MASHI NO MASHI: Indulge in the Irresistible Flavors of Japanese Wagyu Ramen

Renowned Japanese wagyu ramen restaurant, MASHI NO MASHI, is set to shock food lovers into a feeding frenzy when this dynamic concept hits Jeddah Yacht Club in 2023.

Meaning ‘eat more and more’ in Japanese, MASHI NO MASHI is an innovative and explosively vibrant ramen bar concept, offering authentic Japanese street cuisine with made-to-perfection bowls of Jiro-style 100% wagyu ramen steeped in an epic set of flavors to get guests vibing and ‘slurping like a boss.’

The brainchild of Chef-turned-wagyu-expert and entrepreneur Hisato Hamada – who created the fine dining, members-only restaurant WAGYUMAFIA, MASHI NO MASHI is the ultimate symbol of comfort food. Offering the most indulgent ramen bowls the world has ever known, with an upbeat and edgy flair, transporting guests through the bustling streets of Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Tried, tested, and loved by renowned celebrities from around the world, MASHI NO MASHI Jeddah’s menu of premium, Japan farm export meat and ingredients will also include its signature dishes such as; Tokusei Wagyu Tsukemen – Slow cooked Ozaki beef, bamboo shoots, cabbage, soft-boiled egg and whole wheat noodles served with our 24-hour stewed Wagyu bone broth; Spicy Samurai Bomb Tsukemen – The original tsukemen gets a hot and delicious kick; WAGYUJIRO DRY – A no-broth “dry” ramen topped with egg yolk, lots of garlic and our signature thick cut Wagyu brisket char siu. Served with a rich, soulful sauce made from pure Wagyu beef bones.

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