4 Dining Delights to Experience in Shangri-La Jeddah

Indulge in an unforgettable dining experience this season at Shangri-La Jeddah, where a world of culinary delights awaits.

Indulge in a world-class culinary adventure at Shangri-La Jeddah’s renowned dining establishments this season. Whether you’re a family, couple, individual, or corporate group, Shangri-La Jeddah offers a wide range of exquisite new offers that cater to every palate. As the city’s new dining destination, it competes with the best-in-class stand-alone concepts, making it a must-visit for food enthusiasts in the region and beyond.

1. Experience soulful and modern Chinese cuisine with Shang Palace’s new menu items

Shang Palace unveils exciting new additions to its menu of authentic Chinese cuisine. Diners can embark on a gastronomic journey of the senses through Sichuan, Yunnan and Cantonese dishes with unique local twists that pay homage to its residence along the Red Sea. Shang Palace combines traditional techniques gained through the brand’s 50-year heritage with new-generation energy and creativity to deliver an experience like no other in Jeddah and the best authentic Chinese food in the city.

The new menu features delicacies including a Roasted Wagyu Sirloin Steak, served with Hong Kong Oriental BBQ sauce and Sous Vide Herbal Soy Beef Shank, served with cucumber, chili, garlic and vinegar. Guests can also indulge in a delicate Lobster Salad, served with micro greens and spicy Yuzu dressing, or Crispy Butter Cereal Chicken, with chili and curry leaf seasoning. For a sweet ending, a Chocolate Xiao Long Bao will tempt chocolate lovers, while a decadent Passion Fruit Crème Brulé will have diners returning time and time again for more. To complement the meal, visitors can discover a new selection of artfully concocted beverages from the resident mixologist, including Signature Negroni, Black Diamond and Butterfly Gimlet.

Dim Sum Yum Brunch: A Feast of Unlimited Delights
Gather your loved ones at Shang Palace for the popular Dim Sum Yum Brunch. Every Friday and Saturday, from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM, indulge in an ‘All You Can Eat’ dim sum experience. Feast on a variety of delectable dim sum, along with a main dish, choice of noodles, rice, dessert, and a fine selection of Chinese tea. Embrace the tradition of sharing dishes amongst family and friends while savoring authentic Szechuan specialties.

Sunday BBQ Shaokao: Rediscover the Legendary BBQ Peking Duck
Spend your Sunday evenings at Shang Palace for the extraordinary BBQ Shaokao experience. The star of the show is the famous BBQ Peking Duck, prepared in three different styles: traditional, tea-smoked, and Cantonese. Accompanied by pancakes, hoisin BBQ sauce, cucumber, leeks, and spring onions, the BBQ Duck is a delight for the senses. Executive Chef Keith Yeap’s culinary talents shine through this unique dining experience, providing a fresh take on this iconic dish.

The Waterfront Kitchen: A Culinary Adventure on the High Seas
Set sail on a culinary adventure at The Waterfront Kitchen, where luxury yacht living meets inspired international cuisines. Perfect for family gatherings, this interactive dining experience offers a sumptuous spread of classic breakfast favorites, freshly baked goods, healthy bowls, and more. The multi-kitchen cooking stations feature a spectacular buffet, adding a theatrical flair to the upper deck. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Red Sea as you feast on a variety of flavors from around the world.

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