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Meet Riyadh’s First Ice Hockey Team Riyadh Wings

Meet Riyadh’s First Ice Hockey Team Riyadh Wings

Under the scorching sun of Riyadh, the modest Ice Rink transforms into a vibrant gathering place for ice hockey aficionados. In this piece, we present the committed individuals of the Riyadh Wings Ice Hockey Team.

Meet Riyadh's First Ice Hockey Team Riyadh Wings

Meet Reema Eissa, celebrated for her agility on the ice; Joury Alsini, the team’s formidable goaltender; and Abdulaziz Alsuliman, a talented player fueled by his passion for the game. Explore their narratives, inspirations, and the determination that propels them forward in this distinctive sport within Riyadh.

Meet Riyadh's First Ice Hockey Team Riyadh Wings

Can you tell us about how the team was formed?

Abdulaziz Alsuliman: Our team, Riyadh Wings, was founded by our dedicated captain and president, Maram AlEid, whose unwavering support has been instrumental in our growth as both individuals and athletes. My passion for skating dates back to my childhood, so when I discovered there was a hockey team in Saudi Arabia, I seized the opportunity to become a part of it.


Could you tell us about your training schedule?

Joury Alsini: To stay fit during the off-season, I focus on off-ice workouts and diligently observe matches, particularly studying specific players for emulation. Before competitions, our team trains with our coach weekly, and as a goalie, I adhere to a daily regimen tailored to my position. Without a specialized goalie coach, I take charge of my own training, often seeking goalie techniques on YouTube to apply on the ice.


Could you tell us about the support you have received?

Reema Eissa: When we began, the lack of facilities and support made it challenging to pursue our passion for the sport. Fortunately, the landscape has evolved. With ample backing from the federation and international committees, including the Olympic Committee, we now have the resources to play and practice. Their unwavering support has enabled us to compete in tournaments, leagues, and attend training camps. Last year marked our debut in the Al-Ain competition, and we proudly participated in a women’s event in Bahrain


Who would you say are your biggest supporters?

Joury Alsini: The Olympic Committee, Sports of All, Kore Gym and Cool Arena have provided tremendous support, nurturing our growth both as individual players and as a sport overall.


Could you tell us about your go to place to practice or let loose on the ice?

Abdulaziz Alsuliman: We practice at the Cool Arena located in The Boulevard. The space offers the perfect setting for those looking to enjoy ice-related activities such as hockey, skating, and more. It’s an ideal spot to unwind indoors, especially during the summer.

Meet Riyadh's First Ice Hockey Team Riyadh Wings

Instagram: riyadhicesportsclub


Written by Syeda Inas Inayath

Interviewed by Waleed Althabit.



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