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Sinan AlSaddy on bringing out the cool factor to lifestyle, hospitality, and travel

In the vast Arabian desert, where ancient tales intertwine with the aspirations of a modern era, a company has emerged as a pioneer in shaping Saudi Arabia’s definition of cool through lifestyle curation, hospitality, and travel.

Headquartered in Riyadh, Cool Inc has revolutionized the Saudi travel and exploration landscape with a diverse portfolio of over 20 extraordinary brands.

Destination KSA had the privilege of sitting down with Sinan Al Saady, the CEO of Cool Inc, to learn more about their approach and the secrets behind their success. 

Sinan’s extensive experience spans four distinct sectors: banking, manufacturing, real estate development, and hospitality expertise comprehensive understanding of diverse industries enables him to bring a unique perspective to his leadership roles.

Driven by his passion for the hospitality industry, Sinan seized the opportunity to establish and lead Cool Inc, which has swiftly risen to prominence within the sector. Together, we explore Sinan’s remarkable journey and entrepreneurial spirit.


Sinan AlSaddy, CEO of Cool Inc


We began by asking Sinan how the company was founded; he shared his inspiring journey and vision, “My inspiration to create a lifestyle curator that focuses on authentic and original travel and cultural experiences in Saudi Arabia which stems from my deep passion for the hospitality sector. I have always known that I would end up in hospitality, as it has been a personal passion of mine for a long time.”

“In 2018, as Saudi Arabia started opening up and presenting more opportunities, I began exploring the world of hospitality. While Saudi Arabia is known for its hospitality due to Hajj and Umrah, I noticed a gap in the market for leisure hotels outside of a few established places. This sparked my interest and led me to delve deeper into the industry.”

On establishing Cool Inc Sinan stated, “Considering my partners’ passion for the food and beverage industry and my own interest in hospitality, we strategically decided to establish a hospitality group that aligns with the Vision 2030, which aims to make tourism the next economic driver. We heavily invested in restaurants as a starting point, leveraging our existing expertise and flexibility.” Cool Inc prides itself on being a lifestyle curator, bringing unique aspects and features to create exceptional moments, “This journey began with a passion for hospitality and the partnership with individuals focused on food and beverage.”

The uniqueness of Cool Inc lies in its ability to showcase Saudi Arabia in a way that hadn’t been possible before.” Sinan adds, “When Cool Inc started its business in late 2020 and early 2021 during the peak of the Covid19 pandemic, we had ample time to contemplate and observe the changing world,” Sinan explains. “This period allowed us to explore Saudi Arabia, which we wouldn’t have done without the restricted travel options. We discovered the country’s breathtaking landscapes and remarkable diversity.

However, the lack of infrastructure, such as hotels, restaurants, and activities, prevented people from experiencing its fullest potential.” Recognizing the opportunity ahead, Sinan and his team at Cool Inc decided to leverage their existing infrastructure, including hotels, restaurants, and destination management services, to help the world discover Saudi Arabia in a way that aligns with their vision. Sinan adds, “Saudis are well-traveled and culturally rich individuals who have explored the world for the past four decades. It was our turn to bring the world to Saudi Arabia and unveil the country’s countless opportunities and endless possibilities.”

Cool Inc is heralded for bringing exceptional dining experiences to Saudi Arabia, including renowned establishments such as Spago by Wolfgang Puck, Mashi No Mashi, Le Vesuvio, and many more. We asked Sinan to share insights into how they choose and maintain partnerships with renowned culinary brands and the unique dining experiences guest can expect. “Cool Inc takes a scientific and structured approach when choosing and maintaining partnerships with renowned dining establishments.”

Sinan explained, “We carefully consider several factors in the selection process to ensure we offer unique dining experiences to our guests. When selecting our restaurant partners, one crucial criterion we assess is the availability of the cuisine in Saudi Arabia,” Sinan elaborated.

“We evaluate whether a particular cuisine is already abundant in the market or if there is a demand for it. Additionally, we consider the popularity of the cuisine globally and whether people frequently enjoy it while traveling.”

Another key aspect in the partnership selection process is the success and longevity of the restaurants. Sinan emphasized, “We understand that the restaurant industry can be challenging, with many closures within the first five years of operation. Therefore, we prioritize restaurants with long-term success in their respective markets. If a restaurant has been successful elsewhere, we believe it increases the likelihood of replicating that success in Saudi Arabia.”

Maintaining a balance between a lively atmosphere and quality food is also a priority for Cool Inc. Sinan stated, “While there is a trend of restaurants focusing more on creating a lively ambiance than the food itself, we emphasize the importance of offering exceptional food to ensure longevity. We prioritize food quality over ambiance.”


Cool Inc engages in various aspects of travel and hospitality, welcoming people to Saudi Arabia. Sinan explains their approach. “Cool Inc specializes in activating various regions, cities, or villages by providing solutions for accommodations. Finding suitable places to stay is often a major concern for travelers exploring new destinations.

“I would like to emphasize that Cool Inc is more than just a company or a business – it’s a movement. It’s about showcasing Saudi Arabia to the world, to Saudis themselves, and the rest of the world. We aim to provide a comfortable and luxurious experience that aligns with what people are accustomed to in other parts of the world but with a unique Saudi touch.”

Our focus is to address this concern by offering options for accommodations, ensuring that visitors have a comfortable place to stay. But it’s not just about finding a good place to stay. Another important aspect is dining options. Cool Inc has a strong food and beverage arm caters to this need, providing travelers with various dining experiences.”

“Furthermore, once visitors have a place to stay and food to enjoy, the question arises: what activities are available to fill their time? That’s where our active recreation arm, Ebda comes in. We offer a range of outdoor adventures and recreational activities, ensuring that visitors have plenty of options to make the most of their time during their stay.”

Regarding ROAM, another well-known project by Cool Inc, Sinan shares, “Roam is vital in enabling travelers to reach their destinations and activating the area. One of Roam’s main verticals is logistics and transportation. This includes arranging transportation options like cars and drivers and providing intensive training programs to ensure the efficient movement of people.

This is particularly important for tourists facing challenges navigating the local infrastructure.” adding “Overall, these components make a place interesting and attractive for visitors to explore and stay in. Cool Inc’s comprehensive approach to addressing accommodation, dining, and activity needs, combined with Roam’s logistical support, creates a compelling tourism experience.” So what does the future look like for Cool Inc? Sinan shares his perspective, “I strongly believe in the ecosystem we’re building. We’re creating an ecosystem that can complement Saudi Arabia’s tourism plans. Our goal is to build an organization and infrastructure that allow people to explore parts of Saudi Arabia. We want to showcase the hidden gems of Saudi Arabia. Our private sector’s size and agility allow us to move quickly and activate new ideas. We want to focus on providing unique tourism offerings.”

“Currently, one of our companies is building a hotel in AlBaha. We believe we can create an adventure-led hotel that attracts both local and international tourists. The food and beverage offerings will be distinctive and different from what’s available in the region. Our team in Rome will support and manage this business. As Cool Inc, we take a holistic approach to providing exceptional experiences to our guests. Our aim is to ensure that every interaction leaves them excited about planning their next visit, adventure, or travel experience with us.”

Cool Inc strives to leave a lasting impression, inspiring visitors to eagerly anticipate their next memorable journey with the company.





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