariel, Aladdin, and Peter Pan, as well as unique musical numbers that have become a part of popular culture.

Disney+ has content customized for the Middle Eastern audience, focusing on family values. The streaming service features a child-friendly, easy-to-navigate interface that allows parents to set access limits based on content ratings for individual profiles, with five different ratings to choose from, from 0+ to 18+. Parents can also PIN protect their profile to prevent younger household members from accessing more mature content.

Disney+ is compatible across multiple devices, including TV, computer, mobile, and tablet, ensuring high-quality viewing experiences for all family members.

Subscribing to Disney+ is easy; visit the official website of Disney+ for more information. So, this Ramadan, get ready to rewind and rediscover the magic of classic Disney movies with your loved ones.




Top 8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Destination Picks this mothers day. 

Mothers play a vital role in our lives, and it’s important to let them know how much they mean to us today and every day. Let’s take this opportunity to express our gratitude and make them feel loved and appreciated.

From sentimental flower bouquets to delectable cakes, these gifts will make your mom feel special and cherished on her special day. Remember, the thought counts, so add a heartfelt message of love and appreciation. 

Here are some of Destination KSA’s best gift picks this Mother’s Day.

A box of chocolates is a great way to tell your mom you love her this Mother’s Day. Head to Patchi and grab their Mother’s Day packaged boxes that offer contemporary luxury that appeals to all five senses.

Head to their instagram for more.

Bella Fiori
With Bella Fiori, Give your mom a beautiful vase brimming with flowers and delectable chocolates. It’s the perfect way to show your appreciation and love for her on Mother’s Day or any special occasion. She will surely feel loved and cherished with this thoughtful gesture. 

Head to their instagram for more.

Give your mom a cute little tidbit for your home, with  Florist you can pick little items that make for great Mother’s Day presents You can also add a heartfelt note or card to express your love and appreciation for all that she does. This small gesture will surely make her day extra special. 

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This mothers day, get a cute little floral cake from Pastel. Their floral cakes are not only cute but also delicious, making them the perfect gift to show your appreciation to your mom on this special day. 

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The curated tray from Klue is the perfect way to show appreciation and love for your mother. It includes a variety of high-quality goodies that are sure to make her day special. 

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Check out the adorable offerings from the Patterns gift shop for Mother’s Day. For your mother on this special day, they have a wide selection of unusual and thoughtful gifts that are ideal. Take the chance to present her with something truly unique!

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Lilou Artisan
Lilou is an artisan patisserie located in Riyadh. This Mother’s Day, they have the cutest cakes, chocolate boxes, and more available to show your appreciation and love for your mother. Their products are made with high-quality ingredients and exquisite attention to detail, making them the perfect gift for any sweet-toothed mom. 

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Anoosh is an office favorite, and we at Destination love their cookies and chocolate bites. This Mother’s Day, give your mom the perfect Mother’s Day gift box curated with delectable Anoosh goodies that are bound to delight. The gift box includes a variety of Anoosh’s best-selling treats, accompanied by a flower bouquet. 

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For more information on what to get your mom this Mother’s Day, head to our instagram. We have curated a list of unique gift ideas and promotions from various local businesses that your mom will surely love.


Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Destination Picks this mothers day. 

Mother’s Day is here! It’s time to show appreciation for all the hard work and love mothers put into raising their children. Whether it’s a thoughtful gift, a heartfelt card, or simply spending quality time together, let’s make this day special for all the amazing moms. 

Here are some of Destination KSA’s best gift picks this Mother’s Day.
Cloud Nine Florals
This Mother’s Day, give your mom a bouquet of beautiful flowers from Cloud Nine Florals. Their stunning arrangements will surely make your mom feel loved and appreciated. Plus, they offer same-day delivery in the KSA, making it easy to surprise her even if you’re far away. 

Head to their instagram for more.

Zeina’s Cakery
Zeinas Cakery is the perfect place to order a beautiful and delicious cake for your mom on her special day. Their cakes are not only decorated with stunning flowers but also taste amazing, making it a sweet treat she won’t forget.

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Babushka offers curated special boxes that have treats for all preferences, making it a great option for gifting on any occasion. From chocolates to cookies, their boxes are filled with delicious goodies that will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. 

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Give your mom something for the home; head to Domvs and get their collection of ceramic glassware engraved with terms of endearment. These unique and personalized gifts from Domvs will surely make your mom feel special and loved, adding a touch of elegance to her home decor. 

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If you’re looking for a cute cake with an especially cute Mother’s Day topper, then you need to get Coz’s special Mother’s Day Victoria’s sponge topped with strawberries with jam in the center that is bound to delight. 

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L’Eclair de Genie
This Mother’s Day, give your mom some delectable eclairs. L’Eclair de Genie has brought the French classic to Jeddah and offers mouthwatering flavors that make the ideal Mother’s Day present.

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Flowers have always been a timeless symbol of love and affection. They are a beautiful way to express emotions and convey heartfelt messages to loved ones. Grab your beautiful bouquet from Peacock, where you can customize it, adding extra love to what you get.

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Their curated gift packages are perfect for showing appreciation to the special women in your life, and the high-quality scarves and accessories are sure to impress. Take advantage of the chance to give a thoughtful and stylish gift this Mother’s Day with Foulard’s curated gift packages. 

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A box of chocolates is a great way to tell your mom you love her this Mother’s Day. Head to Patchi and grab their Mother’s Day packaged boxes that offer a world of contemporary luxury that appeals to all five senses.

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Ms. Moh
What do you get when you add flowers to a side of cake? You get the perfect gift, that’s what. This Mother’s Day, show your appreciation to your mother by gifting her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a delicious cake on Mother’s Day. It’s the perfect combination to make her feel loved and special. 

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For more information on what to get your mom this Mother’s Day, head to our instagram. We have curated a list of unique gift ideas and promotions from various local businesses that your mom will surely love.


Netflix announces new Saudi Made Psychological thriller | The Matchmaker

You heard it here first! Telfaz11 brings you an enthralling psychological thriller.

Destination KSA is thrilled to share the news that Netflix has released the first look images for the upcoming Arabic psychological thriller The Matchmaker. The images offer a glimpse at the atmospheric and eerie story set against the striking AlUla backdrop.


 The Matchmaker delivers a unique psychological thriller from the depths of Saudi Arabia thanks to the setting’s history and undercurrent of magic.


The breathtaking landscapes of AlUla serve as the perfect backdrop for this visually stunning film.



The Matchmaker centers on Tarek (Hussam Alharthy), an IT professional who develops a passionate crush on the attractive intern working for him (Nour Alkhadra). He follows her to a strangely haunted desert resort where a matchmaker (Reem Alhabib) promises to pair visitors with their ideal bride. But when Tarek leaves the resort’s boundaries, he unearths a long-forgotten grudge.


The Matchmaker is produced by Telfaz11 and directed by Abdulmohsin Aldabaan


The movie showcases the beauty and historical significance of AlUla while telling a captivating story in Tarek’s discovery. Viewers can expect stunning visuals and a unique cultural experience. 


The Matchmaker is produced by Telfaz11 and directed by Abdulmohsin Aldabaan. The movie is filmed entirely in AlUla, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Saudi Arabia, and launches exclusively on Netflix on April 27, 2023.


The movie stars Hussam Alharthy, Nour Alkhadra and Reem Alhabib


Embracing Equity | Celebrating International Women’s Day

Destination KSA Celebrates International Day with women making moves embracing equity

International Women’s Day International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8th to honor women’s social, economic, and cultural achievements. It is also a day to raise awareness about gender inequality and advocate for women.

This Women’s Day, we spoke to some women doing remarkably well in their respective fields. They shared their experiences and challenges as women in their professions, inspiring us to continue striving for gender equality and empowering women in all aspects of life.

“Being a Saudi female journalist is an honorable position with great responsibilities, because we are truth tellers. There is an immense sense of pride in being able to give voice to so many people through writing while also paving the way for future generations of women to carry the legacy of journalism. No matter where you are in life, or what position you have, through hard work, perseverance, dedication, and support from other women, truly anything is achievable,”– Lama Alhamawi, Journalist



“In a world where you can’t run away from comparing ourselves to each other, whether it be on social media or even just looking back at ourselves before and after responsibilities, I would say accept the process, have faith in god and don’t compare.” – Nasiba Hafiz, Fashion Designer 

“Empowering women in the industrial sector of Saudi Arabia is not just a matter of equality; it’s a matter of economic growth and development. By providing equal opportunities for women in the workforce, we can tap into the immense potential of half of our population and drive innovation, productivity, and competitiveness. Women are not just passive beneficiaries of empowerment; they are active agents of change and progress. When women are empowered in any sector, they can bring their unique perspectives, skills, and talents to the table and help shape the future of our country. That’s why investing in education, training, and leadership development ensures success and collective success.” – Deema Abdullah Al-Bashrawi, Head of Environment, Health, and Safety Compliance, Tanmiah Food Company

“Women have long played a role in the Kingdom’s development, enriching and adding value to every aspect of society, both social and economic. Intrinsic to women’s success is their unparalleled ability to create networks and form relationships. The key to success is focusing on developing self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Women must fully recognize not only their personal value and potential but the value they add to others around them.”– Najlaa Yousef Safdar, Digital Development Manager at Nafisa Shams

“I also strongly encourage young women, especially students, to identify their own mentors around them, people who will then be able to help direct them towards the right path to achieve these dreams.”– Rasha Ghanem, Communications Director at Ford Middle East 


“Being an athlete, a leader, a daughter, a mother, and a woman is no easy task, but with determination, maybe even some stubbornness, and a sense of humor, anything is achievable. Be smart about your actions, be smarter about your reactions.” – Arwa Al Muttabagani, Sports person and Founder of Trio Ranch


In the coming years, with the country’s support, women will not only break the glass ceiling but surpass it by miles. This progress will benefit women and contribute to the overall growth and development of the country’s economy and society as a whole. It is important to continue investing in women’s education, healthcare, and empowerment to ensure this progress continues.




In the Spotlight: Suliman Abdeljwaad

Bodybuilder certified trainer, and fitness expert.

Suliman Abdeljwaad began his fitness journey at the age of 18. He just wanted to understand what it meant to head to the gym and sweat. “It was a new world for me, a curiosity you can say, and it actually made me feel better about myself. With time I started to notice other benefits starting to kick in.

Suliman’s take on fitness misconceptions

“Unfortunately there are many misconceptions, but I would say the top two are: First, that supplements are bad for your health. Not just that, but the belief that they harm you, is completely wrong. Supplements are made to provide your body with whatever you are missing from your food intake, so it actually makes your health better.”

Second, “Carbs are bad for you or you should cut carbs if you want to lose weight. I bet you’ve heard that so many times which is absurd, carbs are our main source of energy. Is the fuel to get us going and enhance our performance whether it’s at the gym or just to get by our day. It’s all just about balance and portion control.”

“My sleep pattern got better, my diet shifted, my body started to look better and the community I am in started to look at me differently. It’s like they appreciate me more.”

This curiosity not only led Suliman to dive deeper into the field but resulted in him being a certified trainer and a fitness expert. Suliman also previously held not one, but two Guinness world records. One for the most side jump push-ups and another for archer push-ups.

As a bodybuilder, Suliman believes that the industry has come a long way. “Light was shed on it in the past couple of years and things started to progress. It was slow at the beginning because we had to fight a lot of misconceptions and it was harder for the older audience to change their perceptions. Don’t get me wrong – we are way ahead, and we have exceeded, but still, the war isn’t over.”

In conclusion, Suliman says, “In the future, I truly believe that we will be one of the leading countries not just in bodybuilding or fitness but in every sport because there is so much potential in the young generation that will definitely bloom. The Kingdom is investing a lot in athletes, and it is our duty as coaches to support them by all means necessary. Nothing will make me more proud than seeing a person inspired or helped to hold the gold medal.”


His Routine while training for a competition

“I wake up around 5 am and start my day by drinking one liter of water to freshen up the body system. After that, I do my morning cardio session, normally it’s between 30-45 minutes. After that, I have breakfast, which usually consists of oats, eggs, toast, and peanut butter. Oh and for what it’s worth, never skip breakfast. It really is the most important meal of the day.

After that, I take a shower and get ready for work. I’m an engineer and work from 7 am – 4 pm, so I prepare a snack which is usually a banana or mixed berries with yogurt. Lunch is where I go heavy with rice or potatoes as a source of protein. Then there is the pre-workout meal which is usually cream of rice with a protein supplement and peanut butter.

After that, by about 1-2 hours I have my weight lifting session and my second cardio session of 30-45 minutes on the Stairmaster. Then I have my post-workout meal which is the same as my pre-workout meal. Finally, I have my dinner, which is the same as lunch but I add a bowl of salad to get in those fibers, and that would be 1-2 hours before bedtime.”


Fitness Newbies, listen up

Take your time to learn. Don’t rush the process.

Have patience. You will not reach your goals overnight.

Read and make sure of the information you receive since there is a lot of wrong material online.

Dieting is key. Without it, you won’t reach your goals, and it is the hardest part, so don’t get frustrated if you can’t stick to it the first time. It will take a while for you to change your habits.

Don’t get obsessed with the weighing scale. Sometimes it can be your worst enemy, so don’t get paranoid and check your weight every minute. Measure with your mirror and your clothes.

Instagram: suleefit


Feeling Free Underwater: Salma Ahmed Shaker

Athletes with the winning spirit

Salma has been diving since she was 10, which she credits to her father, “My father studied marine geology, so his entire life, all he’s known is the sea. He has built many marinas, he’s a fisherman, captain, and diver. So he always wanted his children to love the sea as much as he did.” Although she learned to dive at a young age and enjoyed it. Salma saw the activity as a family affair rather than a personal passion.

It would be much later, in 2019, that she would find her gusto for the sport ignited. “Around five years ago, I met my instructor Mariam Shalan in a dry, static class, which is holding your breath for three minutes; she was impressed and recommended that I take the level one course. I said okay, I took the first course with her, and that’s when the addiction to the sport started, and I continued with my courses till I became an instructor.”

One of the many things Salma learned as a Freediver is that it’s an extreme sport from all avenues stating, “At first, I thought of it as a physical sport, but I was surprised. Apart from being a very physical sport, it’s more of a mental sport, so you have to be very mentally strong to dive. I learned to always listen to my body and respect it. Which leads me to understand myself and my body much better.”

Salma shares that she is very competitive. “Let me tell you a little story. When I took my first freediving course, my instructor Maria saw how passionate and competitive I was, and enrolled me in a competition. It was just two weeks after, I finished my level one, so I told her that I didn’t want to because it was something very new. Still, it made me fall in love with diving even more, and that’s when my addiction to competing began. In 2021, I participated in a world championship with the Saudi Federation. I was able to see my favorite athletes training, which was very surreal and motivated me further.” In the beginning, Salma was one of the very first Saudis to compete in diving. “There wasn’t really much of a competition because it was just me. But now I’m not alone. So this makes me even more motivated to do better, train more and go deeper.”

What does a day in the life of a Freediver look like?

“My day starts at around 5:45 am. I begin by stretching, lung stretches specifically to make my lungs more flexible, so I can last longer under deeper depths.

Then I head to the blue hole and start stretching every single bit of muscle in my body to relax it completely. I like to take a corner and do something called imagery meditation and I just imagine every single little, small detail of my dive because when you imagine it, it feels like you’ve already done it.

It’s like playing with your subconscious almost. Then I head to my instructor who has everything set up, walk up to the bowie, and start taking my free diving breaths, then I do my dive, and feel happy that I did dive. And then almost the rest of the day is just very chill.”

Instagram: salmaahmedsh


At the Helm of a Movement

An interview with the President of the Saudi Sports for All Federation, Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal.

Saudi Arabia has actively been creating waves in sports and leading an overall active lifestyle. Vision 2030’s core principles in mind, such as the Quality of Life Program objectives, give the opportunity to all living in Saudi to participate, organize and lead an overall active lifestyle. We had the opportunity to interview Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal, President of the Saudi Sports for All Federation, to get a rare insight into the field and how the organization aims to spearhead the field in the country.

Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed launches the Riyadh Marathon 2022

Can you tell us a little about the background of Saudi Sports for All and how it came to be?
The Sports for All Federation (SFA) is the main body responsible for developing community sports under the Saudi Ministry of Sport. Essentially, we work to empower people and communities across the Kingdom by increasing their access to fitness and sporting provisions, experiences, and engagements. We aim to help all Saudi society, citizens and residents alike, adopt positive and sustainable outlooks to physical fitness and overall wellness.

What pushed you or inspired you to get involved with the organization?
I had the honor of being officially appointed to the role of President of SFA in 2019. As President of SFA, I’m extremely passionate about transforming the Saudi wellness and physical activity landscape, realizing the Kingdom’s potential as a world-class sports hub. I jumped on the opportunity to join SFA – I want to serve my country and see the Kingdom achieve the vision of King Salman and Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The SFA is given every support imaginable to make these wellness and health goals a reality; what more could I ask for? I want to highlight the Ministry of Sports here under the Direction of Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Faisal– they are nothing short of fantastic in terms of guidance and collaborative efforts. They are a pillar in the SFA’s success, and we see the passion of the Minister of Sports daily.

What are the main objectives of Saudi Sports for All?
The SFA is aligned with Vision 2030 and the Quality of Life Program objectives. The SFA has already met our first 2030 target; according to GStat, the Saudi General Authority for Statistics, at the latest measurement, more than 40 percent of all people in the country are active.

What are some of the targets you aim to achieve?
We’re now aiming for much bigger targets, and we’re confident that we can make it happen. The SFA is mandated to get people of all ages and abilities up and moving, support the enhancement of female participation, empower community sports groups, and so much more. We want to give you the tools to enjoy physical and sporting activities, safeguard your health, and become as active as possible. Joining in physical activity is a positive contagion in a way; you start to bring along your friends and family, and they start to bring their friends and family then along. About making a change in the world, that is one everyone can benefit from – start small and work your way up.

How have your lifestyle choices (such as veganism) impacted your life and health?
I’ve always been active and played all types of sports, everything from golf to football to tennis and so many others. I’m really into CrossFit, and I have been for several years. In the past year or so, I focused increasingly on my sleep, and I’ve sought to be as mindful as possible about paying attention to the nuances of health. Regarding being vegan, it is one part of my wider healthy living approach, and I am happy to say that it also intersects with my business life. I invest in companies working on nutritious and delicious alternatives to traditional animal agriculture, better for the environment and with no harm to animals.

What has the impact of Sports for All been like?
More than 48.2 percent of the population now practice physical activity for more than 30 minutes a week. This represents significant progress and fantastic achievement of the SFA team, guided by the Ministry of Sports and with the unwavering support of the Quality of Life program.
This percentage underlines how impactful the SFA has been in transforming the local sports scene. In 2021 alone, we launched over 27 initiatives and activities, including community programs, National Day engagements, and sports championships, all attended by more than 4 million participants.

According to Gstat’s latest Household Sports Practice Survey, 38.3 percent of females in the country now participate in various forms of weekly exercise. There are also 700 gyms dedicated to females and 500 community sports groups. This ensures inclusive sports and physical activity across the Kingdom.

Event Tough Mudder, Jeddah

What are some of the organization’s beliefs, and what’s in store for the organization’s future?
Over the past few years, SFA has impacted the country indelibly, bolstering Saudi’s community sports infrastructure and enriching its wellness culture. Going forward, we aim to build on this progress, doubling down on the development of our sports ecosystem. We will continue to launch high-quality facilities, like the SFA Domes, and empower women and girls to participate in more sports and physical activities, and hopefully attract people from all over the world to visit Saudi and participate in quality sporting engagements like the Riyadh Marathon.

Prince Khaled participating in the Spartan Race KSA staged by Saudi Sports for All Federation

All in all, we aim to help raise physical activity levels in the country, increasing awareness of the importance of healthy living and priming the nation for long-term success.

Instagram: saudi_sfa


States of Light | A must visit Art exhibition in Jeddah

Monochrome Monologues | Finding light with photography with Reem Al Faisal

In Jeddah at large, 2023 is to be the year of long-awaited art shows, gallery openings and more. The city, which has always been known for its historical and cultural significance, is host to not only the monumental Islamic Arts Biennale but also various other artistic experiences that are giving a space for numerous artists and visual storytellers to display their creative visions. 

One such show is States of Light, a photography exhibition by maven Reem Al Faisal, who with her numerous years in the field has garnered a vast repertoire of photographs that have been showcased in Saudi Arabia and the world. 

The photography exhibition is being held at Wasl Art Space.

Al Faisal’s photography is a visual representation of philosophy, humanity, and play between light and dark. Her images are like windows into the soul that upon a glance draw your attention to some of the most subtle details on the earth. Through her lens, life becomes larger than it really is and one is engulfed in narratives of emotions and feelings within time. Ultimately this experience can only be compared to walking through a maze, and finding the door at the end.

At the exhibition, we had the opportunity to ask the photographer herself about the thought process behind creating the collection. “This exhibition is a retrospect of my work, spanning over more than 30 years. And I consider all my work like one book with various chapters, so the title of this exhibition, States of Light, sums up all my photography collections. The basis of my photography philosophy was inspired by Islamic photography in art. One of the most important elements of Muslim art is light, it comes from ayat from the Quran ‘God is the light of the heavens and earth.’ If you see all Islamic art,it is playing with the light either exposing the light or hiding it, which for me is, symbolizes the state of human beings. We are all in between the light and the dark, swinging from side to side.” 

Photograph titled- Submission to God, Even in complete darkness his Noor shines upon you.

Al Faisal also chose the name States of light because of its transitory immateriality as she explains, “For me, it’s neither a place nor a time because I am talking about something that is beyond time and beyond space, I am talking about the eternal the relationship between the human being with god, the hidden and the unseen and how it’s something you can feel, through the manifestation of God’s power and beauty around us, these photographs here are just moments of me trying to find the hidden.”

All the photographs in her collection are monochrome, playing around with various shades of gray. “It symbolizes the human being we are all gray, there is no perfect white or perfect black. My photography is really about the metaphysical, beyond the physical the symbolic and the philosophical, and with black and white it forces the spectator to disassociate with reality in his life. What he feels and sees which is all in color, so with black and white and monochrome they are forced to go beyond the physical towards the hidden and spiritual.” 

Photograph titled: Mother, showcasing a women carrying her family in life.

Reem Al Faisal’s number one advice to aspiring photographers

“Study their craft, if you want to be a master photographer. Because to master photography the technique is easy. You can learn that in one week, it’s all about practice. By doing so, it becomes instinctive, adding ‘Be the most difficult critic of yourself.’” 

Indeed, the dazzling pictures of Reem Al Faisal are not only a source of delight and inspiration, but also reveal an insider’s perspective of Saudi society. This is an exhibition that we highly recommend to all those who wish to know more about Saudi culture, both past and present.


The show is being held at Wasl Art Space and ends April 23, 2023