Exploring the Intriguing Depths of “Aktris”: A Candid Conversation with Pınar Deniz

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In the realm of Turkish television dramas, a captivating new series is set to make waves both domestically and internationally. “Aktris” introduces audiences to the enigmatic character of Yasemin Derin, portrayed by the talented Pınar Deniz. Yasemin, an acclaimed actress in Turkey, leads a double life as a notorious serial killer. With its unique premise and complex characters, “Aktris” promises to captivate viewers with its intriguing storyline and innovative approach to the genre.

We had the opportunity to interview Pınar Deniz and delve into the intricacies of her role as Yasemin in “Aktris.” The actress shared her insights, shedding light on the allure of playing such a distinctive character and the challenges she faced in bringing Yasemin to life.

When asked about what attracted her to the role, Deniz expressed her desire to portray a character unlike any other. Yasemin’s status as a serial killer living in the limelight fascinated Deniz, providing her with the opportunity to embody multiple personas and explore a range of emotions. Playing a character as distinct as a serial killer allowed Deniz to step outside her comfort zone and offer viewers a performance they wouldn’t expect.


Yasemin Derin: A mesmerizing enigma


Deniz briefly explained the premise of “Aktris,” where Yasemin Derin navigates a dual existence as both a renowned actress and a murderer. The show’s tagline, “No one can see the real you when you’re in the spotlight,” emphasizes the duality of Yasemin’s life. Through her various disguises and carefully planned murders, the audience is left to unravel the motivations behind her actions.

Delving further into her character, Deniz described Yasemin as an emotionally detached individual, a consequence of never confronting her own feelings. Living life as a game, Yasemin thrives on the thrill and excitement of each moment. Although her motives for the murders remain unknown, there are hints that her traumatic childhood plays a significant role in shaping her character.

When asked if she personally relates to Yasemin, Deniz revealed that while they share a sense of fun, their similarities end there. Deniz emphasized that Yasemin’s aloofness and marginality set her apart from her own personality.

Deniz highlighted the development of Yasemin’s character throughout the series. Initially portrayed as emotionless and unfazed by her actions, Yasemin’s journey takes an unexpected turn when she falls in love and starts experiencing emotions she had long suppressed. An unexpected reunion further disrupts her life, leaving her vulnerable and prone to making mistakes.

Preparing for such a complex role required Deniz to delve into the mind of a serial killer. She focused on the killer persona, distinctly separating it from Yasemin’s celebrity facade. Deniz immersed herself mentally in the role, researching articles, and studying movies about serial killers to understand their psychology. Physical preparation included martial arts training and extensive scene rehearsals.


Dive into the dark and intriguing ‘Aktris’


Sharing memorable moments from the filming of “Aktris,” Deniz mentioned the challenges posed by the blood-soaked scenes, with blood splattering into her eyes and mouth. She humorously recalled swallowing some blood accidentally. Deniz also highlighted the impromptu dance sequence in the first episode, which left her feeling faint due to hunger and resulted in her blood pressure dropping. Nonetheless, it was during the improvisation-heavy pilot scene that Deniz truly grasped the essence of her character.

In addition to her acting prowess, Deniz showcases her singing talent in “Aktris.” She expressed her love for singing and how various songs constantly play in her mind. Deniz’s repertoire ranges from Arabic melodies to French tunes, adding another layer of depth to her portrayal of Yasemin.

Reflecting on what sets “Aktris” apart from other TV shows in the same genre, Deniz highlighted the unconventional nature of Yasemin’s character. She emphasized that the series took the formula of feature films and pushed boundaries to deliver something unique and refreshing to Turkish audiences.

When discussing the international impact of “Aktris,” Deniz expressed her belief that the character of Yasemin challenges traditional codes and presents a different attitude that viewers may not be accustomed to. With its Western-style storytelling and cinematic approach, she believes the show will be enjoyed by audiences worldwide, contributing to the reputation of Turkish drama on the global stage.

As our conversation concluded, Deniz shared a heartfelt message with the audience, expressing her hope that everyone loves and enjoys “Aktris.” The series promises to be a thrilling and immersive journey into the mind of a captivating character, reminding us that sometimes the darkest secrets lie beneath the brightest spotlight.

“We hope you enjoy the show, we love you all!”

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