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Online Safety & Well-being: TikTok MENA Panel

TikTok MENA recently organized a thought-provoking panel discussion on May 29, focusing on crucial topics of online safety and digital well-being for teenagers. The event offered valuable insights into navigating the digital world while fostering a thriving community that embraces limitless creativity.

The dynamic discussion featured prominent panelists Kevin Morgan, Head of Trust and Safety at TikTok Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Hanan Ezzeldin from The Family Hub, an expert in parenting, education, and positive discipline. The conversation revolved around the precautions both users and digital platforms can take to protect young users, highlighting TikTok’s role in creating a secure and uplifting online environment.

The safety roundtable, held at East West Atelier in Al Quoz, Dubai, showcased TikTok’s commitment to user safety, particularly for teenagers. Discussions centered around recognizing signs of online harassment or cyberbullying among teens, with a focus on how TikTok’s Family Pairing feature promotes open communication between parents and teens, fostering a stronger parent-child relationship.

The panel also emphasized TikTok’s efforts to promote digital well-being among younger users through default weekly prompts. These prompts encourage mindful thinking and the development of positive digital habits. Additionally, the platform maintains transparency with users and stakeholders, highlighting its continuous dedication to nurturing a safe and positive environment for teens and their parents.

Various topics were explored, including the essential role of parents in supervising their teens’ online activities, fostering open dialogues about safe digital practices, and effective strategies for educating teenagers on responsible online behavior. Engaging questions were addressed, shedding light on identifying signs of online harassment or cyberbullying.



Hanan Ezzeldin emphasized the importance of creating a safe online environment for teens without compromising their digital experiences. She stressed the significance of building trusting relationships with teenagers, fostering open communication, and modeling appropriate online behavior.

The event also shed light on TikTok’s safety initiatives in the MENA region. Collaborations with organizations such as the Emirates Safer Internet Society aim to create a secure digital environment, especially for the younger generation. In 2022, TikTok collaborated with the UAE Media Regulatory Office to raise awareness of dangerous challenges and hoaxes, effectively educating users through relatable content created by popular creators.

Kevin Morgan emphasized TikTok’s commitment to safeguarding younger generations in the ever-evolving digital landscape. He stated that safety is a top priority for TikTok, emphasizing the importance of creating a safer environment and empowering creators to express themselves authentically.

Ezzeldin emphasized the need for collective efforts in improving awareness around digital safety, involving not only parents but also schools. With the platform’s Transparency Reports, TikTok reinforces its commitment to providing insights into community guidelines enforcement, content removal requests, privacy, and more.

TikTok believes that everyone deserves to feel safe online. By prioritizing safety, TikTok aims to unlock imagination and creative expression, providing a safe, inclusive, and authentic space for its global community.



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